He sees it.

He sees the way the girls whisper about her whenever she walks past in the hallway.

He sees the way her clothes get baggier and she starts wearing more layers.

He sees the way she starts changing in another room so he can't see her body.

He feels how cold her her hands become when he holds them every morning.

He feels how hollowed her cheeks have become when he kisses her before she leaves each night.

He sees the way her meals become smaller and her lies become bigger.

'I already ate'

'I'm not hungry'

'It's just a small diet, nothing dangerous'

'I'm healthy, honest'

He sees the way she's slowly crumbling. She hates herself. She doesn't see herself the way he sees her. Her image is so distorted that she's slowly killing herself.

He sees her, and he knows he can't do anything to stop it.

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Warning: this fic may contain triggering material. Do not copy what Jade does in this story as it is dangerous and a huge risk to your health.