The four boys were in a house that Face had managed to scam, it wasn't much but it would have to do. They were working on a new mission, each member had a different section to work on; Hannibal was plotting the escape route out of the drug Lord's mansion they were having to break in to, Face was getting up blue prints of said mansion to know the layout of the land as it were, BA was calculating the amount of ammunition they were needing and the types of guns they would – might – have to use, whilst Murdock was trying to find a decent place to land and take off, having managed to get hold of a chopper, the only problem being that the mansion was surrounded by thick forest, it was going to be a little difficult trying to find a decent spot so the rotary blades wouldn't smash into branches. All in all they were very busy; each in a different room so they could get peace and quiet working on their own little part of the mission.

Murdock broke the silence by going into the living room to where Hannibal had a map of the house and the surrounding area.

"Hey bossman, can I use your laptop? I need to see if Google maps might have a better view of the forest than the map I'm usin'."

Hannibal, not really listening to what he was saying, replied with "Mmhmm."

"Thanks," Murdock scooped the laptop into the crook of his arm and wondered off. "I'll bring it back in one piece, I promise."

Only then did Hannibal realise that someone came in and out of the room and that his laptop was missing. He had been so busy studying the layout that he wasn't really paying any attention. That laptop was his and he never let anyone else use it, he felt a small film of sweat breach his forehead. Trying to play it cool, he strode over to the office that Face was working in.

"You alright kid?"

"Yup, looking at these blueprints, the house is pretty easy to navigate round, all in all it has 50 rooms but if the stolen money is in the first floor then we only have 25 rooms to work around, I am assuming his men will be dotted about but because the rooms are so big, we have enough room to do a surprise attack."

"Good, good kid, keep up the good work." Damn, the laptop isn't there, Hannibal thought to himself. He wondered into the basement where BA had a mass of weapons all lined up.

"Hey big guy, you alright?" Hannibal asked, scanning the basement.

"Yeah man, we got enough ammunition, although I'm thinking the grenades should only be used if we really have to."

"Alright well call up if you need a hand with anything else." Murdock, it must have been him that came in to get it.

Hannibal then did what could only be described as a fast walk that really would have been more worthwhile running. He went to the bedroom where Murdock had a topographic map spread out on the bed with red crosses on parts where he thought it would be suitable to land a chopper and take off, all of which seemed to be pretty far away from the mansion. When Hannibal entered the room, Murdock had a small smirk on his face but hid it the second he faced Hannibal.

"Hey boss, you look a little flustered, you alright?"

"Have you used that laptop?"

"Nope, not yet."

"Erm, can I have it back?"


"It's, erm, it's not working, I just remembered. The screen has frozen and you know technology, haha."

"Of course." Hannibal didn't like that Murdock was clearly supressing a smile.

"You sure you haven't used it?"

"YES! Go do what you gotta do, I'm almost done anyway, I just thought the maps online would be a little better, but I guess we can work with what I already got."

"Okay." Hannibal grabbed the laptop that was inches away from Murdock's elbow on the desk. He nodded to Murdock and left.

"Oh my God," was all Murdock could whisper when Hannibal was out of ear shot, then breaking into hysterics. "Good Lord!" He didn't care if the others heard him laughing away to himself, they already thought he was crazy anyway.


The mission went beautifully well, as in no one died and the team got the stolen money with the drug Lord and his men tied to various objects around the house with an anonymous call to the police from the house.

The four of them were sitting in the chopper, heading back. BA and Face, sitting in the back, were going over the mission with so much excitement, Face practically wetting himself about how BA body slammed one of the henchmen to the ground. They had found out that talking about the mission afterwards got BA's mind off of the fact that they were in the air and flying, Face just had to keep on talking, which of course was easy for him. Hannibal and Murdock were sitting up front.

"Good mission bossman, everythin' worked out as it was planned."

"Well like I always say, I love it when a plan comes together," both the men sniggered and Murdock thought now was as good as any.

"Phew, it's hot in here, the chopper that is. I can feel the sweat drippin' down my taut torso."

Hannibal cocked an eyebrow at him. "What?"

"You know if it were just us in this chopper, who knows where my wonderin' hands would go." Murdock said seductively and breathlessly. "I would have to strip my shirt off as well." A wide grin spread across Murdock's face, clearly mocking Hannibal.

"YOU … you did go on my laptop!" Hannibal almost shouted but steadied himself so BA and Face didn't hear.

"Fanfiction Hannibal? Really? I couldn't stop laughin' when I looked on your internet history. Woah boy were some of those stories a little X-rated. I had no idea wanted criminals got their own fanfiction stories; I thought that was reserved for Twilight and all that crap, but my goodness."

"You can't say anything to the others!"

"Oh come on, I won't. I read all the ones you favourited. I have to say, the foursomes and the threesomes are never going to happen. Face likes girls way too much and BA, well, let's not even go down that road." Murdock smirked.

Hannibal swallowed, "what about you?"

"Me? Pfft, whatever baby, I don't care. I like sleepin' with people's personalities not their gender."


"Yup, ain't never been a problem for me. You?"

"I just liked the stories …. Especially the ones about you and me."

"Is that so my dear friend, is that so?" Murdock patted Hannibal on the leg and lingered a while longer than he should have with an even bigger grin spread from ear to ear.