"Kim, I just don't get it. I know you like him and you've even admitted it, so why help her steal the guy of your dreams?" She asked. Kim sighed.

"He likes her, Joan. The feelings aren't returned. And Jack's my best friend - he deserves to be happy...even if I'm not." She replied with a sad smile.

Best Friends. It's all we'll ever be.


This fanfic is kinda sad and has been in my head for days.

I just wanted to say that, the other girl in this story - please don't hate her.

She's not based on me. I'm a full KICK shipper.

This story was inspired by rocks at my window's Split Second and sleepuntiltommorow's For All You Broken Lovers Lost.


"Hey Kim!"

I turned around to the sound of my best friend's voice.

"Oh, hey Jack. What's up?"

"Kim, I have problem. See, there's this girl I like-" I smiled.

Maybe he was finally picking up on the hints I had been dropping for months.

"- and I need your help on how to get her attention. Could you help me, please?" He finished.

My smile faltered slightly but that was nothing compared to how I was feeling.

You know when they vividly describe heartbreak? They're not kidding. My heart broke into a million pieces.

Now, I'm not the kind of girl to bawl into her pillow. I wouldn't even sob softly. I just layed there staring into space for hours on end.

It my was fault I felt this way though.


Well, when I was younger, about 9, I promised myself I'd never fall in love.

At that time, all that mattered was loved ones, Karate and candy. I would always tell people,"Forget love, I'd rather fall in chocolate!"

My mother would laugh and say you could never choose who you fell in love with. However, being the stubborn girl I was (and still am), I would shake my head and say I would spend my life perfecting different types of Martial Arts. She would laugh her 'you're too young to understand' laugh.

If I had just stuck to my principle I wouldn't feel this way.

Maybe I would smile warmly instead of turning away awkwardly when I saw her and Jack together.

Maybe I would join them when they and the gang went to get food at Circus Burger.

And maybe I wouldn't slip away from the conversation when it came to her or love.


Only Joan has picked up on my change in mood since he and her started dating. The guys seem suspicious, especially Eddie, which was a surprise to me. But I guess he knows what heartbreak looks like ever since he and Grace broke up.

I never really talked to Grace after that, not that we had been proper friends before. I didn't hold a grudge but I didn't see a reason to keep hanging around with the girl who broke my friends heart. The closest we were was frenemies anyway.

I might talk to Eddie; see how he got over it. It would give me a chance to bond with him since we're not that close.

Mom says it's not healthy keep feelings locked up. I don't want to one day suddenly burst into incontrollable tears.

So I'll talk to Eddie like I have with Joan.

I still talk to Jack but we're not as close as we used to be. I don't think he notices since he now spends time with her as well.

I don't hate her.

We get along fine.

We just fell in love with the same guy.

And that guy returned the feelings to her.

Not me.


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