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Jade's POV

'So these are the rules: No going in my parent's bedroom. Don't touch anything. Don't open anything. Don't even look at my stuff. Oh and don't get distracted, I want this project over and done with before six when my dad gets back. Got it?' Tori and Cat nod quickly, not wanting to put me into a mood.

We had a project due for tomorrow and I'd been grouped up with Cat and Tori. But Tori's house had been taken over by Trina's foot bleacher and masseuse and Cat's house had Cat's brother... So we had to work at my house.

To be honest I just wanted it to be over as quick as possible. I wanted to sneak out to Beck's RV and watch movies and snuggle. Yeah Jade West likes to snuggle, never speak of it!

'Okay so I'll do the research for the chemicals, Jade you can find out about these transfers and Cat you can do the drawings.' Tori assigns, handing Cat some crayons and a sheet of paper. She squeals in delight her face lighting up. I sigh as I log into my Pear Book to start my research.

After an hour of working we take a coffee break. Well coffee for Vega and me, Cat had a strawberry smoothie because she's not good with caffeine. When I'm making everyone's drink I see a note on the fridge from my dad saying that he's working late shift and won't be back till eleven.

We put the TV on and watch Drake and Josh for a while. About halfway through the second episode Cat gets her phone out and starts texting someone. She giggles and puts her phone back, a mischievous smile on her face. I give her a weird look but I don't question it, she was probably looking at pictures of puppies or something.

'Megan is the best. Seriously she's so funny and devious.' I say when the end credits of the episode come on.

'Yeah. Doesn't anyone else think that she looks like Carly Shay from icarly?' Tori asks and we both agree. Strange huh?

I was about to put on the next episode when the doorbell rings.

'Ding dong' Cat says and I roll my eyes, that girl is crazy.

I look through the peep hole to see someone else's eye looking through and I scream, jumping back. I fling the door open angrily and Robbie falls into my house, he'd obviously been leaning on the door when I opened it.

Behind him are Beck and Andre. What the hell? Not that I was complaining that my boyfriend and boy best friend were here I was just confused as to why.

'Hii!' Cat squeals hugging them both. Ah, Cat. That's who she was texting earlier. Why! I think angrily.

'Hey Babe,' Beck says kissing me, and my anger dissipates slightly.

'Cat texted us saying you were having a movie night? Did you not... Oh right..' Andre says, slowing realising the situation from my glaring at Cat. She smiles at me sheepishly before scurrying back into my bedroom.

'Come on then!' She screams while running up the stairs and I roll my eyes again before following her.

'Okay Bruce Almighty it is then. Cat, put the DVD in and I'll go get some snacks. Beck, come help me?' I ask him and we leave to go get some food for everyone.

Once Jade and Beck are out of the room Tori decides to do a bit of snooping. I mean Jade's been through my bedroom before so why can't I do the same for her? Besides, I'm hoping to find something embarrassing about her for revenge next time she humiliates me, Tori thinks.

'What are you doing Tori? Jade's not gonna be happy about that.' Cat tells her nervously but Tori ignores her, continuing to rummage through her wardrobe.

'Well you've been warned, if the witch attacks you then we have nothing to do with it.' Rex adds.

'Oh lighten up guys, Jade does this in my house all the time.' Tori replies moving on to Jade's chest of drawers. She starts at the bottom working her way up.

She opens the bottom drawer, containing several of Beck's plaid shirts and other spare clothes for him and some folders and notebooks. The next two only contained Jade's shirts, skirts, jeans etc.

As Tori looked through the top drawer she blushed bright red at the risqué lingerie Jade owned. It was mainly lace and some of them looked like they barely covered anything. She pushed them aside to look at the pyjamas when some small tubs and boxes caught her eye.

She moved all the clothes to the side and pulled out the containers.

'What is that Tor?' Andre asked curiously as Tori stated at the stuff, concerned.

'Guys I don't like this. You should put her stuff back before she sees you. Your totally invading her privacy!' Cat tells them scared, at that moment Jade enters the room her hands filled with bags of potato chips.

She angrily throws the food onto the bed, 'What are you doing? Why were you going trough my stuff?!' She screams at them, trying desperately to put everything back into the drawer. But Beck stops her, placing a calming hand on her shoulder.

'Babe it's fine. Now what are these?' He asks her quietly, his voice calm.

'It's nothing important it's just medicine.' She covers quickly but Tori knows otherwise.

'No, no no! That's not just medicine. I read the labels Jade I'm not stupid.' Tori shoots back. Beck tries to take the medicines out of her hand and she puts up little resistance, knowing her secret was out.

No Jade. They can't find out. This is a disaster. It's all your fault.

'Laxatives? Diet pills? Jade what the hell? What is all this?' Beck snaps at her. Jade flinches, she didn't like it when Beck was angry at her.

'I'm on a diet. These are just some stuff to help me. Now give me them.' She demands, trying to put on a brave face when actually she felt like crying.

'Jade you don't need to lose weight! Your skinny enough already. Too skinny in fact. Do you use these? How long has this been going on?' Beck shoots at her his voice getting louder and louder as he spoke.

Jade didn't know what to do. One part of her was screaming at her to tell them the truth and let them help her. She wished she could be healthy again and pain free. But the other part of her told her to keep her moth shut. That part was Ana.

They think your mad Jade. They're going to get rid of me. They'll put you in a hospital and feed you through a tube. You'll be back to the fat bitch you used to be, and we don't want that now do we?