-Mount Fuji-five days after the return of the Aquila

"Launch the flares and sound the alarms, we got enemy fleets incoming," Ivan lowered the binoculars, having seen the top of the ships.

"What flag are they flying?"

"Fire on one side, water on the other according to the gunboats we have out there, now hurry, fire the flare."

-Southern port-Columbia island

"So I was right, they didn't like me bringing their people here," Naruto ran across the water as fast as he could, jumping unto the jewel of the Columbia navy, the Fearless, a Man-o'war that had sunk a full pirate fleet within an hour.

A broadside of hundred and fifty cannons, ten chase cannons at the front, six stern cannons and enough sails to make it go at eighty knots.

Granted, the cannons were like the ones Delta described from his audio diary of his visit to the discovery room of the nautical museum, the whole ship was, but as far along as Naruto managed to go with repeating hand guns and rifles, thinner, longer cannons were out of his reach, and he had not the resources to make a battleship from Delta's time period.

"Full sail to the south, this fleet will fight the Fire and the Water navy with all we have, will we lose men?"

"NO" the crew let the sails free, catching the wind.

"Will we be defeated!?"

"NO," the rest of the battleships followed on a V formation.



The two had made a mistake, they were fighting a nation with EVERYTHING to lose.

"Be ready Fire Shadow, Water Shadow, you might let the leviathan loose."

-Two hours later

"Sir, the fleet is asking if we should fire the mortars," the radio attendant said to Naruto.

"Tell them to fire as soon as they can get a clean, nice hit," Naruto ordered half sail. The seas were getting rough.

"All men to starboard, we'll be firing on that side," The gunmen started readying the cannons.

"Sir, the enemy ships are within range, mortar away?"

"Aye, and cut all sails, after this we will wait for them to come within our cannons," Naruto, and all the captains of the fleet started turning them one side or another, some to starboard, other to port, all of them with a broadside at the ready.

A pair of binoculars on hand, Naruto climbed up to the maggot's nest, trying to see which were the flagships, as they would have to be the first to go; they no doubt had the Kages on board.

"Wonder if they brought brigs or frigates, I would like to see how Men-o'war fare against fifty ballista arrows," in that moment he felt the heat of the mortar rounds as they were fired.

A hundred ships, two mortars on the smaller ones, six in the biggest, all firing at the same time was to sink a quarter of the combined force, and they were only half as powerful as a full broadside.

Naruto jumped down, "Keep firing on the back of their fleet, force them to move forward into our range."

"Aye aye cap'an" the gunner turned to his mortar crew, "You heard the man, full forty five degrees."

"Sir, their Flagships are charging!" one of the scouts shouted.

"So they do have wind specialists amongst them," Naruto went to the mast, "Aim high, use chain shots and take their masts," the binoculars appeared again, this time the zoom at max.

'Who is their lookout? Huh, she got promoted,' in the maggot's nest was Inuzuka Hiyori and her ninken.

"JADE, AIRI, ON ME" the blonde and brunette, respectively, came from their posts at the cannons.

"What is it father?" Airi asked.

"What do you see?" he handed each a pair of binoculars.

"The Hokage stands at the bow of his ship, going through hand seals as fast as you go through EVE, father," Airi said.

"Inuzuka stand behind him, crouching," Jade continued, "And the Mizukage stands on the mast of her ship, also readying a technique of her own."

"Aye, and both are heading towards this ship," Naruto unsealed his chakra cannon, "I want you two to take care of the Water Shadow while I take care of the Fire Shadow."

The two girls looked at each other, "Are you sure father?" they asked in synchrony.

"Yes," Naruto turned around and smiled at them, "When I let you join the army it was so that you could protect your siblings if something happened to me and your mothers, now do me proud, we'll end this before it can reach our home."

"Yes father," Naruto jumped up again, "Have you got your hand cannon?" Airi asked Jade.

"Never leave home without it," the blonde answered, "And your rifle?"

"Sealed up," the brunette pointed at the leather strap running through her front "Think we can beat her?"

Airi snorted, "We're Big Sisters trained in the art of killing, of course we can."

"Can we take her at a distance?" Jade asked, fearing a little.

Airi looked at her from the corner of her eyes, "If you want you can stay in the ship and shoot when you can, but I want to see how I fair against her in close range"

"Why do like to fight so much?" Jade whinned.

"Hey, Kushina is worse than me," a puff of smoke and a pair of bracers appeared over Airi's wrists, and a sword on her hip.

They shivered, as the eldest of the sisters was as sadistic as her father, sometimes even more than

The cannons went off and the two watched as the chain shots ripped the sails on the Konoha and Kiri fleets.

A second later boulders launched by the catapults on the opposing fleets crashed onto the decks of the Columbian fleet.

"AIM THE MORTARS DIRECLTY AT THEM!" the two Big Sisters heard Naruto shout from the maggot's nest, "FULL HEAVY BROADSIDE"

Cannonballs of heavy iron and coal lit on fire flew through the air.

Airi motioned for Jade to follow her up to the bow's mast, where the two would start taking out enemy sailors.

Soon enough the sound of gun powder exploding, of projectiles piercing the air and of wheels sliding up and down were the only sounds heard.

Naruto swung himself into the Konoha flagship, taking the second it took (he was using Piercing Ram to speed himself up) to watch around the battlefield, seeing that while some of his ships had taken damage, mostly to the upper deck, already ten of the enemy ships were only a tip of wood, some following fast, others already buried at sea.

Too bad that he would lose some during the night.

Good people, brave people, citizens of Columbia that only wanted peace for themselves, soldiers would give their lives to defend others.

The Lancer outfit he had rescued from Minerva's den all those years ago, almost eleven now, appeared on him, a copy of the drill his ancestor had carried before him appearing with it.

Another blast of Piercing Ram had Naruto flying through the air at a speed impossible to all but the fastest ninja, the drill in front of him piercing the air.

Eight pairings of Inuzuka were dumb enough to try and stand in the his way, receiving a hole in their stomach as a reward. Yet Naruto only felt enough to know that he had reached his target.

"Uchiha Sasuke, you made a mistake in trying to invade me," several members of the crew flinched when the red looking hole moved to face them, the blood covering him adding to the effect, "My nation is better than yours in so many ways," a fire dragon flew at him, deflected by a water whip, "You were doomed the moment you thought you could take us out"

Three Inuzuka tried to charge him, along with one of the many that probably preferred close combat.

The first one lost his guts to the drill that Naruto wielded, the second was dodged, killed by the grinding force of the chakra cannon, equipped in a second, leaving no reaction available to the woman, the non-Inuzuka was grabbed out of the air and his skull crushed, and finally the third Inuzuka found himself with a heart not connected to any blood vessels and a gaping hole in his chest.

"Anyone else, 'cause guess what, the Big Daddy is home, and unlike you, I can actually live under water," Nobody expected him to start moving his hands in seemingly random patterns, "Uzumaki style sealing; flytrap paper"

Then he jumped and drilled all the way to the bottom of the ship, "SIR, HE'S MAKING US TAKE IN WATER"



Sasuke cut all chakra from his legs, barely able to stand, but by doing so he managed to be able to walk around the deck, nothing his subordinated could do.

The sixth Hokage watched as two women jumped to the fifth Mizukage's flagship, firing those strange contraptions of them, making enemies drop by numbers equal to the man that had boarded his own ship, before engaging the Mizukage in combat.

He was oddly mesmerized by that.

"STAY THE HELL AWAY FROM MY DAUGHTERS" The ship gave a lurch as the grapple on the drill threw Naruto back onto it.

"They'll make fine slaves once I am done with you."

"You seem confident, let me ask you something," the helmet disappeared from Naruto's head, "Don't you know to fear the boogeyman?"

"Na-Naruto, is that you?" the ginger heard Hiyori ask.

"The one and only, already ten years since I killed half the people in Taki, but guess what? This time I have backup," the mortars of his navy came down that second, leaving the ships on the back of the coalition sinking, "And I have only gotten better since then," he started to let off heat and light, "now please, feel Hell's Embrace" and he exploded.

The bow of the ship was burnt to ashes immediately, leaving no one but the Hokage, who had jumped away from the ship as soon as Hiyori started speaking, and Hiyory herself, alive, that is what the two thought.

"So you two managed to save yourselves, pity, here I thought I would be home by breakfast, seems I will get there by lunch," Naruto shrugged.

"You killed them" Hiyori whispered, "You are a monster"

"Just as they mercilessly tried to kill me until I entered the academy at age ten, only I was successful where they were not."

"What do you mean?" Sasuke was also interested, but he had enough awareness to know that something was not right.

"Because of the day of my birth, the Yondaime Hokage used me as a vessel for the Kyubi after it was brutally ripped from my mother, but the stupid Sandaime told everyone what I was, and they assumed that it took over my body, disregarding that the seal was applied by the Shinigami, and so they used that as an excuse to abuse me, leaving only myself to trust

"I am a very loyal person, had half of the people shown me indifference instead of hate and bothered to actually get to know me, we wouldn't be having this conversation"

"Interesting story, but I'm afraid you will die here" Sasuke threw himself at Naruto, a tanto drawn and a fireball already growing on his lungs.

"You know, I can't quite remember when I last used Plasmids instead of Vigors," Since Quake would have been useless in this setting, he had changed it for one of the few Plasmids he had made non-adictive, "Cyclone"

The trap, having absorbed the fireball, was set in the path of Sasuke, who jumped over it and slashed at Naruto, the latter blocking with his drill.

The two leaned out of the way of a charging Hiyori, but had to jump back to evade her ninken.

Changing to Shock Rider, Naruto electrified the area around him, but since they were in the ocean, it was not enough to kill them, only to paralyze them a few seconds.

It was enough, however, for him to get close to the Hokage and deliver a devastating kick to the ribs, which would be poking through his lungs if they were not treated.

A matrix style dodge left him out of the way of Hiyori's ninken, all three of which were blasted with Piercing Ram.

They would be missing one of their legs for the rest of the battle, their torn muscles would make sure of that.

He then dodged Sasuke's punch, as he had healed himself with the limited medical chakra knowledge he had, which was still good enough to keep his chest from collapsing.

Hooks appeared on his hands "Let's see you evade this" he threw them, using his chakra to clone them until only submerging would save them.

The Chakra Cannon appeared again and Naruto walked around the water, aiming to where he sensed his opponents.

The Hokage surfaced, gasping for breath and trying to get back on top of the surface.

"Surprise bitch, have a nice dream," Sasuke looked up to see the hole of the cannon pointing at his face, lighting up in a scary blue color.

His head exploded with the force of the blast, and so the Uchiha clan was forever lost, just as the Senju.

Perhaps if he had bothered more with illusions he would have beaten Naruto, perhaps if he had coordinated with Hiyori, perhaps.

"Tell Ami that I wish her luck as an actress, you should retire from this life too, your dogs would appreciate it" The battlefield was silent, cannonfire from the Columbian fleet had stopped, the fleets from the Konoha/Kiri fleet were either burning, sunk or sinking.

Airi and Jade had the Mizukage held at gunpoint, chakra-restricting cuffs around her wrists, and bodies around them in the battleship that would be taken back to the island.

The two invading forces would be out from the war soon.

Kumo would try the same thing from the north, without the Raikage, full Columbian navy was there to destroy theirs within seconds of them coming in range.

The ninja system would last for ten more years, until the Daimyos, threatened by their people, cut founding towards the hidden villages.

Kumo survived as a tourist trap, as did Konoha, Iwa took over Earth country, leading to a democratic system.

They would be the first with free market with Columbia, followed shortly by Iron and Snow, now named Spring.

"Presidential audio log, last entry from president Uzumaki.

"Ten years since the beginning of our country as a Super Power, our products are coveted, our universities wanted, and our people are happy.

"To you, my successors, I leave advice, as you should do to those that come after you.

"Do not let your job be the only thing that matters, first comes family, then comes the people that chose you, then you.

"Do keep in mind that while a military is important, only part of the budget should go there, and that a third of it should go to the education, from the other two thirds let the smallest fraction, about ten percent, go to soldiers, twenty percent let it go to trade, twenty percent to labs and hospitals and the rest in things the people need, not what they want.

"Keep labs and hospitals close, but not too much that without one the other collapses, and make sure that most development goes to technology and medicine, I already put us above all others in terms of firepower.

"Keep expanding in the realm of ADAM, it is our biggest resource, and with it time is the only limit.

"And always, absolutely always, let an outsider write history, let them see us as we are, and not we want to be, for that is the secret to a good term, do not hide anything except your own private life, and let go of grudges, in the end, they destroy you from the inside out.

"This is but the beginning of a long guide on how to achieve utopia, always keep it in mind"

"DAD, come on in, the girls and I are almost done with dinner," little Bill, already 21, was wearing his chef apron and hat, Kushina and Masha wearing identical outfits.

"You do know we're older that you, right?" Masha scowled.

"Yes, but the only better cook in the house is mom, and mama said that because she was about to crack her question she wanted to stay in the lab" John, age 20, said from where he was messing with Angel's son, age 6.

"But I didn't know Naruto would be coming so early," Honoka stepped into view, leaping into Naruto's open arms.

"It's Exodus day, of course I would be here, besides, my term ended, I no longer work in politics," thank god, being president had not let him enough time for his little experiments, most of which were fixed on rediscovering old knowledge, like the electric transport.

"That's good, it means we get to spend more time with our favorite man," Yakumo spun him around and kissed him harshly on the lips, letting go only when the little ones, every Big Sister had already married and had, at least, one child, grew too disgusted, "It's good to have you back to my arms every day again."

"It's good to be back with my family, for every day now"

And so, Columbia prospered.

Seals and ADAM gave it an edge in every field of battle, technology gave it an edge in trading, in transport, and the values in which it was build kept it from complete corruption.

There were close calls, when the original five jinchuriki died, but the Tailed Beasts offered themselves as guardians when the odds were too bad, when the people of the deep Forgotten continent tried to conquer the island, only to fail three weeks into the siege.

But it would be Columbia, through much preaching, that would bring again an era of peace in the world.

Fact time: through his ten years as president, starting a few months before the radio announcement, Naruto had two sons to Yakumo and one to Honoka.

The first election he won by a ten percent margin over Gaara, one of the three up for vote.

Once he managed to create good gunpowder, Naruto started to concentrate on creating guns to use it, managing to reach a Colt Repeater rifle level before he stopped and concentrated on artillery.

Gaara and Yugito had 5 children.

Bee did find love, but he was already entering his fifties.

Fuu was the main diplomat for Columbia.

Honoka did not manage to create the cure for AIDS or cancer, but her great grandchildren did.

Yakumo made color televisions a household item again.

The Big Sisters, Naruto's 10 daughters, had on average three kids.

Kushina had five.

His sons got married in their early thirties.

Columbia did not take part in any war that was not brought to them first, even though they had the most advanced army.