The Good Neighbor

Chapter 39

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Previously on NCIS

Well it seems you might need my services as a Chaplain."

Gibbs looked at him and then the team. He turned to Sarah. "Seems this bunch has a surprise for both of us. This is more than just an engagement party. They found the marriage license and this is our wedding." He walked over and took her hands. "What do you think? Place looks festive enough with the flowers and decorations. We have a chaplain. You look like a beautiful bride."

Sarah looked at him. "Our wedding?" She said apprehensively.

"Only if you want to." Gibbs replied.

"Well?" Sarah walked over to Gibbs. And kissed him. "I will be right back. Abby, Ziva could I see you two in my room for a minute?" She then looked over at Tony. "Is Ducky coming to the party?"

"I can call him."

"Please, I have a favor to ask him." Sarah turned and started up the stairs.

Sarah and her two friends entered the guest bedroom and closed the door. Tony is on the phone calling Ducky. Tim McGee turns to his boss. "So are we having a wedding or not?"

"it is still up to Sarah." Gibbs replied dryly.


Sarah walked into the guest room followed by Ziva and Abby. "Did we upset you Sarah." Sarah nodded no with tears in her eyes.

"I have never been treated so special has you have tonight." Sarah told them. Sarah walked over to the closet and opened it. Inside the closet was a zippered garment bag. She pulled the bag out and laid it on the bed. She smiled at a confused Abby and Ziva and unzipped it. She pulled out a beautiful tea-length off white dress with an A-line bodice. Sarah once again smiled at her friends. "I bought this just after we got back from Stillwater. It was just hanging in a store window of the mall. I fell in love with it immediately."

"Well I think it is beautiful and the pearls sewn into the lace of the bodice is so delicate" Abby smiled. "I can't wait to see it on you. I hope you got shoes and something for your hair."

Sarah nodded. "I hope this means we are going to have a wedding tonight." Ziva added.

"Of course Ziva. Most of my family is here and those that are not chose that with their selfishness." Sarah walked over to the desk by the window and started scribbling a note on her pink stationary. "I assume you called them Abby and they turned you down."

"Yes, and they did." Abby came up behind Sarah and wrapped her in a hug. "I'm sorry Sarah. Maybe they will come around."

Sarah was still writing her note. "It is their decision Abby. I have given them my life and they choose to continually make demands on my life. Either they accept my choices or they don't. I can't say I don't care because I do but it is time I put myself first." She finished her note with SWAK. She then folded it and put it in an envelope. She patted Abby's arms. "I will be fine Abby. Ziva, can you take this down to Jethro? Then I will need both of you to help me get dressed. After all I have a wedding to attend and I am the bride."

Ziva smiled and accepted the note and walked toward the door. Abby was bouncing excitedly. She hugged Sarah and quickly removed her cell from her pocket. "Let me text Tony and we will get started." Sarah took the dress and walked toward the bathroom. Abby began typing into her phone.


Ziva walked out the door and proceeded down the stairs. She saw Tony looking at his phone. He looked up and smiled at the lovely Israeli as she came down the stairs. "Abby?" She smiled back at him.

"Looks like the wedding in a go and I have somethings to do." Tony replied.

"So do I. Do you know where Gibbs is?"

"He's in the basement. I think he is trying to remember how to breath." Tony joked.

"Gibbs is nervous." Ziva stated.

"Surprising isn't it. Our boss is a nervous groom. I mean he has done this four times."

"Well I am sure this note from Sarah will relax him." Ziva walked over and knocked on the basement door. "Gibbs, it is Ziva. May I come down to talk to you?"

It took a few minutes but she finally heard Gibbs tell her to come down. She descended the stairs noticing that Gibbs was sitting at the workbench is his tuxedo holding a small jar half full of bourbon. "What's up Ziva? Where's Sarah?"

"She is upstairs. She is fine."

"Good." Ziva examined her boss' eyes there were tears in them. He took another gulp of the bourbon. "Thanks Ziva."

"Gibbs what is wrong?
"Afraid." Ziva stared at him. "Afraid that I forcing her to give up on the wedding that she wants. I want to marry her tonight but if she wants something different I wouldn't want to take away any experience she had dreams of having."

"Relax Gibbs. I am sure this will ease your mind." She handed him the note. "Now I am needed upstairs." Ziva leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "Read the note. I have not read it but knowing Sarah it will help." She smiled at him.

Ziva walked back up the stairs smiling to herself. Gibbs immediately opened the pink envelope. He knew the handwriting was Sarah's. He removed the note and read it hungrily. It read "First put down that bourbon. I don't want a drunken groom at my wedding."

"Yes dear." He smiled as he put the jar on the workbench and put the bottle of bourbon back in its spot on the shelf.

Gibbs then went back to reading the note. "Now I also know what you are thinking. That you are depriving me of the kind of wedding I dreamed of. The kind of wedding you think I want. I don't need a fancy smancy wedding. All I need is you."

"What about the girls?" he whispered.

Gibbs looked at the note. Sarah continued "Not saying I would love the babies to be flower girls but I want this tonight. We can get married again if the girls get their heads on straight. I am not putting my life on hold for them. I want to be your wife tonight. I love you with all my heart. Give Ducky time to get here and me about twenty minutes to get ready. Then I will meet you in the living room by the picture window. Sarah"

Gibbs smiled and wiped away a tear that had unknowingly fell down his face. He looked at Sarah's picture that was sitting on top of his workbench. He thought back to the day she gave it to him. She had insisted that he put it there since he was there so often she did not want him to forget her. He chuckled to himself. Sitting next to Sarah's picture was a picture of Shannon and Kelly just before Gibbs left for Kuwait. Sarah had insisted on that too. "Shan, thanks for telling me to go for a relationship with Sarah. She has made my life better. I still miss you guys but I am happy again. I am ready to become a husband again not like before. She is my love not a replacement for you. I will always love you." He kissed his finger and placed it against Shannon's lovely smile. Then he straightened his tie and started toward the stairs. He stopped by the small mirror hanging near the foot of the stairs and ran a hand through his hair. Then he turned and climbed the stairs taking two at a time.


Sarah was not the least bit nervous as she got dressed in her wedding dress. For the first time in her life she knew she was totally making the right decision. She was going to be Mrs. Jethro Gibbs and she was excited about it. Even the thought of the wedding night was not causing her concern. Jethro was not Myron. Their life would be different she was confident of that. "Sarah, Ducky's here." Abby replied knocking on the bathroom door. "Should I let him?"

Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. The dress looked so beautiful. Abby had helped her touch up her hair and makeup. She had taken several of the roses Gibbs had given her that morning in her hair and they had made a bouquet with the rest along with some ribbons Sarah had in her craft drawer. She was wearing her grandmother's pearl necklace and earrings. They matched the pearls on bodice. She smiled at her reflection and answered Abby. "I am ready Abby. You can let him in."

Sarah walked out into the bedroom just as Abby opened the door allowing Ducky to enter. Ducky smiled when he saw her. She was beautiful and her countenance was glowing. "You look absolutely lovely my dear. I understand we are here to attend a wedding not just an engagement party." Sarah nodded the smile on her face seemed to grow bigger if that was possible. "You have a favor to ask of me."

"I do Ducky. Since my father and grandfather are gone would you do me the honor of walking me to meet Jethro?" Sarah asked with so much joy Ducky could not help but reach out and hug her.

"You do me the honor, sweetheart. I would love to. I hope you don't mind I am not in the proper attire. Anthony did not tell me we were attending your wedding."

"You could be in your gardening clothes Ducky. It is you I am asking not your clothes. I bought this dress months ago." Ducky smiled and hugged her again.

"So Abby, are they ready downstairs?"

"Tony just texted me. Gibbs is pacing and all my plans are in place so anytime you want."

"Put this on the player Abby. We will head down in a minute." Sarah was in complete command now. Abby smiled and she and Ziva left the room.

Sarah walked up to the door and listened. She heard "Keeper of the Stars" sung by Tracy Byrd start playing downstairs. "We can go now Ducky." She opened the door and stepped into the hall. Ducky quickly joined her and offered his arm.

Keeper of the Star

Sung by Tracy Byrd

t was no accident me finding you
Someone had a hand in it
Long before we ever knew
Now I just can't believe you're in my life
Heaven's smilin' down on me
As I look at you tonight

I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars
He sure knew what he was doin'
When he joined these two hearts
I hold everything
When I hold you in my arms
I've got all I'll ever need
Thanks to the keeper of the stars

Soft moonlight on your face oh how you shine
It takes my breath away
Just to look into your eyes
I know I don't deserve a treasure like you
There really are no words
To show my gratitude

So I tip my hat to the keeper of the stars
He sure knew what he was doin'
When he joined these two hearts
I hold everything
When I hold you in my arms
I've got all I'll ever need
Thanks to the keeper of the stars

It was no accident me finding you
Someone had a hand in it
Long before we ever knew

The two started walking slowly toward the stairs. Sarah stopped Ducky as they reached the top of the stairs. Her eyes met Jethro's. He was standing near the large front windows. The windows were covered in blinking colored Christmas lights and the couch was pushed against the wall. They had laid down a red slender carpet leading from the staircase to the front where Jethro now stood. She smiled at him but he seemed to be mesmerized just looking at her.

Sarah gently patted Ducky's arm and they carefully went down the stairs. Once again Sarah stopped as the chorus of the song began. She once again caught Gibbs eyes. She saw the tears in them. He nodded at her as if he was acknowledging the words of the song. He mouthed "I love you."

She signed it back to him and he smiled. After the chorus, she once again patted Ducky's arm and they proceeded toward Gibbs and the Colonel. As if she was timing it she got to Gibbs just as the song ended. Gibbs reached out and took her hand. He pulled it up to his lips and kissed it and then smiled at her. Tony poked Ziva in the ribs and whispered. "Never seen Gibbs smile like that."

"Hush." Ziva cautioned.

Gibbs nodded at Ducky. "Thanks Duck. I have this now." Ducky smiled at both of them. He kissed Sarah fatherly on her cheek. "Good luck to both of you," he whispered. He stepped back and stood with the rest of the team. They had formed a half circle behind them.

Col. Ellis began. "We are come here today to join these best friends, Leroy Jethro Gibbs and Sarah Elizabeth Layton. As we know these two have been close for over twenty years. Both have been through many trials together before they admitted to their love. Now we are here to join them in marriage. Do you Jethro Gibbs take Sarah to be your wedded wife to honor her and love her all the days of your life?"

Gibbs looked deeply into Sarah's eyes. "I most definitely do."

"Sarah Do you take Jethro to be your wedded husband to honor him and love him all the days of your life?"

"Without a doubt I do." Sarah replied. "Without any reservations." Gibbs smiled back and chuckled.

"Do either of you have anything to say?" Ellis asked.

Gibbs cleared his throat nervously. Ellis nodded in his direction. "Sarah I want to promise you something in front of this group. They will hold me accountable. I want to make the rest of your life the kind of life you deserve. I want to make you feel like a princess and I will never make you feel unloved."

That did it tear that had been just below the service in Sarah's eyes started falling and would not stop. Gibbs reached out and wrapped his arms around her pulling her into his chest as he kissed her neck.

It took a few minutes but Sarah pulled away from him. "I know you will make me happier than I have ever been because you have already done that. I will do all I can to live up to the love we share."

"You do already" Gibbs whispered.

"Do you have rings?" Ellis asked. Sarah had not thought of rings. She looked at Gibbs who turned to Tony and held out his hand. Tony reached into his pocket and handed Gibbs to gold bands. Sarah noticed that they matched her engagement ring.

"You are my boy scout." Sarah whispered smiling at him.

Ellis took the rings and said a little prayer over them. "These rings symbolize that love is never ending. It lasts forever." He handed the woman's ring to Gibbs. "Repeat after me. I give you this ring in token and pledge of our constant faith and abiding love."

Gibbs as always said it his way. "I give you this ring as a symbol of my everlasting love." Sarah smiled as he slipped the ring on her finger.

"What no ring pop? I am disappointed." She whispered. Gibbs laughed and the witnesses stood by staring in confusion.

Ellis handed Sarah Gibbs' ring. "Try to repeat after me. I give you this ring in token and pledge of our constant faith and our abiding love."

Sarah took Gibbs hand and kissed the ring and placed the ring gently on his finger. "I give you this ring in pledge of our everlasting love."

"Now by the power invested in me by the District of Columbia, the state of Virginia, and the United State Marine Corp I now pronounce you husband and wife." Before Ellis had finished Gibbs had wrapped Sarah in his arms and kissed her. "You may now kiss your bride, ….. again."

The whole team applauded when the couple parted. "Ladies and Gentlemen may I present for the first time anywhere. Mr. and Mrs. Jethro Gibbs." Again, the team applauded. Abby walked up and enveloped both in a huge hug.

"Congratulations." She squealed. Hugs and handshakes were exchanged. Abby then looked at Tim and Tony. The two men left the room and went into the kitchen and returned carrying the wedding cake. It was a two-layer cake with pink icing and pink flowers across the top with the word forever written on the top.

Sarah and Gibbs walked up hand in hand up to the table where Tony and Tim had set the cake. "Pretty sure of yourself, Abbs" Gibbs replied pulling Sarah into a hug.

"Hedged my bets. Either way we needed a cake." Abby smiled "Now before we cut the cake we have a few presents for you two."

"Abby that is not necessary" Sarah jumped in. "The wedding was enough."

"No way, we have several surprises for you two." Tony interrupted. "First we have you two nights at the Adams house all expenses paid."

"Hold on DiNozzo, that's too expensive. I won't allow it." Gibbs demanded.

"Relax Boss. Did not cost a cent? I have a frat buddy that was coming into town but his daughter had to have emergency surgery so he and his wife can't make it. I persuaded him to give the reservations to me and he had already paid for Saturday and Sunday. He is paying for the whole thing including room service. He owed me a big one. I assured him you were not like my father. "Gibbs chuckled. Sarah turned and looked at him. "You have to meet Tony's father," He signed.

"Now for the rest" Abby added. The rest of the gifts were less spectacular than the honeymoon at the Adams house but all were well thought out and showed their love.

Then Abby handed Sarah the knife to cut the cake. She cut a piece and placed it on a plate. She handed the knife to Gibbs who looked at her. "You don't want to do the cake eating thing." Sarah nodded. He grimaced and cut the cake. "Come on Sarah, please."

"He must really does not want to do it Sarah. The boss said please." Tony joked.

"Ok, we have been married less than thirty minutes and you are reneging on your promise, Jethro." Sarah pleated smiling ear to ear and batting her eyes. Gibbs picked up his piece grumbling half-heartedly. Sarah picked up hers and turned to him she started it toward his face and then quickly took a bite of her cake. "Never intended to splatter your face with such good cake." She giggled.

"Oh really Mrs. Gibbs, you think that was funny." Gibbs replied pretending to be angry. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled toward him. He took a bite of his cake and then kissed her. After breaking the kiss, he speared the rest of his piece over her face. Within minutes parts of the cake were being tossed at each other. Then the whole team was involved. Finally, when the fun stopped there was cake in everybody's hair and there was barely enough of the cake for everyone to have a piece.

After the cake festivities Abby told Gibbs and Sarah to go upstairs and get ready to leave and that the team would clean everything up.


About thirty minutes later the wedding was cleaned up. Sarah and Gibbs were packed and came downstairs. Abby met them at the bottom of the stairs with hugs. "I hope you two have a great weekend." Just then Gibbs phone rang.

Since it was after midnight Sarah's stomach jumped. "Please tell me you don't have to go out not tonight."

"Well it is Vance." Gibbs lamented. "Hello Leon"

"So did you two go through with it Gibbs."

"What Leon."

"Did you get married?" Leon questioned.


"Congratulations. Now I don't expect to see you or Sarah at NCIS until next Monday. Have a wonderful honeymoon." Leon replied.

Gibbs turned to Sarah and smiled. "Thanks Leon. We will" Gibbs said surprised. He then turned to his team. "How did Leon know we were getting married?"

Ducky smiled and patted Gibbs on the back. "Seems a little duck told him."

"Thanks Duck." Sarah looked at her husband. "We have a week off. Guess after the Adams House we can take another little trip if you want to." Gibbs told her.

Sarah smiled and hugged him. "I was worried you were going to get a case tonight and have to leave me."

"Wouldn't have happened. I would have refused it. Leaving you alone was what Myron did. Sure, I am going to have to handle cases and it might happen when it is a special night or we have plans but not tonight." Gibbs muttered kissing her once again. "You ready." Sarah smiled and nodded. "Thanks everyone." He looked at Abby and Tony. "No rice. That takes years to clean up."

"Oh we did not plan rice" Tony and Abby replied. "Honest Gibbs." Gibbs glared at them both. He took Sarah's hand and walked toward the door. Tony and Tim had taken their bags to the truck earlier during Vance's phone call. The couple started out to the truck and the team followed them. Just as they stepped outside they started throwing confetti at the couple. Gibbs glared back at them. "Not rice Boss. I swear." Tony laughed. Gibbs just held up his hands and in an I, surrender position. He then proceeded to escort Sarah to the truck.

After helping her into the truck, Gibbs got into the driver's side and reached for her hand as she scooted across the seat and cuddled in next to him. "Well Mrs. Gibbs how do you feel now?"

Sarah leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Happy, very, very happy." She said.

"That is good to here." He patted her leg and backed out of the driveway. "Hope you say that every day for the rest of your life."

"I plan to." Sarah giggled as she reached up and found another piece of cake in her hair. "We are in for a wonderful ride, Mr. Gibbs."

"I hope so sweetheart." They drove in silence to the Adams house both thinking about what was to come and both were smiling.