Hello, all!

How are you all doing in this chaotic world? I hope everyone is doing well, wherever you are quarantined :) Please stay healthy and safe.

In positive light, however, I would like to announce some good news...

...or is it dastardly and nerve-wracking?

Things may become a bit more deceitful and Moley...BECAUSE!

An all-new story is in the making! A fresh, new Mole adventure will come soon! In soon time, I will be uploading:

The Mole: Deceiver's World

This will be an all-new Mole fanfic and revival story in the Super Smash Brothers category! I decided that this was the right move to do, to appeal to a bigger fanbase of people who are not only Mario fans, but fans of other games as well.

Question: When will this be released? Not very far in the future! Since I had been writing it since February. It will be released A WEEK from now! April 11th, 2020! In fact...I have the entire first episode/first five chapters/first 32,587 words all written out and finished already. I can't believe it myself. It's a non-procrastination miracle that has never happened before.

Anyway, after its release, the continuation of the story will be based on how much positive feedback I receive/how many reviews are posted throughout the first episode. (Since a Mole fanfiction is time-consuming in terms of planning and writing, I'll only put effort if enough people enjoy it and want it to continue :) and none of that effort matters to me and I enjoy writing IF others enjoy it! :) So if you enjoy the story when its released, please show some support!

Anyways, which ten Smash characters do you hope to see? Who are your favorites? :) Who would make good players...but most importantly, who would make a good Mole?

Stay tuned everyone! And watch out for the deceiver.