AN: Sorry this is so late guys but as I said, my other fic comes first. Still, here it is, hopefully worth the wait. I hope to have the second half ready by two weeks at most but I might get bogged down with other work so... Caution, references to eating disorders. Not a big one but I'm not taking any chances with what may trigger people. Without further ado, let's get on with the story.

This comes in between episode one and two. Bailey and Menagerie had the most success against Plasmus in episode one. The pink skin was impervious to damage but the green gunk would explode when it came in contact with fire which was dangerous for everyone but massively destructive to Plasmus.

The training room was alive and the sounds coming from it could be heard all over the house. The team knew they had to be careful when they trained their Pokémon inside but this was only a light training squeezed into the schedule at the last minute. But for a "light training" it sounded like an all-out war was taking place to Raven who found it hard to read, even in her room with the door closed.

Relax, it will all be over soon. She thought as, trying to calm her thoughts with meditation instead. They will have to go soon and there will be enough peace and quiet to do anything. As if granting her wish, the tower went silent.

Down in the training room, Robin and Cyborg's Pokémon were all panting. Sport, the Machoke, was the first to recover pushing herself off the wall she pulled her arms in and shoved her chest out showing her readiness to continue, despite the fact she had the biggest weight on her chest. The others looked at her with pleading eyes and open mouths, begging her to stay down and shocked at her endurance. Cyborg's Hitmonchan, Champ, didn't stay that way too long though as he responded with a rapid fire of punches. Bailey, the Monferno and Hitmontop quickly jumped up, not wanting to be shown up and knowing Robin would only push them harder if they showed more weakness. The movement of Robin's Pokémon caused Download and Charger's rivalry to flare, and they too got up. Captain, Robin's partner Rufflet, was the only one who didn't even try to hide his exhaustion.

They all watched as Robin dragged the destroyed dummy to the pile of similarly destroyed training dummies. They were built to endure fire and fighting but the Pokémon were still going through them like paper. Robin turned and looked directly at Cyborg before smiling and nodding. In return Cyborg tossed another dummy in the middle of the Pokémon who couldn't suppress a groan.

"OK this is the last one so I am going to ignore that noise you all made," Robin said, chaining the dummy to the ceiling while Cyborg held it in place. "So the last scrimmage will be, Pinball." The group smiled and powered up as Robin and Cyborg got out of the way, "Alright call it Cap."

"Three, Two, One! TITANS PINBALL!" The bird shouted to his Pokémon companions as he flew high into the air.

When Captain called the attack, Hitmontop circled the dummy landing a series of Triple-Kicks on it before jumping out of the way just in time for Bailey to hit it with a Flame Wheel. The dummy went flying to the other side of the room where Charger, the Magnemite, hit it with a Sonic Boom the exact moment Download, the Porygon, hit it with a Psybeam, causing it to fly back again. This time, before it could reach the other side of the circle, Sport slammed it with a Karate Chop that sent it sideways toward Champ who tore it apart with a series of Bullet Punches before jumping back just in time for Captain to slam it with an Aerial Ace.

The fighting continued like this, each of them hitting it back and forth to each other with varying moves until the dummy was nothing more than some stuffing hanging on a string that slowly moved to the center of the circle. There was a pause while it crept along the runner; the only sound in the sudden void of moves was the squeaking of the wheel as it moved. The moment it reached the center it was hit all at once with an Ember, Thunder Shock and Psybeam that demolished it.

The Pokémon then paused again to look at the trainers, their hearts dropping when they saw the solemn expressions on their faces.

Robin stepped forward to examine the damage and had to smile, "should I be concerned that the combo you all like the most is the one that causes the most damage?" Relieved, the Pokémon all sigh before turning to each other in congratulations, smiles and high fives all around.

"Of course I'm sure you all know not to do that much damage to an actual villain right?" Cyborg continued voicing Robin's thoughts exactly.

The Pokémon nodded and Captain flew right up to Robin's shoulder before reaching through the connection "Don't worry I know to only call it on inanimate objects or Cinderblocks."

"Good" he responds then clarifies for Cyborg, "he knows when to call it."

He nods before taking out his Pokéballs and calling back his Pokémon, "Alright y'all, good work, you deserve a good rest."

"You know it's times like this I wish I had a Pokéball," Captain thought out dejectedly.

"And time for us to head out anyway," Robin responded while ignoring Captain before calling his Pokémon back as well.

"Surprised they haven't come down to bug you about leaving yet."

"I told Beast Boy if he interrupted practice he wasn't coming and reminded Starfire she needed to think of a name, and that said name needed to be pronounceable in English."


Starfire. Fire. It was in her name she had to get a fire type Pokémon. The plans were made for it to be so before the fight with Plasmus but that battle cemented it in her mind. And that is why Robin was taking Beast Boy and she to a place called a farm just outside of Smallville.

The only problem was that she did not know what to name her new little bumgorf. She did not name her first of the Pokémons because she did not have a name but she truly did wish to connect instantly with her new partner. Of course it was not that she did not like her dear Buneary, because she truly did with all her heart. Still it was most perplexing and it kept her on the couch staring at the picture of the Pokémon Robin printed for her. It also made her happy for the distraction that came in the form of sliding doors as someone else entered the main room.

"Oh Raven I am glad you are here I require your assistance!" she said flying over towards the only Titan she knew almost nothing about, exuberant to learn more. It was only after she had gotten close enough that she noticed Azar behind his Partner staring at her with those daunting red eyes.

"OK," she responded while not taking her eyes off the herbal tea being prepared. Something Starfire wished Azar was doing instead, the eyes were seriously off putting, even if they weren't currently glowing.

"Oh, well I was wondering if you would help me name this little guy," she said holding the picture up which forced Raven to look at it, albeit she did so briefly.

Putting her eyes back on the kettle, as if willing it to boil faster, she says, "I don't know Starfire, I don't think you would like any of the names I would give you."

Finally Azar's eyes dart to his Warrior and Starfire gains the confidence to continue pushing, "Oh please friend Raven, I do not think any of the names I have come up with are any good and I am picking him up today!"

Raven sighs, "Well, they can't be that bad, what did you have in mind."

Starfire squeals, "OH thank you Raven! I was thinking, perhaps Firey or Fire-Ball for its type, or maybe Glorkalbar although Robin said I should try and find an Earth name, so also there was Kitty or Tiny although I do not think he will be small for long, and of course he could be a she so I would have to change it to Glorkalbere, but again Robin said…"

At this point Raven just stops listening, "This isn't anything to go on… I don't even understand half these names."

"She seems to be naming off things that are cute, try Fluffy, it is a Fluffy looking Pokémon." Azar responds, not really understanding the logic behind some of these names anyway.

"Um Starfire."

"Yes friend Raven," she says eyes brimming with hope.

"How about…" she is about to say it when one of the names said strikes out in her head, "that Pokémon isn't a cat."

"It is not?"

"No it's a fox."

She looks dejected for a moment and even gives a sad, "Oh," as she lands on the ground. But her feet only touch for a second before she flies again with a new thought to keep her up, "then perhaps Foxy!?"

"Um… yeah," luckily Raven is saved the need to respond when Beast Boy runs in and heads straight for Starfire.

"Dude come on! It's time to go!" He says not noticing anyone else is in the room as he grabs her hand and runs towards the door.

"Oh Glorious! And thank you, friend Raven for the assistance! I will be sure to-" she begins to say before she is cut off by closing doors.

Raven sighs in relief before going back to her tea. It's almost done but she decides to wait until she knows the coast is clear before heading back to her room.

"Sure you don't want anything?" she thinks out without looking up.

"Not from here, but the day is nice so maybe we could meditate on the roof today?" Azar responds looking out the window at the split scene of a serene ocean and busy city skyline. Those views coupled with the forest and mountain horizon on the other side of the city made the roof a perfect viewing spot for anyone's tastes.

"Sounds like a good idea," she says. Figuring she gave the three enough time to be out of the house she turns to leave only to be greeted to the doors opening again as Cyborg appeared.

He stretches and moves all his mechanical parts before rubbing the back of his neck, "mmnnm ahhhhhh, 'morning Raven want some waffles?"

"No. Thanks." She responds motioning to her tea as if to justify her breakfast.

"Uh – are you sure? It's just going to be the two of us defending the city today so we'll need more strength and, well, no one hates waffles."

"Herbal tea is fine." She says with a voice that says "this is final."

Cyborg shrugs, "Ok well how about you Azar? I can make a mean Pokéfood batch." When Azar shakes his head the metal man shrugs again before getting the ingredients for his meal, "Alright just let me know if you want to hang out or do anymore training. Most of my Pokémon are wiped but I know Sport is always game for more –" he stops when he turns around to an empty room and sighs before making breakfast. Well at least today will be a good day to get things done in the garage. Hope the others are having a good time.

It was a good thing Robin planned on getting to the train station early. It wasn't that it was crowded or they had a problem finding the platform or seats, but, well it was the people he was travelling with. Starfire was so excited about the whole day she would get distracted by everything, the girl playing guitar on the bench, the man asking for spare change, the ticket seller and even the water fountain. And as if that wasn't enough Beast Boy got distracted by the cat on the street and the dog in the subway before revealing that he did not in fact go to the bathroom before he left and absolutely HAD to go immediately. And then of course Monkey, Beast Boy's Aipom, just had to release Starfire's Buneary and lead the group on a wild chase throughout the station. By the time they got this all figured out, they had almost missed the train.

After that it had been pretty smooth sailing, Starfire had amused herself with the passing scenery outside, even though it was all one big blur while Beast Boy went on and on about all the Pokémon he was hoping to see. Then they all talked about what Starfire should name her new Pokémon, before finally deciding she should wait until she meets the little guy before making any judgments on the name. The rest of the train ride Beast Boy and Starfire talked exuberantly about the Pokémon they hoped to see while Robin worried about the safety of the city with only two titans on duty.

By midday there were several projects started in the garage. There were turbines on one side and half a car engine on the other with metal frames and seating pads in varying stations. Not to mention the large, orange pieces of metal, blue electronics, oil rags and schematics all over. Cyborg knew this stuff would have to get cleaned up but for now he was the only one who would come down here and so long as he could find what he needed for his projects he was fine. Still, it would have to be cleaned up before Beast Boy decided to come down again.

I can't nag him about his room if my area is a mess after all. His stomach complained loudly as he walked to the main room. And I can't nag Raven about not eating if I don't keep myself fed. Think of the devil and then he appears, or in this case Raven does, sitting slightly with her head bent down over a book on the sofa. Jeeze most comfortable couch in the world and she still sits stiff straight. Of course where there's Raven, Cyborg looks past her to see Azar practicing what looks like Tae Kwon Do.

He decides not to bother them and prepares his sandwich, a monstrous hero with all the fixings he can fit without it ripping in two. As he finishes up he notices the lack of extra dishes in the sink, the usual pile was there but the top of it was all breakfast dishes. Damn, "Hey, uh, Raven?"


"I'm making a sandwich do you want one?"

"No. Thank you."

She hadn't bothered to look up from her book but Cyborg wasn't going to be put off that easily, even if Azar had stopped what he was doing to outright stare at the mechanical teen. "Well, I'm not taking no for an answer this time so what kind of sandwich do you want?"

"Cyborg I'm not-"

"Look Raven, I'm going to make you a sandwich and we're going to eat together so we can keep our strength up. Now I can either guess or you can tell me what you want but you're not skipping another meal today." She closed her book loudly and stood up so Cyborg continued, "No, don't run away. Come on, it's just lunch!" He was getting exasperated now and was running out of excuses, "What do you think the public will think when they find out a super hero they look up to has an eating disorder? Seriously, this could end up…"

He was cut off by Raven, who had retrieved a plate full of crumbs from the coffee table and was meeting his gaze, daring him to say another word against her.

"You… did eat…."

She nodded and walked around the couch. On her way to the door, she used her powers to levitate her dish to the top of the pile and when she finally reached the threshold she paused and said, "Just so you know, if I did have an eating disorder, that was one of the worst ways you could have approached the subject."

With that, she left Cyborg to feel terrible alone. "How was I supposed to know she didn't actually have a disorder? I was only trying to look out for- WHOA!"

He thought he was alone but turned to see Azar hadn't followed Raven and had, instead, moved to right next to him. The Lucario was staring at the mechanical teen, as if trying to convey a message and see into his mind and soul simultaneously. Cyborg, like many of the other titans, was put off by Azar but tried to make conversation nonetheless, "Hey man! I, uh, didn't see you there… Do you want me to make you a snack?" The Pokémon continued to stare at him, so Cyborg sighed, "Look, I didn't mean to offend her, I was just… I just wanted to make sure… You know…" But the Pokémon didn't give any recognition that he understood even though Cyborg knew he did. Instead, Azar simply turned from Cyborg and walked out the door, finally following his partner.

It took the bullet train half the day to get all the way out to Metropolis but from there it was just a short drive to the farm. Unfortunately getting everyone into the car also proved to be a hassle as Robin was the only one who couldn't fly. He had to convince Starfire, Beast Boy and Captain that taking the taxi would be better which was difficult because it wouldn't be faster but it would save Robin's pride. Luckily Starfire was swayed into believing she could get a better view of the scenery and that she really should remember the area her new friend came from.

It still didn't stop Beast Boy and her from jumping out the moment the vehicle stopped moving, Captain flying out right behind them before taking off high into the air. Robin followed behind at a slower pace after he paid the driver way more than was necessary so he could drive them back when they were done.

"Beast Boy? Starfire?" He sighs finding himself completely alone. "Captain where is everyone?"

"Up here silly. Man you should see this view it's amazing!"

"I'm sure it is. Hey try and send it to me."

"Rob I don't think we are at a high enough level to –"

"Won't know until we try, come on, focus." Captain tries to open up the connection and focuses hard on what he's seeing while Robin focuses on empting his mind to receive what Captain is giving him. Robin eventually gave up when he could only get blurred colors. Sighing again he thinks up to his partner, "Alright come on down and we will get this show on the road."