Ah, I just HAD to. XD I'm going to start over with the series Warriors by Erin Hunter. At some point Oc's Will be accepted but will end sooner that you think, so keep a lookout for that! :3. Oh, If I'm not update as much I'll be working on my Youtube account, reading a BUNCH of Hetalia Fanfics (Mostly GerIta :3), or schoolwork (It's HORRIBLE!)

Now to start off I'm just posting the allegiances now….Heh, heh. Okay, now to Narnina! (Sorry to all those fans out there if I spelled it wrong) This takes place after The Last Hope. (6 moons)

Leader: Bramblestar-Dark brown tabby tom with amber eyes

Deputy: Squirrelflight- dark ginger she-cat with a white paw and green eyes

Medicine Cat: Jayfeather- Light gray tabby tom with blind blue eyes

Warriors: Cloudtail-white long furred tom with blue eyes

Bumblestripe-pale gray tom with darker stripes

Millie-Sliver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Graystripe-dark grey tom with yellow eyes

Lionblaze-golden tabby tom with golden eyes

Ivypool-sliver and white tabby with dark blue eyes

Foxleap-reddish brown tom

Icecloud-white she-cat

Brackenfur-golden brown tabby tom

Brightheart-ginger and white she-cat

Spiderleg-black tom with brown under belly

Poppyfrost-tortoiseshell she-cat

Sorreltail-tortoiseshell and white she-cat with amber eyes

Hazeltail-small gray and white she-cat

Berrynose-cream colored tom

Leafpool-light brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes

Whitewing-white she-cat with green eyes

Rosepetal-Dark cream she-cat

Birchfall-Light brown tabby tom

Mousewhisker-gray sand white tom

Blossomfall-tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Toadstep-Black and white tom

Cherryfrost-Fluffy ginger she-cat with amber eyes

Molespots-cream and brown tom

Seedpelt-Very pale ginger she-cat

Lilyflame-Dark tabby she-cat with white patches


Amberpaw-pale gray she-cat with amber eyes

Snowpaw-White tom with amber eyes

Dewpaw-Grey tom with amber eyes

Queens: Dovewing-pale gray she-cat with light blue eyes(Expecting Bumblestripe's kits)

Cinderheart-Smoky grey tabby she-cat with dark blue eyes(Nursing Plumekit and Heronkit)

Sandstorm-Pale ginger tabby she-cat with green eyes(Expecting Firestar's kits)


Thornclaw-Golden brown tabby tom

Purdy-Mottled brown tabby tom

Cherrypaw, Molepaw, Seedkit, and Lilykit have gotten their warrior names.

Sandstorm is going to have a kit so she won't be as sad about Firestar's is an elder cause he's old.