Previously the author to the very first Mole-Mario story established on this site, The Mole: Traitor Aboard...

...and its sequel, The Mole: Sabotuer's island...

I introduce to you the third adventure of this trilogy: The agent's elevation.

WHOA! Greetings on behalf of the individual with the blue hat! I am extremely happy to introduce the beginning of this 3rd season to you all. So many new ideas for a new Mole game I wanted to introduce would have gone to waste, if I did not make this season. So I knew I had to make this.

If you read my latest chapter in "The Mole: Saboteur's Island", you'll see some reasons why I was hesitant on making this 3rd season. But I am more than willing to coninue if people enjoy it, because this is all a gift for the readers who will enjoy this story. So if enough people like it and want it to continue by Episode 1's end, I will continue : )

ANYWAYS! Be prepared. Readers, especially new ones, please enjoy this game of the Mole! For those of you who HAVE read my past two seasons: get ready for another world, full of electric chaos, game twists, and adventure : )

Haven't read The Mole: Traitor Aboard or The Mole: Saboteur's Island yet? Don't worry! However, by Episode 2, there will be spoilers on the contents of the last story! So TAKE AS WARNING! But if it is okay with you, please read ahead below : ) if not, then do not be too intimidated with finishing Saboteur's Island first. In honesty, reading over Season 2, the chapters are SO MUCH shorter in comparison to this season's. You will not fall behind if you decide to read it first! But yes, the choice is up to you and either way is just totally great : )


"What is a Mole?" repeated the figure in the familiar blue top hat, reiterating the question that was just asked to him.

"Yes," the other figure spoke, then added, "Well, to you, that is. What is the definition of a Mole?" It wasn't the first time the host was asked such a question, but he wanted to give a good answer to the person besides him.

"The Mole is a person…just like you," replied the host, looking into the horizon that was mostly bland. "He or she is an individual who walks this earth. Who talks. Who smiles. Who can laugh, or frown. Who watches over people and keeps something going on, no matter it be good or bad. The Mole holds the highest place in life, and in this game as well. And it can be one of us. You could be the Mole. I could be the Mole."

"So the Mole is a character, who is just like one of the players? It is impossible to detect them, am I correct?"

"Well, every Mole has a weak point," explained McHallyboo. "If you're lucky, you'll see that slimmer, or that crack, that is emitted from a person who is trying to hide him or herself within a group of people." McHallyboo peered over the edge of the building the two of them were on.

"There's something different about them, and if you look closely enough, you can see it. It just takes a while to detect."

"...I see," the other individual said, but there was still a bit of unreadiness in their voice. He or she looked off the edge of the tower that they and the host were perched at the very top of. Down below and far into the distance, they could see one of the players making their way to the tower's base, and the individual was startled. Never the less, they straightened themself up.

"The other players are coming," said McHallyboo, going towards the door that separated the outside world from the adventurous and dangerous interior that waited indoors.

Before entering, the host turned and grinned at the individual who was sharing the roof of the tower with him.

"Are you ready to play your game…Mole?"

At the base of the building...

The first player to arrive spotted the building from miles away. Now at its entrance, he looked up and smirked. It was appropriate for such the individual to be arriving first before all the players, and he entered the tower.

"This is going to be a fun game," he confirmed to himself, opening the building's door entrance and entering in.


Surname: Piantissimo

Birthday: January 2

Occupation: Competitive Athlete

The second player to arrive looked up, seeing the immense construction that lay before her eyes. She was taken back, but was ready to play the game.

"This must be the building where the game will start," she pondered, opening the door to the building with uncertainty.

PLAYER: Flurrie

Surname: Gustine

Birthday: November 21

Occupation: Actress

A third player stepped her way to the entrance of the building. She politely knocked on the front door, but there was no one to answer it.

"It appears that I must enter myself," she decided, and she entered into the mysterious internal world before her.

PLAYER: Eclair

Surname: Choux

Birthday: June 30

Occupation: Patron/Pastry Maker

Another player arrived at the tower's base. He looked up, the building being tall compared to his short stature. He was an interesting pick for the game, but not at all apprehensive.

"Well, this is going to be good," he commented. He had no idea whether his statement would hold truth or not.

PLAYER: Dashell

Surname: Knot

Birthday: September 23

Occupation: Sports Agent

Another player arrived at the base, arriving at the building that lay in a city void of other living habitat. He entered the mysterious building as well with a heavy shrug of cluelessness.

PLAYER: Dry Bones

Surname: Secar

Birthday: July 5

Occupation: Horticulturist

"Well, someone in this building is a traitor," he commented, taking a breath. "Time to meet him or her." He opened the door to the building and entered.

The sixth player, surprisingly as she reached the base of the building, had no exhaustion in her body.

"Ah…this must be it. Well, a journey well spent."

She had a larger supply of energy than most people of her age, and a sharper mind too.


Surname: Toad

Birthday: February 26

Occupation: Chef

The next player arrived, stared at the building, and grunted.

"I better like this. Sister said I would."

Out of all activities, he had chosen to participate in this game that would probably put his mind and attitude on a spin.

PLAYER: Bowser Jr.

Surname: Koopa

Birthday: October 4

Occupation: Student

"Well, I just can't WAIT to see who else is playing in this game."

An eighth player walked inside. Before she did however, she let out a little giggle, perhaps preparing herself for meeting the other strangers she was about to encounter.


Surname: Shipeshafter

Birthday: April 10

Occupation: Maid

A player arrived inside the building. He seemed a little intimidated by its massive but somewhat eerier look, but he took a big breath and stepped his way within the players.

PLAYER: Snifit

Surname: Incognoto

Birthday: December 2

Occupation: Police Officer

The last player to arrive looked up at the tower, blocking her eyes from the setting sun in the sky.


Surname: Kong

Birthday: October 20

Occupation: Retail Manager

"This has to be it…I'm sure of it."

Knowing that the game would begin inside, she braced herself as she stepped into the unknown qualities of the construction.

Tiny Kong, entering the large room, stopped. She came face to face with the other nine players of the game.

"Okay, good! We did have a tenth player!" Dry Bones concluded, turning to the crowd of players in the room. "See?" Discussion on the number of players who would play in this season came to a conclusive end.

"Well, Season 1 of this game had nine players," Bowser Jr. stated with memory. "So I was guessing educationally." Never the less, he looked ready to play the game. So did everyone else.

"Wow, I didn't know my appearance would create such controversy," Tiny joked. As the door closed, the door shut behind her, and the people in the room jumped. They were, once again, trapped in the building's interior.

"My my," said Flurrie, looking at the other players. "Quite a cast we have. And with ten players, who could the Mole be?"

Mimi: Heehee. I just couldn't wait to play this game. Anyone could be the Mole!

"It's not me," said Dashell, right away. "I just want to tell you all that if you suspect me, you might be wrong. There's ten players, so you'd be wrong guessing me."

"Well, pish posh on that," Zess T. said, grinning at the others. "No difference to me, be it eight players, nine players, or a hundred players!" Mimi looked at her, a little stunned.

"How are you going to survive in this game?" Mimi spoke. She was one of the younger players in the game, along with being one of the loudest.

"Aren't you too old to be doing adventurous, dangerous things like they did in the previous seasons?" she continued. Even though she should have been, Zess T. was not the least bit insulted at her statement.

"Just because I'm an old lady doesn't mean I can't compete with a majority of you young players, Ms. Shape-shifter," Zess T. said with a wink. Mimi folded her arms.

It was a large lobby. In fact, the entrance of the room that the players were designed to stay in only took a small portion of the floor that consisted of the entire room. Another nine-tenths of the room was just bare, desolate, and surprisingly bland. The players felt as if there was an invisible barrier that separated the beginning of the lobby from the rest of the room, but never the less, only one thing was on their minds: the fact that one of the players in the room at that second was the hidden, deceitful saboteur.

"So, I guess we should all, you know," Flurrie said, looking around with a pleasant smile. "Get to know each other. I am an actress from Boggly Woods, previously retired but replenished back today with even more skills than ever before."

"An actress, huh?" said Dry Bones. "That's a perfect role for a…never mind." Flurrie perked up, looking at him.

"I'm Tiny Kong," Tiny spoke up. "Well, my sister's boyfriend was on this show, but I really don't know anything about this game. So I'm kind of new to this whole thing…concept…whatever."

"Hmm, but I'm sure you know the whole premise of it," Bowser Jr said with confirmation.

"Yeah, so?" she replied.

"I would like to introduce myself," spoke the princess in the room, bowing lightly to the others. "I am Princess Eclair. I have not met Mario, like most of you have, but I have been acquainted with the presence of Luigi."

"Oh, were you not the individual who Luigi was searching for in his own discoveries?" Flurrie inquired.

"Yes, and I make pastries too," the princess replied.

"Okay well, hey, what's up," said the Pixl, going to the front of the formed group. "I'm Dashell, and it's cool to meet you guys. But like I said, I'm not the Mole. So don't vote for me on the quizzes."

"That is a really odd thing to hear," said Mimi, looking at the Pixl. "Who else would say that, except for the Mole?"

Flurrie: We really did have an interesting cast. We were all split in personalities and backgrounds, let alone appearances. It was going to be quite a wild ride.

"Well," said Tiny Kong, tossing her hair back. "I guess we're all done introducing each other glad. So I'm glad we can all be friends, right?"

"Haha! Is that a joke?" Il Piantissimo said out loud, standing up from his chair that he was sitting on. "Friends? I scoff. Do you not know what this game is all about?"

"I believe we all do," stated Flurrie. Everyone silently nodded to themselves: they were all aware of the fact that one of the people in the room was not one of them.

"But anyway, I am Il Piantissimo, of Italian descent, medal-winning background, and athlete extraordinaire," said the player, sticking his hand out to Princess Eclair and butting in. "Or you can simply call me Piantissimo. It is a pleasure to be in the presence of a princess."

"More like 'Stuck-Up Extraordinaire'" whispered Mimi to Tiny Kong, who both laughed.

"Well, I don't know about all of y'all young fellas," said Zess T, the fifty-five year old chef of Rougeport, "but I'm ready to find the Mole! Just who could it be? Which one of you is it?" Her eyes gleamed at each of them with playful suspicion.

"Yeah!" said Bowser Jr. "One of you is the Mole. That's what this whole game is about anyway! I'm not trusting any of you at the moment.." Everyone looked at Bowser's son.

"That is a funny thing, realizing that you yourself are the son of a notorious plan-destroying individual," Mimi giggled.

"Heh well, you really aren't too innocent yourself," Bowser Jr. retorted.

"Well, even if we trust each other or not, we should still greet each other, because it's the mannerly thing to do," Flurrie spoke. "And we all have. My, we have all become so much more compatible with each other!" The players couldn't have agreed less.

"Oh, who are you?" Dry Bones said, looking to the player besides him who had decided to sit down on one of the chairs. Snifit turned around, a little startled.

"Umm, Snifit," said the masked player. His attention was towards the empty portion of the room. Now, he looked up at the player who spoke to him.

"It's nice to make your acquaintance," he said timorously.

"Like-wise," Dry Bones said, looking at the player suspiciously.

And then the lights, inexplicably, turned off.

"OH MY GOSHHH WHAT'S HAPPENING?" came a shriek, who some of them recognized to be Mimi's.

"Light! Lights!" The players were all in chaos, some of them stumbling into each other as they tried to find a position of safety.

"We won't get anywhere if we all just keep on panicking mindlessly!" Zess T. said, trying to settle everybody down. The panic eventually stopped, as everyone stood around in darkness.

"Aw man, this stinks!" said Bowser Jr. "It was already bad enough with the lights on!"

"Don't you have a fire-breathing ability?" Dashell spoke up. "Use your fire for light, man!" Surrounding players panicked even more.

"Just please do not risk burning me," Tiny Kong said, already fearing for her safety. "It's the last thing we want."

All of a sudden, the darkness in the room was destroyed by a bright light. As they were able to recollect themselves, they realized that in the middle of the darkness, a light was being projected.

"Look! There's something!" A hologram was present before them, projecting onto somewhere into the distance of the black expanse. Being displayed before all the players was something important and vital to their game…or rather, someone. It was the image of the person who would be leading them through their every step, from beginning to end.

"Is that…?" Flurrie said with wonder. "Oh my."

"The man in the blue hat," Bowser Jr. whispered, a little excited.

"Hello, players," said McHallyboo, whose face was the only thing illuminating the entire room. His voice echoed in magnitude through the entire building's floor.

"I must congratulate you all for being the third round of players for this season of 'The Mole'. I am more than delighted to have you guys play in this psychological game of adventure and deceit." The players, although all still mystified, continued listening to the host.

"The goal of this game is to find the saboteur among you," the host said. "One of you is the Mole. His or her job in this game is to sabotage your efforts in this game, as well as deflect suspicion away from him or herself. They are your enemy, and he or she is one of you."

"A double agent," thought Bowser Jr, thinking with a little grin.

Bowser Jr: I know this game. I've watched it, and I've played it in my head. And now I was going to play it for real.

"In every episode, you will be faced with games that can earn you money. Succeed in these games, and you can earn up to 500,000 coins. One of you, as always guaranteed in the game of the Mole, will win it all." The players all fell into a hushed silence of nervousness but eagerness.

"Of course, it will be the Mole's job to keep as much money away from the pot as they can during the missions," said McHallyboo, winking in large form in his projection. "And it is YOUR job to keep track of the Mole. Because at the end of every episode, a quiz is administered about the Mole, and the player to score the lowest on the quiz will immediately be kicked out of this building."

"Building?" The players were all hushed into confusion.

"Yes," said McHallyboo. "This entire game…will take place in this very building." The players, even though they could barely see each other, turned to face one another in their positions.

"Hahahar!" came the distinct laugh of Piantissimo, echoing somewhere in the darkness. "What does that even mean? And if that is true, how am I supposed to run outside in the wild air, compete against the others, and beat them?" Mimi rolled her eyes at this statement.

"If you remember the size of the lobby before this darkness flooded this floor," McHallyboo said, "then you might have realized that it was abnormally large, larger than what a regular lobby would regularly be sized at. That is because…it was not a real lobby. It does not exist anymore." The sentence was confusing for the players.

"In what way does the lobby no longer exist?" Princess Eclair replied, in a voice of confusion that matched the other players.

"I knew it," said Snifit, only the people nearby hearing him.

"The entire lobby was virtually constructed," said McHallyboo. "This this room's default. This is an empty darkness of nothing. Whatever it projects becomes whatever this room turns into. You will be constructed into another reality that, although it doesn't really exist, will be very real to you all. You will be able to see things. Feel things. Touch things. Even talk to things that aren't real."

"That's quite impossible," said Mimi, laughing to herself, almost ridiculing the host.

"Nope, it's very quite possible," the host replied. "Watch." With a small sound of a click, his face vanished.

For a few extra seconds, they were in darkness. Then, with no warning, the brightness in the room exploded to a level so high that the players shielded their eyes in alarm. The entire room, or rather, floor of the building, began to flash violently, and the players could only stand their ground in trepidation. Electricity surged within unseen wires circulating the entire length of the room that went on and on for hundreds and hundreds of feet. Screens and pixels around them on the walls, ceiling, and floors transformed into shades of green, blue, brown, and eventually filled the entire existence of the room with almost every different color shade of the rainbow spectrum.

"What is going on!" shrieked Mimi. She grabbed onto the nearest player next to her to hold her balance.

The ground below them was green, and there was a set of gasps which echoed among the players as some of them felt the sensation of grass below their feet. But this transformation was only the beginning.

"Watch out!" said Dashell, pulling Eclair out of the way of a protruding, out-of-place object that baffled all of the players: a tree.

"My chair disappeared!" yelled Piantissimo, who was using his chair for balance. "It simply disappeared! What is the meaning of this!"

Very quickly, things sprung up out of nowhere that startled the players to a level of extreme terror but wonder: the images of trees, bushes, and fields of grass all around them materialized from the darkness. The ceiling of their building, after being preceded by sparks of electricity, transformed into a light-blue color that resembled the image of a day sky. It was almost in a flash so fast that it couldn't have lasted more than ten seconds, and eventually, the players were able to open their eyes with full consciousness. Nobody in the room knew exactly what had truly happened. Not even the Mole. But in the end, what had happened was real: the entire interior of the building of where the players had been standing their ground had turned into the natural atmosphere of a grassy, plain-filled, world.

"Green…fields," said Dry Bones, almost in a trance. The players saw a field of green that stretched out for miles in front of them, littered with trees, bushes, and hills that stretched into the distance, probably lands away.

"It is impossible," Eclair said, stunned and bending down to feel the ground below her, then looked forwards at the green plains. "Is the image ahead of us of a false projection?"

"It…does not look like a projection," said Tiny, flabbergasted. She stepped forwards, and then walked more on the grass in front of her.

"I must be going mad, because the grass below me feels as fresh as ever," said Zess T, then she let out a laugh. "Technology these days!"

"My my, this game just got much more interesting," Flurrie said, going over to a nearby tree and feeling it. One by one, the players became comfortable enough to step forwards, discovering that the virtual world reached out in depth. All of a sudden, they were no longer in a dark, desolate building: each step they took sucked them deeper into the truth that what was virtually created was more real than any outside grassland they had ever encountered. A world was created within the boundaries of a building.

"I wonder if I would crash into anything if I ran ahead for a mile," said Piantissimo, a little cautiously.

"Welcome to Lineland Road!" came a voice from behind them. "Or at least, a virtual, realistic version of Lineland Road that you probably couldn't be bale to distinguish from the real world."

All players turned around at once, and were greeted by the grin of someone that they, a group of people months ago, and a group of suspicious people several years prior had all seen before. Like in the past, his appearance made the players feel both excited and uncertain about the game they were about to partake in.

"Where on earth did you come from?" Mimi asked, flabbergasted "I mean, what is this place?"

"I want to welcome you all, and also congratulate you all for being part of this wonderful third season," the host said grandly. "I am McHallyboo, and I'll be your host, guiding you through this entire game. In addition, I will also be guiding you guys through this entire building." The players just stared at him, lost in words.

"Nice to meet you…host," said Dry Bones, obviously taken back by McHallyboo's nonchalant demeanor.

"It does blow my mind that we're currently in a building right now," Flurrie pondered. "I wonder what other surprises lay in store for us. Deception-wise."

"In each floor of this building, you will be presented with a different world," the host explained to them. "After every episode, you will move on to the next floor of this building. You will be elevating. There, another world will be present to you all. In this season of the Mole…you will be travelling to many varying worlds." He looked around where they all were.

"Right now, you are in the fictional world of Lineland Road. Which is funny, because this very location in the actual real world has a virtual appearance itself. But this is the world you will all be in, for this first episode."

"I don't get it," said Dry Bones, clearly skeptical of the hosts words. "So you're saying that this is all fake and constructed, but…we're literally like, walking in grassy fields right now."

"Doesn't it seem real?" the host said, smiling. The players were mystified: looking behind McHallyboo himself, at the very area that used to be the entrance to the building's lobby, all they could see were green hills of grass that stretched out into the far background for miles and miles.

"So if I were to like, cut myself on a rock," Dry Bones went on, "in this, say, virtual world of fake objects and projections, I wouldn't really get cut, or would I?" McHallyboo paused for a second.

"Actually, you would," the host answered, getting the most confused look from the player.

"I'm just going to assume that we're just outside in the open air, instead of in a building" Tiny Kong said with a laugh. "I think we all should assume that…if we want to keep our sanity."

"So what's at the top of the building?" Dashell immediately asked. McHallyboo paused for a second, again.

"The end of the game is the roof of this building" he said truthfully. "You must make your way through each episode to reach it. Elevate there. In the end, three people will be on the roof with me: the winner, the loser, and the Mole. So, depending on how all of you play, you can be one of those three people. So, play your best, find the Mole, and win this game." The players took a small moment to absorb everything in that was spoken by the host.

"So!" said the host in a ready voice. "Are you all ready for your first mission of this game?" The players looked at each other, then at the host. They had barely accustomed themselves to their unusual surroundings, and were far from ready to take part in their opening task, whatever it would be.

Bowser Jr: It was like the craziest thing I had ever seen. This game was already crazy, and we didn't even begin the first game. I was just wondering: could I survive this? And how awesome could this game get?!

Mimi: The Mole will have a really fun job messing up and sabotaging in this world. There really are no boundaries! And I was going to have fun.

"Follow me," was all the host said, and the players followed him in unison. As they walked forwards, they saw something even more mysterious and eye-opening than ever: the distant land ahead of them, kilometers into the distance, seemed to change and expand into more created land and deepened atmosphere as they continued to follow and walk with the host. As they walked forward, more land, trees, and towering mountains formed ahead of them.

Looking backwards, as some of them did to study the peculiarity of their surroundings, they could see mountains slowly disappearing and fading out of view. It was as if they were on a conveyor belt, maintained in the same place, and the entire world around them was moving and transitioning instead.

"If you really, really look closely, you can almost see land being created ahead of us as we go forwards," McHallyboo pointed out to them. "But if you ignore that small fact, everything seems just like the real, normal, outside world. I really doubt you could be able to tell the real world from this world, if you were blindfolded and thrust into this land."

"I almost forgot we were in a building," Zess T chuckled, looking around. "I may be too old for these new bursts of technology."

Zess: Now, I was getting a little tired walking past these virtual trees. And they weren't even real! Boy, was I going to be out of shape at the end of this game.

The players continued to follow the host, and before they had reached the location where their first game would begin, some of them paused. Players, such as Dry Bones, stopped in their tracks before continuing to where McHallyboo was about to settle. The host stopped ten feet from something gigantic and haunting.

"What…are we gonna…no way," Dry Bones said, shaking his head. The other players eyes widened at the area that stood before them, or rather, lack of land.

"Uh…where's the rest of the land?" Tiny asked. Before them, a huge gap separated them from the other side of the continuing world. The gap of land before the players led down to a cliff of undetermined length, and the players could only fear what the virtual world had in store for them.

"These gaps…oh my," said Flurrie, having followed Mario on his many adventures. They were all thanksful to be a safe distance from the edge of the daunting cliff. Even if everything was virtual, it may have just been real.

"Yes, a classic gap," said McHallyboo. "I introduce you to your first mission of this game. And what an opening mission it will be." The players faced him, as he grinned.

"This game is called…the Leap of Truth!" The players' hearts either stopped or skipped a beat, but either way, an early chill swept through their bodies at the hosts' announcement of the game's title.

"Why is it called…oh gosh," said Dry Bones, hanging his head.

"This is how the game will work," the host explained. "One by one, you will all face the edge of this gap. I will present you with a statement. The statement will either be a true statement, or a false statement. If you believe that the statement I say is false…you simply do not do anything. You simply stand in your place."

He opened his arms up, almost as if he was introducing the large gap of land behind him.

"However, if you believe the statement you are given is a true one," he said, his smile changing, "then you must jump the leap of faith. Down into the gap. You will endure approximately the distance of a two-hundred and twenty-six foot free fall." Dread and incredulity could not be understated for the players.

Bowser Jr.: This…was…our first mission? What? No way. I didn't think that things would get THIS crazy in this third season.

"Over two hundred feet of falling?!" Mimi yelled. "Are you crazy?"

"I…cannot do that," said Dry Bones.

"So what's at the bottom?" asked Dashell. "Everyone's concerned about the fall. I'm concerned about the bottom."

"A passing sensor has changed the bottom of the gap to pretty much, well, defy gravity as you hit the bottom," said McHallyboo. "Before you hit the bottom from a centimeter away, you will float in the air, and before you know it, you can position yourself and be walking on the ground as if you had been dropped from less than a centimeter high." The host turned to the players.

"I'm going to pretend that I understood that," Dashell said.

"You will be faced to jump this cliff one by one," said McHallyboo. "The choice is solely up to you, on whether the statement I give to you is true or false. However, you are allowed to use the words of the other players before you jump or not. Ask them your very question! This is a teamwork game."

"So we can conference the correct answer with the players, before we choose to jump or not," Flurrie wanted to confirm. The host nodded.

"Overall, you yourself will know the best answer, on your own," McHallyboo said cryptically. "You know your name. And know which it is closer to: true or false." The players looked at the host, thinking.

"Hmm...then we shall trust ourselves and our names," Piantissimo said with understanding.

"Oh, and time is of the essence," said the host. "After I read the statement, you have the maximum time of a minute before you must decide on your decision, on whether to jump or not." The players felt a wave of panic swoop over them.

Mimi: Like, everyone knows, the human body just can't function under the pressure of time. How are we going to win this?

"If half of you are able to succeed in making a successful choice," said McHallyboo, "I will award ten thousand coins to the team. If six of you are able to succeed in a right choice, I will add 15,000 coins. In order to win the full 20,000 coins for this mission, seven out of the ten of you have to make a well-made choice." The players nodded, knowing that their game would be more than just a tough first round.

"I want to win the full twenty-thousand though, so I'm hoping that none of you will mess up…right?" Piantissimo said to the others.

"Dibs on not going first," Mimi whispered, before going to the back of the crowd so she wouldn't be called on first. McHallyboo took out a sheet of paper.

Dry Bones: I secretly have a fear of heights…and I didn't want to bring that up to the others. But yeah, I just didn't know how this game would work out.

"Your order was determined by how you entered the building at the beginning of this game," announced McHallyboo. "I take the first two people, then the last, then first…anyways, the first player up will be Il Piantissimo." Everyone turned to the masked player, who he himself didn't expect to be called upon so quickly.

"What!" he sputtered with surprise, then coughed and went back to regain his posture. "Hmm, I thought we were able to select our order of jumping."

"You'll set a perfect example for us," said Mimi, almost delighted that the player was to jump first. The game was about to begin, and the rest of the players were ushered back a good fifteen to twenty feet away from the edge of the gap.

JUMP 1: Piantissimo

Walking their way over, McHallyboo and Piantissimo found themselves standing at the edge of the cliff side. Making his way right to the edge, Piantissimo peered over the edge.

"Quite a fall," said the player, looking down at the two-hundred feet below him of emptiness. The bottom was visible, but it was a distance too far to be feeling unnervous, even for Piantissimo.

"Nervous for being the first jumper?" McHallyboo asked him.

"I always have this thing in life where I'm always first, so I'm going to go ahead with it," said Piantissimo. "Statement, please."

"Okay," said McHallyboo. "These statements all have to do with life in general." He pulled out a card, and then cleared his voice.

"There are six-hundred and six minutes in 10 hours and 6 minutes," read McHallyboo. "If you believe it's false, stay with me. If you believe it's true…there's only one other option."

"Hmm." Piantissimo paused for a bit, thinking. After a small while, he faced the host. He thought for a few seconds more, and then answered.

"True," he said. He faced with McHallyboo.

"I'm ready." And with little warning, almost like diving into a swimming people, he jumped into the gap. The players back at the edge of the gap all screamed, almost in unison.

"HE JUMPED OFF!" screamed Mimi. "Where did he go?!" The other players could not help but share her same feeling of panic.

"Didn't even warn us," muttered Dry Bones. "He just…jumped."

"Wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on!" spoke up Bowser Jr, turning to the other players. "He could have conferred with us first, whether the statement was right or not! Am I right?" The players looked at him, and then thought to themselves.

"He had the ability to," Eclair spoke up, remembering. "I believe we should do that from now on."

Flurrie: It was definitely suspicious that Piantissimo just bit the bullet and went for it, especially since he could have asked us for confirmation on his answer before jumping.

It was Flurrie's turn for Round 2, as the cloud spirit player followed McHallyboo to the edge of the cliff.

"Good luck, Flurrie!" shouted out Dashell. "Pride for the Paper Mario partners." Flurrie looked at the others, giving out an air kiss before leaving the crowd of players to go with McHallyboo.

"Oh, what have I gotten myself into," she said, smiling with light misfortune.

JUMP 2: Flurrie

"Flurrie, so I'm aware that your falling ability is the same as everyone else in this game," the host repeated. "Fortunately, you do not float when you fall. We've encountered this dilemma with players in the past. So I'm grateful this mission works for you as well!"

"Mm, well well," said Flurrie, "I wish I could say the same as well, that I'm grateful this mission works for me." She stood next to McHallyboo.

"Are you ready for your statement?" said McHallyboo.

"As ever as I will be," Flurrie stated. McHallyboo shuffled through his cards, and pulled one out.

"The heart is the strongest muscle in the world," read McHallyboo. Flurrie thought for a second.

"Yes…I yes, I believe that's right," she stated, and then looked over the edge. "It is true…yes. I am ready." All of a sudden, she remembered the given ability to communicate with the other players.

"Players," Flurrie called out to the eight players behind her, as they immediately turned to her attention. "I have a statement that says that the heart is the strongest muscle in the body. I believe that is a statement that is truer than ever. Is it right?"

"No wait…that's wrong!" shouted Bowser Jr. "I took anatomy! The heart isn't the strongest muscle. It's something else!"

"Oh," said Flurrie, looking flustered. "What is the strongest muscle then?"

"It's…it's…I don't remember," Bowser Jr. said, furiously thinking. "How am I supposed to remember! I just know it isn't the strongest muscle." Flurrie looked perplexed.

Dashell: Bowser Jr, even if he happened to be right about the heart not being the strongest muscle, still was uncertain in the answer himself. So it put doubt into Flurrie's mind. Definitely some suspicious activity right there.

"I would just go with what he says," Dashell said out to her. "He has more of an idea than any of us others." Flurrie turned and looked back at the host.

"I will not jump," she stated, sighing. "I believe the statement is a false statement." Flurrie stepped back with the host from the edge of the cliff.

"So if the statement was true, the decision is lost," McHallyboo said to her. "Hopefully it was not. Please use the side bridge to cross this gap." He pointed to an area to their side.

"Side bridge…" Flurrie repeated, and saw that on right left side of the gap, a small ledge pathway was present, most likely the path meant for individuals to take to cross the gap. Flurrie, with most careful actions, went to the bridge and safely made her way to the other end.

Flurrie: I had wanted to jump, because I truthfully and willingly I believed that my statement was true. I would discover afterwards that no, it was not true, but I still regret my action of being influenced by other people.

Two players had made their choices.

"I would like to introduce the third jumper of this game to be…" The players waited nervously as McHallyboo stumbled with taking out the paper. Each of them held their breaths.

"Tiny Kong." Tiny Kong, a little surprised, shrugged her shoulders.

"Well, I'd have to go anyways, she said, and never the less, went ahead to follow the host.

JUMP 3: Tiny Kong

"Are you ready, Tiny Kong?" said the host, looking at the Kong-related player.

"Yeah, I mean, I signed up for this…an adventure" she said, looking over the gap with a nervous look. She faced the host, smiling.

"But you know what: I'm not going to back out now. So let's go for it!" McHallyboo pulled out a card.

"Okay, this is your statement…'According to a scientist, a cucumber is a vegetable'." Tiny thought for a bit, then shook her head, not knowing the answer.

"A cucumber is a vegetable or not?" she asked, turning around to the others who were crowded behind her. Everyone, almost immediately, turned to Zess T.

"Oh, well, by all means," the chef started at first, but then she hesitated a little bit before speaking again.

"I have been grown and raised, knowing it was vegetable and being told it was a vegetable," Zesss said carefully, "but, you know what. Take it with a grain of salt. But I honestly believe a cucumber is a vegetable." Everyone nodded, not knowing any better.

Mimi: Zess T. seemed like the expert in our group. If she is the Mole...what a great Mole she would be.

"If it's wrong, the players can't blame me," said Tiny, "so that's a good thing. I'm going to stick with the answer that a cucumber is a vegetable. I'm jumping."

"Jumping off into the gap?" confirmed McHallyboo. Tiny closed her eyes, then let out a silent "yes" before taking her stance next to the edge.

"Any time you're ready," said the host. Tiny looked over the edge, and closed her eyes.

"I can't…I can't believe I'm doing this," she said, finding small tears form in her eyes as she laughed with her statement. "I can't believe I'm about to jump off a cliff. This…this is terrifying."

"As terrifying as it is, just remember, it is a virtual cliff," McHallyboo corrected with reassurance. "Imagination can be strong." Tiny nodded, feeling just slightly better, if at all. She took another breath.

"Okay. Here goes." Tiny crossed her arms, and a split second later, the player had made her decision, jumping off the ledge simultaneously with a scream that rang throughout her fall. In less than five seconds, her body had performed two-hundred feet of free falling, into the virtual abyss created by the mystery of the building's world.

Tiny Kong: Let me just tell you that it was terrifying. I never, ever want to do something like that again. When I reached the bottom, I couldn't even remember what had happened, so I guess that was the good thing. It was just…I can't believe I did that. It's all for the team.

"So!" said McHallyboo, going back to the others. "This next jump will be special. I forgot to mention that there will be…tandem skydiving." The host laughed at his own joke in reference to last season.

"What is the meaning of the statement?" Eclair asked.

"It means, that the 4th and 5th players to jump, and the 7th and 8th players to jump, will jump together in pairs!" McHallyboo announced. "This puts the word 'teamwork' into this game more than before." The players faced each other, and two thoughts immediately raced through their head: a list of people that they would have no trouble in jumping alongside with, and a list of people they didn't, at any cost, want to jump with at all.

"Every pair jump will either count as two correct choices, or two wrong choices," said McHallyboo. "Consider this a little risky gambling."

"Or being very well-done over by the Mole," said Mimi.

"The next pair of people…Dashell and Princess Eclair!" The two players looked at each other, almost approvingly, and then went their way to follow McHallyboo to the edge of the cliff.

JUMP 4: Eclair and Dashell

"So, the first pair to jump!" said McHallyboo, looking at the two players. "How do you feel jumping together?"

"Well, jumping with a pretty girl, no complaints," Dashell said casually. Eclair blushed, surprised.

"I must thank you for your compliment," Eclair replied, "but yes, I feel confidence in the choice we will make." McHallyboo took out the card with the statement.

Eclair: Dashell may appear suspicious to other people, but for a reason, I have trust in him. I feel that in this game, it is very vital to make a friend.

"The average human breathes 1 trillion times a year," McHallyboo read. Both Dashell and Eclair turned to each other.

"I apologize that it is a human-based question," Eclair said apologetically.

"Oh, no worries," Dashel replied. "I used to be a human myself, actually." As Eclair's eyes lit with surprise, Dashell turned to the players back at the base.

"Hey!" he shouted. "How many breaths does a human take? More or less than a trillion?"

"Breaths…I have no idea," said Bowser Jr. The players turned to each other, waiting for someone to give an answer.

"Anyone?" repeated Dashell. All of a sudden, it was Snifit who spoke up from the group.

"A trillion seems like too big number," Snifit stated. Then he paused.

"But…I am not sure." The two players at the edge of the gap looked back at the abyss below them.

"Fifteen seconds." McHallyboo looked at his watch.

"Oh, we are of timed decision," Eclair recalled, then looked at Dashell. "I do not know. Shall we decide?"

"It's up to you," Dashell said. "You're still human. I'm not." Eclair smiled, then thought and closed her eyes.

"It is a statement that seems so absurd…that it has most probability of being true," Eclair decided. "That is my final answer."

"I just wanted to jump and get it over with," said Dashell. McHallyboo smiled, knowing their decision.

"So, the second question is, are you mentally and physically ready to jump?" the host asked them both.

"Yes," said the princess, "but I will avoid the action of peeking over the edge before jumping." She turned to Dashell, who shrugged.

"You know, man, I'm ready," he said to McHallyboo. "But I'm telling you, if we jump and we do our decision for nothing, someone is going down." McHallyboo chuckled.

"Off you two go." Dashell and Eclair stepped two steps closer to the edge, and eventually, their feet were inches away from the cliff's edge.

"We'll jump…in three…"

"Two," said Eclair. The two players, about to complete their extreme first mission of the entire game, grabbed each other's hands as they prepared to jump.



And the game kicks off! Season 3 begins, and indeed, what a twist on location!

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