Something short.

Disclaimer: I don't own Degrassi or the song "Cardinal Rules" by Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin. I think it's funny that I used this song. It's about baseball, haha. Enjoy!

From a very young age, people are taught a lot of things. To look both ways before crossing the street. To not talk to strangers. What way's up, what way's down. North, south, east, west. And one of the big ones: knowing when something is wrong and when it's right. They're trained to tell the difference between the two. Of course, their naivety gets the better of them and they sometimes screw up in that department, but then they continue to grow from their mistakes until they can learn to spot the bad from a mile away.

Next comes building upon previously acquired knowledge. Elementary school teaches kids about where to locate Santa Claus and penguins. It isn't until middle school, though, that they learn about the attraction between the poles. Middle school's also the time when other sorts of attractions start to arise. New crushes and first loves are plentiful. The feelings that were once foreign territory are supposed to be magical, even though they're often filled with awkward moments.

High school is where the emotions and hormones really start to peak. On a normal day, if one were to look in any direction, they'd see at least one couple. It gets one thinking and then they start to like the idea of having a significant other. Then they put so much effort into attracting someone and keeping up a relationship.

Through Maya's life, all of this had been very present in her mind. But despite knowing these things, she couldn't help but make the wrong moves.

While playing her song at the pageant, she was sure that everyone would like it. She practiced a lot and thought that it definitely showed. Zig was also a great addition to the song. But then, after the two of them went backstage and expressed how well they both thought they did, Zig kissed her. She definitely wasn't expecting it, but her reaction surprised her just as much as being kissed by him. She kissed him back immediately. His arms were around her waist in no time and her own hands found their way to his hair. After a little while, she pulled away from the kiss. He moved his lips to her neck while she took the opportunity to breathe.

But then she caught something out of the corner of her eye: dark hair. She turned her head slightly, noticing that Katie was now standing in the room. Zig must have noticed that something was going on, as he pulled away and followed Maya's gaze. He looked back at Maya before leaving quickly.

Maya sighed. Yes, despite the fact that she knew what was wrong and what was right, she settled with the wrong and was left to clean up the mess.

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