"Draco Malfoy and Hermione Granger," mused Albus Dumbledore. "What do you think, Severus?"

Severus Snape was quiet for a minute, before he began to talk.

"Its different, Headmaster.

She's changed him. A muggleborn has gotten to a pure blood. Not that her blood status makes a difference" he added, as he received a disdainful stare from the older man.

"She really is something. I've seen him look at her. He looks at her as if she's his world. As if her smile lights up his insides. As if her hair softens his brain, making it go woozy. As if her laugh sends tingles of joy down his spine. As if...

As if she's perfect.

Maybe she is perfect for him. Maybe she's all he needs. Maybe he feels something he's never felt before - love - and it scares him.

It scares him that she holds so much power over him. It scares him that one 'no', one refusal can shut his whole world down. It scares him that she might not feel the same way for him. But then it scares him that he may be wrong about that.

It scares Draco that Hermione Granger, a muggleborn, who he has been brought up to hate, he now loves and he loves her so much that maybe its too much.

He feels differently for her, Headmaster. She's his north, his south his east, his west.

Even when she performs the most mundane activities, she looks beautiful. Thats how he looks at her.

His life depends on hers. He thinks she walks on water. I wouldn't be surprised if she does.

He teaches her to be angry for the right things, sad for the right things and happy for the wrong ones.

Because her smile, her laughter, just her happiness, means so much to him.

His soul is entwined to hers. His heart is pieced to hers. His brain is joined to hers. His body is glued to hers.

She holds so much power over him. So much authority.

The way she walks. The way she talks. You can tell that it sends shivers down his spine.

You can tell that she's changed him.

But you can tell that he's changed her too.

Gone are the days where she walked self-consciously, afraid of the 'mudblood' comments hurled at her by various people.

He's her shadow even in the darkest of days.

She provides her with support and love and care and kindness and he in turn gives her his love. Gives her his heart.

One day, Draco Malfoy will know of heart break.

But this relationship will take a turn for the best.

A turn that any other relationship of this calibre will not have seen.

To him, she's everything. And to her, he's perfect. Despite his flaws, depsite his past, she loves him. And she'll love him forever."

"Severus," said the Headmaster quietly. "This wasn't just about Mr. Malfoy and Ms. Granger, was it?"

"Expecto Patronum," muttered the Potions master. A silver doe erupted from the tip of his wand, dancing around the room before fading. A tear fell from the his eye, slowly making its way down his cheek. Severus Snape made no attempt to wipe at it.

"After all this time?," asked Dumbledore, gently, amazed at the dilligence of the man sitting opposite to him.

Severus opened his mouth and out slipped one word. One word that changed many things.