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Chapter one

Panty and Stocking were fighting ghosts and Brief had once again tagged along. They were mostly minor ghosts and Brief had taken the opportunity to try out some new anti-ghost devices. Panty had quickly become bored and was already hooking up with at least eight guys. It was then that a more powerful ghost appeared. Stocking was still killing the last of the minor ghosts and the big ghost was heading straight for Panty. Brief took out a new gadget and fired at the ghost. It was effective but not in the way he had hoped, the ghosts gaze had shifted from Panty to him.

"Panty! Help!" Brief yelled. He was being strangled by one of the ghosts they were supposed to be fighting. "Now now Geekboy, I'm busy!" Panty yelled back. Brief started to panic. "Panty I can't b…" he tried to say. Panty walked away without looking back.

Stocking sliced the last of the minor ghost in two when Panty dove passed her in See-Through almost running her over. "Fucking Bitch!" she yelled after her. A shadow loomed over Stocking and Panty looked up to see the ghost that was strangling Brief now coming for her.

"That bitch" Stocking cursed in her head. She was walking home as Panty had taken See-Through. It was not the first time Panty had ditched her and not the first time during a fight, but never when she had been in real danger.

After a while her anger had receded a bit and she noticed Brief was walking beside her. She continued walking remaining quiet. It was not that she disliked or hated Brief, she just didn't really care for humans. But she didn't mind Brief so much. He was different, everyone was always either scared of her or wanted to get her in bed but he treated her like an actual person. "Probably because he's obsessed with Panty" she thought. She noticed Brief was acting odd. He would usually be asking her about Panty by now or would go on and on about the gadgets he was building, it was unusual for him to be so quiet.

Brief could hardly believe what had happened. "How could she leave me to die? She didn't even look back." Lost in thought he suddenly noticed Stocking was looking at him.

"Oh… Hi Stocking" He stuttered. Stocking looked away saying nothing.

"Why doesn't he just give up? She'll never love him or anything" Stocking mused.

"Stocking, you and Panty are sisters right?" Brief asked eyes aimed at the ground.


"W…Well…Has she ever… Was there ever s…someone she…" he mumbled.

"Panty doesn't believe in love," Stocking answered, "Men are entertainment for her nothing more."

"Maybe there jus…just hasn't been…" he whispered. Stocking saw his hands were shaking.

"Why don't you just give up? Why do you like her so much, she's always so mean to you?"

"I…I know sometimes she can be a….a…" Brief stuttered.

"A bitch" Stocking said.

"Y…Yea, but when she's not she is amazing," he continued, "She's always so passionate about what she wants. She brings out the emotion of whoever she talks to and ignites them. She's always confident and takes everything had on."

That Panty disliked humans did not mean she was heartless. She had been in love before and deep down, even though she would never admit it, his honest words moved her.

"You could give her something" she said.

"W…What?" Brief said perplexed.

"A gift," she explained, "something she likes".


They walked in silence until they arrived at the church. Brief turned to Stocking.

"T…Thanks for talking to me Stocking and for being honest" Brief said before turning around and walking home. Stocking stared at him for a moment before mumbling "You're welcome" and going inside.

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