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"Well... You can imagine my shock and anger when I woke up in a morgue..." Alyssa snorted. "So yeah... I was pretty pissed but fortunately the coffin hadn't been sealed so I managed to open it and get out." Shane and Michael gave one another nervous glances. Surely this story wasn't true. Shane knew that they had pronounced Alyssa as dead.

'They might have made a mistake...' He thought to himself, but shook his head. 'No! Alyssa died that day. This girl is not Alyssa.'

"I had no idea where I was or why, all I knew is that I killed all over and the last thing that I remembered was a fire." She sighed. "So the first thing I did was ask someone where I was... And she screamed and fainted... Because she thought I was a ghost..." Alyssa giggled at the memory, finding it absolutely hilarious. "The next thing I did was climb out of the window. I would have taken the door but I didn't really feel like causing anymore heart attacks! I soon bumped into Sam Glass who after I explained what had happened, told me that you guys were ditching the town after my 'funeral' which was scheduled to be the next day. So I planned to approach you guys before the funeral, only to find that you were 'too depressed' and didn't even attend!" She waved her arms around as she was speaking and started pacing up and down the room. "I was seriously pissed off! Fortunately I bumped into some of dad's old friends who taught me how to hunt..." She paused and spun to look at Shane. "When did you get here?" She tilted her head and frowned. "Where's dad? Where's mom?" Shane twitched and glared at her.

"That's none of your business." He scowled. "At least not until you can prove that you're Lyssa." She rolled her eyes.

"Fine! Don't believe me! I don't care!" She started to walk to the door but was stopped by Michael.

"We're not letting you leave until you can prove who you are. You could be a psychotic murderer for all we know." He said sternly. She rolled her eyes and tried to look at him intimidatingly, which proves to be very hard when you're a bit of a midget like her.

"Pfft! And thats coming from you fangzilla!" She snorted and balanced her hand on her hip. When she realised he wasn't getting the message, she sighed and turned around so she could go sit down on the sofa. Suddenly, she felt something rubbing against her wrists. When she craned her neck to see what it was, she discovered that her hands were tied behind her back with rope. She looked up at Michael in confusion but he just scowled at her. Shrugging her shoulders and shaking her head, Alyssa accepted that fact that there was no way that her brother and his friend were going to believe her and proceeded with sitting down on the sofa.

"I'm not sure how you're going to... But prove that you're Alyssa." Shane demanded. His emotions were running wild, he had no idea what was going to happen, what if she was Alyssa... What if she wasn't?

"Edoc laiceps ruo ni kaeps nac I!" She stared intensely at Shane while saying this. He twitched slightly at this and she knew he was cracking.

"I don't care if you can speak in mine and Alyssa's special backwards code. That doesn't prove it." He looked away. 'How did she know that? She must me Alyssa!' He thought to himself. 'No! Pfft! Anyone could know that!... Right?'

"Fine!" She stood up and waved her arms around. "Go dig up my 'grave'! There won't be a body in the coffin!" Michael stood there, watching her with wide eyes.

"I just tied your wrists up..." He mumbled, tilting his head and frowning.

"Please Mikey!" Alyssa laughed, using his nickname and rolling her eyes. "Escaping from ropes is rookie stuff!"