Black Blood Brothers

Wrath of the Kulan King

Chapter One Bona Fortuna

Mimiko was woken up by the alarm clock. She tried to turn it off, but she couldn't find the button. Her fingers fumbled to the wall and ripped out the cord. Finally. Sweet silence. But the sweet silence was broken by her phone. Mimiko got up and picked it up. "Hello?"


Jiro didn't want to wake up. But sadly, he didn't have a choice. Mimiko dumped water on him (As usual). "Why did we have to wake up so early?" Mimiko hit him hard on the head. "Stop complaining! I need to go to a friend's place." Now they were in front of a store called Bona Fortuna. Graffiti decorated the large, colorful words. A woman was outside, scrubbing the words and quietly swearing to herself. "Hey Fate, I got your money!" The woman almost fell off of her ladder. She turned around, her cat-like green eyes filled with a mixture of fear and annoyance. "Are you insane? I could have died!" Another woman came out of the house. "Mimi! Finally, now Fate will stop complaining." Mimiko went up to the woman and hugged her. "It's good to see you, Chica!" Chica smiled sincerely and helped the stranded woman. The woman didn't look happy when she got off of the ladder. "First, some damn black blood kids come and mess up my store and now Mimi tried to kill me." Mimiko didn't respond. Chica slapped the aggravated woman on the back as a friendly gesture. "Calm down Fate; Mimi didn't try to kill you." Fate nodded. But it seemed as if she was sour about her graffiti-painted sign.


Fate led them into the small apartment/house. It was decorated by colorful fabrics and bright paint on the wall. Mimiko handed Fate an envelope and the black-haired woman snatched it and counted the money. She then smiled and said, "Thank you." Fate then snickered, "Who's your boyfriend and the kid?"

Mimiko blushed and sputtered, "He's not my boyfriend!"

Fate snickered and said, "Sure, sure."

Jiro said, "I am Jiro and this is my little brother Kotaro."

Chica kneeled and looked at Kotaro. She squeals, "You are so cute!"

Fate snapped her fingers and all of a sudden, there was a table with chair in the middle of the room. "Sit down," she said. She fished out a crystal ball from a random pile of fabric and set it on the table. She rubs her hand on it and looked into it.

Mimiko asked, "What is in it?"

Fate snuck a peek and said, "Your future."

Mimiko said, "What's in my future?!"

"I won't tell you."

"Damn you Fateā€¦"

Chica came in and set a plate with small cakes on it on the table. Kotaro snatched one. Chica smiled and said, "You're a cute little black blood, aren't ya?"

Fate smirked, revealing two sharp canine teeth. Kotaro said with excitement in his voice, "You're a vampire!"

Fate laughed and said, "No, I'm no black blood. I'm a Glacian. Vampire's are actually diseased Glacian resulting from wonderful evolution."

Kotaro cocked his head in confusion, making Chica laugh with Fate.


Puppytime- Finally I got this idea out of my head!

Jiro- What?

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Jiro- Oh.

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