"I'm back!", I casually called just to make sure Maka knew that I was there and didn't need to worry about me being missing. When I didn't get the usual "welcome home" or at least a "hi" or any response for that matter, I knew something was wrong. Sure Maka and I had had our fights and just before I had left or rather run before a huge dictionary could have met my head in a very painful way, we had been fighting yet again, but that didn't explain the silence.

No matter what Maka would have always replied, even if it was just a really annoyed "as if I'd care", even though I knew she never meant those.

I slowly looked into the living room, fearing for a really pissed off Maka holding one of her somethousand page books, but was surprised when I didn't find her doing what she usually did when we had faught – reading. While I had looked for her in the living room I passed the kitchen, which of course, was empty as well.

I quietly called her name, "Maka, are you there?"

Still everything stayed quiet.

For some reason I felt really tense, had Maka gone out without leaving a message, mabye she was with Tsubaki or Liz and Patty...Nah, if so she would have at least left some kind of message. As I got further into the appartment I knocked on the bathroom door, hoping for a response, but again I was disappointed.

The last option was her room, which was very obvious, I know, but since I didn't want to invade her private space or let me be found in her room alone thinking that I was spying on her or something (believe me at times she gets those ideas, as if a person as cool as me would ever spy on miss tiny tits bookworm) I tried to avoid looking there since I thought she wasn't at home at all when she didn't reply.

I slowly walked in the direction of Maka's room, getting nervous all of a sudden and hoping to find her in there. I approached the door, knocked quietly, but fiercefully and – didn't get any response whatsoever.

Just when I had decided to get into my room and just let it be I heard something, it was really quiet though. It sounded like the rustling of paper and against all of my surviving instincts I turned back, and opened the door.

There she was – Maka, my meister and best friend, eyes empty, no smile on her face, like she had just experienced the death of someone close to her.

"Maka, what's happened?"

It was almost as if she was in a coma, I got no response and she didn't even move or look at me.

I moved towards her bed on which she was sitting, fearing that she might actually be in some kind of vegetative state or something and found the cause not only of the noise but also for her current state.

It was a letter, looking very formally, black envelope and everything and written on it:

To: Maka Albarn

Crimson Street 13

Death City

The sender was - and at first I couldn't believe my eyes – the DWMA. What would they want from her, it was not as if she got into any kind of trouble, I mean she never got into trouble, not Maka, the warmhearted, selfless, clever and righteous Maka, no, not ever.

"Maka, what's that letter about?" I asked worried and a little curious since I really didn't know what kind of information of a letter from the DWMA could shock her like this.

She still didn't answer but at least turned her head towards me, looking at me with those scary empty eyes, making my soul feel as if it was torn apart by thousand little pieces of sharp iceblades.

Since she turned away again and didn't say anything I helped myself, took the envelope, very slowly though, so that she had the possibility to stop me if she didn't want me to read it, and opened it. As I started to read the letter I immediately felt sorry for asking her about it and could only think about how to comfort her, but not until I had read the letter completely.

In a very decent handwriting it said:

"Dear Ms. Maka Albarn,

we're very sorry to inform you about the death of your father, Mr. Spirit J. Albarn, who died in battle with a witch on 11th September in order to destroy one of the secret hideouts of the world-threatening with Medusa. Your father was a brave man who fought for the greater good and protected what he loved with all his heart until the bitter end.

The body will be transferred to the DWMA immediately were it is planned to hold a ceremony in honour to your father, who did his best to weaken the enemy.

The ceremony will be held on September 23rd at 7 pm.

Our condolences,

the DWMA-team of Massachussets

At first I didn't do anything, I didn't know what I could do to be proper. Then I remembered Maka telling me happily about her father's mission in Massachussets, where he couldn't annoy her and pretend to be a good father anymore.

I looked at Maka, still sitting on her bed like a statue, it looked as if she wasn't even breathing. Without even thinking I pulled her toward me, on my lap, and embraced her. She did nothing to stop me, just let it happen when suddenly I could hear a faint whisper.

"Soul...please,...promise me you won't leave, too...".

I thought of all her losses, the divorce of her parents, Chrona's betrayal and disappearance, now the death of her father and felt ashamed of myself for what I had said before I had left.

-Flashback -

" It was not my fault that we got beaten by BlackStar during training, our souls just weren't in synch and that was all your fault, 'cause you had to look after that big-breasted bimbo girl and not concentrate on the fight!" Maka screamed at me, being furious about us failing against BlackStar.

" Right, it had totally nothing to do with you getting out of control because you were furious at BlackStar telling you that he was stronger than you", I countered.

"So now you're telling me that I am weak?!"

"It certainly wasn't me who made our soul synch break during witch hunter", I replied casually.

" Don't talk as if this means nothing at all, take this seriously. Our soul synch broke, thanks to you we lost, do you know what could happen if that repeated during an actual fight?!"

Maka was starting to get angrier with each minute and I had to fear the loss of another cool brain cells of mine because of a soon upcoming Maka chop, so I just said:

" You know what, this is pointless, we can discuss this if you've calmed down a little" and made my way for the door, when suddenly Maka screamed at me:

"Of course now you're leaving again. You men are all the same, running away when there's trouble. You know what, just leave I don't care anymore, 'cause it's always like this. Maybe you'll find yourself a big-breasted stupid blonde who is actually able to put up with you!"

That one hurt, how could she think I'd ever leave to find myself a girlfriend, seriously typical Maka, so stupid to think like that when I actually...nevermind.

"Know what? Maybe I'm actually going to do that and then I'll be out of here and won't bother you again!", my mouth said before my brain could stop it.

The last thing I heard was the slamming of a door as I left for a ride through town to calm down myself...

-Flashback end-

I held her armlength from me and looked her right into the eyes, when turned her eyes down, avoiding my gaze.

"Maka, look at me...", I said.

She slowly moved her head so we were on eyes level once again.

"And now listen...I...", I started (god this was harder then I thought) and here we go again:

"Maka I'm sorry...for what I said and...for your loss. But it is important for me that you know that I'm not going to leave you...ever! Because...you're my meister and very important to me. And cool guys just don't leave their meister nor their best friend behind, no matter what!", I finished, grinning at her.

In return I got a weak smile, before Maka muttered a quiet "Thank you Soul", borrowed her head in my shirt again and started to cry, finally being able to release some of her grief.

As for me I stayed still, letting her cry, holding her until she fell asleep.

I layed her on her bed ( still fully clothed, but I guess she wouldn't mind since it would cause annoying questions if I asked Blaire to dress her and she would probably wake up anyway) and draped a blanket above her.

Then I quietly made my way to my own bedroom got a few things and settled next to Maka's bed in a sleeping bag, just in case she needed me...