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Maka's POV

I only noticed that I had closed my eyes through the driveto wherever Soul was driving us to when I opened them because of the sudden stop.

I didn't really know how to react or if I was supposed to react at all but I found myself a little surprised when my brain finally managed to work out that we were in the desert. The desert where Crona had run off to when he had betrayed Marie-sensei's trust.

I felt myself breathe in and out in a slow and relaxing way, trying not to go all hysterics on Soul...

Soul's POV

Shortly before I reached the desert I felt Maka's grip on me relaxing a little, making me worry about her falling asleep but when we stopped and I looked at her I was reassured that she was still wide awake.

Her eyes though still looked as if she was numb and had run out of emotion completely, in some way she was far away even though she was physically there, right beside me. I kept looking at her but she wouldn't notice me as if she was looking right through me, caught up in her thoughts, maybe?

She was still holding onto me with a light grip but other than that didn't even move an inch, still I knew she must have realized that we had come to a stop since she suddenly started looking around for a bit.


I consciously left out the question about her being alright since I knew that that was the most stupid thing someone could ask you when you had just lost someone important to you, even though you may not have always acted towards that person that way.

When she didn't show any sign of having heard me I tried again, though a little louder this time.


Still no reaction of any kind which led me to believe that she was in a state of shock again, trying to process just what was going on, I knew it was a really bad thing to let her go to school, I should have just looked our appartment and thrown away the key.

While I knew that waiting for any reaction from Maka would be pointless at this time I slowly and very carefully disentangled her arms from my body, carried her away from the bike and sat her down on the warm sand, sitting myself next to her and making her lean against me for I feared she would simply tip over with her currently physical behaviour being similar to the one of a doll.

"It's empty, empty and lonely,why are we here Soul, it's not peaceful at all..."

The sudden sound of her voice caught me of guard, her voice dying down with a little more with every word, so it took me a few seconds to process her uestion and form a harsh but honest answer:

"For you to accept your loss and to understand that it doesn't mean your alone even though someone left you. You will eventually have to come to terms with the the fact that your father is dead but you won't have to work it all out by yourself so just let me help you and stop trying to be so damn stubborn!"

Maka's POV


It was empty and wide and you could see nothing but sand, it made me feel even more lost than I already thought I was. Why had Soul brought me here, was he trying to mock me ? No, that wasn't like him at all...His answer was confusing me as well, how was I being stubborn?!

Suddenly a realization hit me full force...I was being stubborn, I was trying to get over this all by myself, even though Soul was sitting here, right beside me, waiting or me to let him in, to finally admit to myself that the death of my father wasn't the end of the world, that even if I had just lost the only parent that was constantly in my reach had vanished it still didn't mean I'm alone.

I had a home.I had friends, I had Soul. I was anything but alone.

And then I started to cry my eyes out while mumbling about all the regrets I had due to treating my father the way I did. I didn't know if Soul understood anything my lips were able to translate out of my emotionally overriden mind, but I was certain he was willing to listen when his arms wrapped around me, offering a comforting embrace as if to tell me to get it all out, tell him everything I needed to, to finally accept the start of the healing process.

A few minutes later when I had calmed myself down a little I starting talking about all the regrets, letting my pain flow freely into words while tears still made their way out of my eyes wetting the dried up desert ground.

Soul's POV

When Maka was finally showing some sign of still being alive I was kind of relieved. Sure, I hated to see her cry since she was very important to me but at least now I knew that she would be okay since she had finally accepted my help and the fact that there would be happier days to come if she tried to come to terms with her grief.

I felt the urge to embrace her when she started crying so I did, to comfort her as much as I could, waiting for her to form coherent words since I failed in trying to understand her mumbled words through her tears. When she finally had calmed down a little she managed to gather the strength she needed and started talking and I knew I was willing to listen to her as long as she needed it.

"You know I regret pushing him away, I was his daughter after all. I should have somehow tried to get along with him, I should have been there for him, talked to him, listened to him more. I should have trusted,but most of all I should have treated him like a father."

"I should have been a good daughter."

"God, I should have done so many things which I didn't do. I'm a completely failure as daughter, I never even tried to understand him and now...now he's gone and I can't. I just can't forgive myself for being such a horrible daughter-"

Her constant berating herself was interrupted when I took her once again into my arms, not being able to stand her talking herself down in such a harsh way ad trying to stop from dying out of the sheer lack of oxygen since she didn't find the time to let her words be delayed by a simple breath.

"Soul, what if I'm always going to push the ones who love me away, what if at some point in my life I'll be completely and utterly alone?"

Her words shocked me so hard that I felt the need to act, to do something, anything, to show her that she would never be alone, that there would always be someone by her side, someone who wouldn't go no matter how much she may tried to push him away. Me.

So I used my arms to hold hers move us further apart from each other and look deep into her eyes, crimson meeting olive green.

"You're never going to be alone", was all I finally answered before leaning towards her and connecting her lips with mine.

Maka's POV

When we finally tore apart I couldn't look Soul in the eyes so I turned away and tried to hide the blush which had been starting to form. He had just kissed me. Wow. Soul had just kissed me. And the kiss had been so overwhelming that I even forgot to grief for moment. When I finally managed to to speak again all that came out was a simple "Thank you Soul" but it seemed to be enough for him since he presented me with one of his famous, but also rare, smiles.

After that we stayed silent for a moment, gazing at the empty width of the desert, just letting time pass by while Soul held me in his arms making me relax and lean into him.

After finally coming to the important, long needed realization,the talk with Soul which was possibly the most one-sided conversation I had ever had with him and the kiss, I started to change my view on the desert...it may still seemed lost, empty but also calm and in some way it truly made me feel more at peace with me and the current situation I would overcome with Soul by my side.

Slowly I gathered the little strength, I had still left in me despite all the emotional turmoil of the day, stood up from the sand who was starting to feel cold with the passing hours leading to a rather cold evening and looked at Soul whose eyes had moved to meet mine in what I could only assume was a mildly worried version of expectation.

"Let's go home, Soul"