My first Morganville Vampires story. I hope you all like it and I'm sorry it's so short. This will be continued if you guys request it to but if not then... Yeah...

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Michael gasped as a bullet whizzed past his head. He spun to see who had shot it. A short, tanned girl with brown curly hair with streaks of blue and purple which came to her waist was stood there holding a gun and smirking. Michael used his vampire speed and put the girl into a headlock, she swiftly threw the gun at Shane and he caught it with one hand.

"Be careful with that thing..." She gasped, struggling to breathe through the tight headlock.

"Who are you?!" Shane demanded, the girl smirked again.

"I thought you of all people would recognise your little sister Shane..." Michael tighten the headlock, causing her to splutter and cough.

"Let her go." Shane growled through gritted teeth. Michael looked up at him in confusion but let go nonetheless. The girl stood up and brushed herself off.

"Thank you." She rolled her eyes. "You're sooo kind." She snorted sarcastically and glared at Michael.

"A-Alyssa?" Shane looked at her in confusion. Surely this fierce girl who looked as though the only thing on her mind was murder, couldn't be his sweet little sister.

"Missed me big brother?" She giggled and tucked a lock of hair behind her ear before scanning over the room. "Is this seriously where you live?" She snorted and rested her hand on her hip. The boys were in the Glass House living room, playing on the Xbox when the girl claiming to be Shane's dead sister had invited herself in and just missed in killing Michael.

"What are you doing here." He hissed, refusing to believe that she was his sister.

"Trying to kill my bounty." She gave a sidewards glare at Michael.

"Y-you mean you're-..." Shane's eyes widened. Alyssa nodded.

"A vampire hunter. An a damn good one usually!" She laughed. "I guess I'm a little weak when it comes to someone that I know though!" She tucked the other side of her hair behind her ear to show a variety of scars running down the left hand side of her face. They looked like they were scars from being burnt, there was no doubt that this girl had been in a fire. Shane drew in a collective breath and asked the question he knew that he and Michael wanted to know.

"By some miracle you are Alyssa... How are you still alive?"