The Haunting Secret

"No" Haruhi screamed into the dark, empty house waking from another nightmare and gasping for breath. Looking around she hugged herself frighted by the memories of 7 years ago.

'Knock, Knock, Knock' "Delivery for Ms Fuijoka, from a Mr S" the mailman called out.

"No, it can't be him" she whimpered .She got out of bed and walked to the door treading lightly, her footsteps soft as a feather she opened the door and looked down at her doorstep to see a letter there with her name on it. She walked back inside to get ready for school as school started in 30 minutes. With that she closed the door and locked it going to face a new day.

30 minutes later, once she arrived at school, she walked quickly to get to her classroom to avoid the twins and Tamaki. As she was walking she hadn't been watching where she was going and bumped into someone. Without her noticing the letter fell out of her pocket.

"Oh, sorry Kyoya I've got to get to class now or I'm going to be late" shouted running off.

"Hmm, looks like Haruhi dropped something "Kyoya said curiously. "A letter, I'll give it back to Haruhi when the host club is on later." He said before walking off to his classroom.

Kyoya sighed as the teacher made yet on mistake on the board before turning to look out the window so he wouldn't have to keep watching the teacher make mistake after mistake. He could feel it burning in his pocket the letter that Haruhi dropped this morning and he could feel his curiosity peaking again at wanting to know the contents of the letter that Haruhi dropped. Finally the bell for the final lesson rang and he started packing up his schoolbooks, his mind made up about what to do with the letter. He would read it that's what he would do with it as it seemed to be affecting Haruhi's job in the host club as a host.

Once he reached the quiet club room he looked around checking that no one was there before going to sit down on one of the sofa's to read the letter. He opened the letter and what he was looking at shocked him into silence.

'Dear Haruhi,

I know about your parents dying on this day 7 years ago, I hope you remember me stabbing them to death while they screamed at you to run and save yourself. To never look back and that they always loved you but guess what no one will ever love a coward like you. You're a coward because instead of trying to save them you ran away like the scared little mouse you are. I hope you start running little mouse because I'm in the mood for a hunt and you're the perfect prey for me. Once you read this letter you'll know that I'm on my way to come get the little mouse so I can finish of the job. So run little mouse, run for your pathetic life.

From Mr S'

'Whoa Haruhi has been living with that secret 7 years and hasn't told anyone about it' he was shocked and stunned, he could never imagine that Haruhi of all people could be living with a secret like that'

The doors opened revealing Haruhi in her male uniform, "Kyoya?" she called out

"Haruhi who is Mr S?" he asked curiously

"You read the letter didn't you" she sighed sounding tired closing the door behind her. "Well now I guess you know the truth of my past and how I saw it happen, Kyoya" she said tears running down her face. "Right in front of my eyes Kyoya , my parents were murdered right in front of me when I was 9" she said looking up with haunted eyes as if reliving that horrific memory tears still dripping down her face.