I sleepily open my eyes, blinking a few times as the sleep blurs my vision, to Beck's face staring down at me.

'Morning baby,' he says, grinning. I groan and turn over, facing away from him and closing my eyes again. I'm not a morning person, as you can tell. Unfortunately, my boyfriend is, which is what spurred him on to wake me up at eight in the morning...

'Morning Moron,' I mumble out to him, still not opening my eyes. If I could just have half an hour more...


'Ugh what! I just wanna sleep some more,' I huff and force myself to sit up and face him. He grins again in success and pecks me on the forehead.

'Come on, you have to get ready, you've got an hour and a half,' he says pushing the covers off of me and pulling me up. Somewhere in the back of my mind it rings a bell that we have plans today.

'Why? Can't we just stay at home today, it's so early and I'm SO tired.' I moan but stand up anyway and make my way towards the RV's surprisingly large closet.

'We're going our for breakfast with the gang remember. At the new diner.' Great. Just fucking great. Not only do I have to get up early, I also have to spend my morning with those idiots and I have to take in all those calories on top of that.

See when I'm at my own house, I can sleep till late morning and skip breakfast altogether. Which means one less meal in the day, which means a quarter of my daily calorie intake reduced. But no. I have to actually eat around Beck before he becomes suspicious.

I grab a towel and some clean underwear from the closet and walk into the bathroom. I strip off, step into the shower and turn the water on, letting it soak my body.

I grab some shampoo and scrub it into my scalp and hair, then I run my fingers through it to wash off the suds and a whole clump of hair falls out, ugh. Maybe this whole diet thing isn't really that good...

I condition my hair then grab the body wash and rub some all over my body. I grin when I can feel another rib poking out and my hip bones are even more pronounced than last week. Never mind, this diet thing is perfect.

When I finished my shower I step out and dry myself and change into new underwear. I peek out of the door to see what Beck's doing and see that he's not in the RV at all. Carefully, I stalk over to the closet and pull out the scales he keeps in there and grab some clothes for the day. I bring them into the bathroom and turn them on. I cautiously step onto them and close my eyes, dreading what the little arrow will tell me.


104 pounds. That's way to much. I bet Vega's much lighter than that. And Cat, she probably only ways ninety pounds or something. I'm so fat it's ridiculous, I need to fast again, no more food unless it's absolutely necessary. And if I cave and eat to much, well there's always a way of getting that back out of my system, if you know what I mean.

I hear the RV door open as Beck re-enters and quickly change into the clothes. Some leggings, and a long band tee. I brush my hair out and dry it, deciding to leave it down in it's natural waves for once. I apply my makeup and I'm done.

I step out of the bathroom to see Beck fully dressed, sitting on his couch texting someone. He must of gone into his parents house to get ready. I look at the clock and see that it says nine forty seven. Did I really take that long?

'Hey, what time are we meeting up?' I ask Beck, announcing my presence and he looks up and smiles.

He gets up and walks towards me, 'Ten, so we have to set off soon. You look beautiful.' I blush, but thank him by kissing him on the lips. I know he's lying to save my feelings, thankfully he stays with my because of my personality and not my looks.

We make it to the diner fashionably later after that one thank you kiss turned into a make out session and every else is already there.

'Hey guys!' They greet us and we sit down. Tori starts up a conversation about how unfair her life is because her parents won't buy her some new boots or whatever but I zone out staring at the menu in my hand.

Everything was so calorific and fatty and greasy. I couldn't eat any of this! My diet would be ruined. I scan down for something small and healthy and the best I can find is scrambled eggs on toast. Okay, Jade you can do this. Just order the food and eat around the edges, small bites and only eat a third. Then when you get home you can go to them gym and work it off.

The smiley waitress comes over to take our orders, her skinny physique making me green with envy. I'm to busy planning out my exercise regime to notice that everyone was waiting for me to order.

'Jade!' Beck nudging my arm snaps me out of my daydream and I apologise embarrassed to the lady.

'Sorry,' I say blushing again, damn twice in one day! ' I'll have the scrambled egg on toast please, and a water.' The waitress scribbles it down on her notepad and scurries off. I turn back towards the booth, the menu no longer providing a distraction forcing me to participate in the conversation.

'Soo, it's nearly spring break. What have you guys got planned?' Tori asks us peppily. Too peppy.

'Well I was thinking that we could spend spring break together. I mean next year we become seniors and it's gonna be really hectic. I think we should make the most of the time we have together before we have to think about exams and college and stuff.' Andre explains and we all agree.

'How bout we take Beck's RV down and go to the beach again? I know I know, it didn't turn out that well last time but we park someone else so we won't get trapped. Come on the weathers gonna be perfect!' Tori suggests, whining at the end. Damn it, I'll have to wear a swimming costume and they get to see all my fat...

'I don't have a bathing suit, sorry...' Worst. Lie. Ever. What the fuck was that Jade?! Your supposed to be the best actress in Hollywood Arts, your slipping.

'Oh that's fine us girls can all go bikini shopping tomorrow!' Tori suggests and Cat squeals excitedly. I'm about to snap back a response of no but Beck beats me to it.

'She'd love to. Wouldn't you babe?' He gives me a look and I sigh, knowing there's no way I'm getting out of this one.


'Hey why don't you guys come as well? It'll be fun! We can model in our bikini's for you and you can tell us what looks best!' Cat suggests all giggly but I know what she's trying to do. She's trying to get Andre to see her in a cute little bikini, that little tease.

But now, not only do Cat and Tori have to see my fat body, so do the guys as well. Oh. Crap.

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