The Good Neighbor

Chapter 40

Previously on NCIS

After helping her into the truck, Gibbs got into the driver's side and reached for her hand as she scooted across the seat and cuddled in next to him. "Well Mrs. Gibbs how do you feel now?"

Sarah leaned up and kissed his cheek. "Happy, very, very happy." She said.

"That is good to here." He patted her leg and backed out of the driveway. "Hope you say that every day for the rest of your life."

"I plan to." Sarah giggled as she reached up and found another piece of cake in her hair. "We are in for a wonderful ride, Mr. Gibbs."

"I hope so sweetheart." They drove in silence to the Adams house both thinking about what was to come and both were smiling.


The closer they got to the Adams house Gibbs noticed that Sarah had let go of his hand and was inching across the seat toward the door. By the time, he pulled into the parking lot of the hotel she was almost plush against the door staring out the window. He pulled the truck into a parking space and turned off the engine. Sarah was nervously staring out the window. She was avoiding looking him in the eyes. "Sarah, sweetheart, what's the matter?" Gibbs started to scoot closer to her. The closer he got the more she tried to squeeze herself against the door. "Damn," Gibbs thought. "Tonight, was going to be harder than I thought." "Sarah" Gibbs whispered, "Tonight is all about you." He reached over and took her hand in his. She started to pull away but he held it firmly in his hand. He picked it up and pulled it up to his lips, kissing the shiny golden rings on her finger. "This ring does not change a thing. It will not under any circumstances turn me into male nymphomaniac. So, can you try to relax? All I want is for you to be happy. You deserve it."

She managed to look at him. She saw a wetness in his eyes. "Don't cry darling. I am just a little nervous. I don't want to disappoint you." She managed to say. She continued to stare into his dashing blue eyes. The look of his eyes seemed to calm her. She began to breath slower and slower.

"Trust me you could never disappoint me. You can't disappoint somebody who truly loves you." He kissed her hand again. "This truck is getting cold. Let's go inside, Ok." Sarah pulled his hand up to her lips and kissed it and nodded yes.

Gibbs slid back to the driver's side and quickly got out of the truck. He walked around the truck, he opened the door and held out his hand. Sarah took it and stepped out. Gibbs reached into the back of the truck and got their luggage. "Ready," he smiled.

"Ready." She tried to smile. Gibbs immediately knew that he was in for a long night. He was nervous too. He wanted her to feel comfortable being alone with him. He wanted her to feel special and loved.

"Then let's go." Gibbs smiled.


Sarah and Gibbs walked through the lobby after checking in. The bellman tried to take their luggage from Gibbs. The glare he received was strong enough to send him to another zip code. "Didn't want you to take his luggage." Another bellman replied.
"Damn, he must be a marine," the first man mumbled. "That glare was tough."

Sarah and Gibbs got into the elevator. She still was not standing as close to him and she normally did. Gibbs smiled at her. She smiled back. "Why am I so nervous?" she whispered.

"I can understand it but you don't have to be nervous. We have been alone before and nothing you did not want to happen did."

"I know but?" She held up her ring. "Gibbs, this means you have the right to …"

Gibbs looked reluctantly for the emergency stop button on the elevator. He finally saw it under the emergency phone. The elevator immediately stopped causing Sarah to fall into his arms. She started to pull away but he held fast. "I told you in the truck. That ring is not a license for me to have my way with you. If that is how Myron made you feel I am sorry and I would love to get my hands on him."

"He did. His idea of marriage is all the sex he wanted. Morning, Noon, and Night anytime he wanted. I had no privacy. He walked in on me in the restroom. I had to lock the door if I wanted a private shower. Janice almost got hurt when she was two because he was holding me on the bed trying convince me to ignore her and have sex."

"Damn that is over as of now. First, we will not refer to it as sex again. If or when we do make love that is what it will be. Sharing our love nothing less. Got that." He lifted her chin and looked her squarely in her eyes. He then moved into kiss her.

"This is security. It seems that someone has pushed the stop button on this elevator. That is a violation or the hotel's strict standards. If you don't want to be asked to leave our establishment you will start this elevator in ten seconds," the speaker blared.

Gibbs gave her a sheepish grin, kissed her quickly and started the elevator. When the doors opened on their floor security greeted them. Gibbs pulled out his ID. "I am Agent Gibbs, NCIS. We apologize for hitting the stop button. I must have hit it with one of the bags. Won't happen again."

"Better not," the officer replied as he passed Gibbs and Sarah and walked into the elevator. The elevator door quickly shut leaving the couple alone in the hallway. Sarah looked at Gibbs and he looked at her. She shook her head at him cracking a small smile. "Don't say anything," he ordered. Sarah then grinned from ear to hear.

"You can't order me, Jethro Gibbs." And she started laughing. Gibbs saw the sparkle in her eyes and he lost it. He started laughing as well.

"Promise me, don't tell DiNozzo."

"So, I have something on the great Jethro Gibbs," she laughed.

"You wouldn't."

"Oh, yes I would." Both continued laughing all the way to the door to their hotel room. Gibbs sat the bags down, unlocked the door and quickly whisked Sarah up into his arms carrying her bridal style over the threshold of the door before she had a chance to protest.

She kissed him without thinking. "Maybe being married this time will be fun." She thought and they continued the kiss as he eased her down to the floor.

Finally, they had to part due to lack of oxygen. Gibbs smiled at her. Sarah smiled back. She was still teasing him about the elevator with her green eyes. He gave her a mock glare. He grabbed her hands and stared into her eyes. "I love you."

"I love you" Sarah smiled. "This is nice."

"Remember, we have been alone before in a hotel room and I did not force you into anything."

"I know." Gibbs turned around to retrieve the bags from outside the door. She looked around the room. The room was made up a huge living area with a sofa, big screen smart TV and a large sliding glass door opening onto a balcony looking over the city. There was a door leading to the bedroom she assumed and there was a small bar with a refrigerator. She was standing looking out the large window at the view looking at the sparkle of her ring in the light when Gibbs walked up behind her to take her coat.

Almost immediately upon his touch she stiffened and Gibbs knew her heart race was racing almost in a state of panic. "Relax, sweetheart it's just your coat. I am just trying to take off your coat. Nothing more." He eased her coat off or her arms and hung it over his arms. That was when he noticed her shirt. It was kaki colored and it said "Proud Marine Wife.". Gibbs could not help but smile. "Let me guess, Abby."

"Yep, it was laying on my bed when I went upstairs to change." Sarah smiled. "She must have been pretty secure in us having the wedding tonight."

"That's Abby. She is nothing if not positive."

Sarah then looked at him. "Why didn't you change before we left? Not that I am arguing. I love you in that tux but I know you aren't all that comfortable."

"Why don't I go change and then you will understand?" Gibbs chuckled. He grabbed his bag and headed into the bedroom to change. Sarah stood by the window thinking about Myron.

She remembered her first wedding night. Myron had insisted they have sex even though they were sharing a room with Myron's roommate in college and his girlfriend. They had to stay there because the room they had in married student housing would not be available until the next night. They had spent the evening at a youth basketball game and could only afford to eat at Taco Bell for their wedding supper.

After having sex when the roommate and his girlfriend had left the room Sarah went to the restroom in the dorm when a male student accosted her. She screamed and ran back to the room. Both the roommate and Myron did not seem to care and just laughed at her. Sarah wiped a tear out of her eye as Gibbs walked out of the bathroom. He was wearing a black shirt with white letters. It read "Under New Management. Just Married."

Sarah looked at the shirt and just started laughing. "See why I did not change. Abby would expect me to wear this." Gibbs nodded and smiled.

"Have you been crying?" Gibbs looked at her.

"I'm fine just remembering something." Sarah replied looking down at the floor.

"Want to talk?"

"No, I just made myself a promise." She smiled. "I am putting memories of him in a box. I refuse to let HIM interfere with our lives ever again."

"I am in favor of that." He leaned in and kissed her. "Now there is a huge tub in that bathroom. I have the water started so you can have a bubble bath." Sarah glared at him. "Alone, sweetheart. You need to relax and a bubble bath usually does the trick."


"Yes, and you can lock the door if it will make you feel more comfortable." Gibbs smiled.

Sarah looked into his eyes. She knew immediately that she was going to trust him. "That won't be necessary. I trust you with my life." She stood on her tip toes and kissed him. Then she walked toward the bathroom stopping to pick up her bag. She looked back at him and smiled. "I see some champagne. Bet it was sent by Tony." She nodded toward it. "So, I am sure I will like it. Why don't you pour me a glass?"

"Sounds good. But I won't walk in on you." Gibbs replied.

"Just open the door and set it on cabinet." Gibbs nodded. Sarah walked into the bathroom and closed the door.

Gibbs heard her music come on and he smiled to himself. He opened the champagne and poured the sparkling liquid into the tall crystal champagne flutes. He noticed the card and Sarah was right. It was from Tony and the whole team. He walked to the bathroom and knocked on the door. "It was from Tony and is pretty good."

"Told you."

"I'm opening the door now." He slowly opened the door and set the glass on the cabinet. He then stepped back outside. "Take as long as you want sweetheart. I need a snack. You want me to check and see if the kitchen is still open."

"You said calories don't count today right." Sarah giggled.

"I think I can promise they don't. We can eat healthy after our honeymoon. Let's make it rule calories won't count on our anniversary. Let's make it rule 100. I think that one is empty."

"That's sounds right. See if they have some chili cheese fries."

"Absolutely." Gibbs left the door and went to the phone.


Gibbs ordered a snack and Sarah spent about 30 minutes enjoying her bubble bath. Gibbs was laying on the bed reading when he heard the door knob turning on the bathroom door. He looked up at her over his glasses. He was spell bound by her beauty. She was wearing a silky light blue pajama set. The top hung down long and the pants were just the right length and were almost bell bottoms. She had "You look beautiful." Gibbs replied. "Those new."

"Not exactly, Rachel suggested I buy some sexy pajamas. She said it would make me feel more beautiful and sexy."

"Well it does that." He smiled Then he noticed she was limping as she walked toward him. "Sweetheart you're limping. Did you trip?"

"No Jethro" she told him as she sat down next to him on the bed. "High heels do that to me. I had it checked out. It is called Plantar fasciitis. He says I should wear flatter shoes but I love heels because when I dress up it makes my legs look longer... It is worth the pain by the looks I get from those baby blues."

"I don't care what your feet look like. I don't want you to be in pain." He moved closer toward her. "Now hand me those feet. Let me see if I can help you with that pain." Sarah put her feet in his lap and leaned back against the pillows he had been leaning against to read. He began to rub her feet gently in circles. Sarah laid back relaxing and enjoying her foot massage. Then there was knock at the door. "That must be your fries." Gibbs got up and walked across the room to answer the door.

Sarah laid back on the pillows and stared at the ceiling. She had never been so relaxed in her life.

When Gibbs came back he sat the fries on the bedside table and started rubbing her feet again. "Hold on. These feet are popsicles. Where are your socks?"

She leaned up on her arm and stared at him. "What? Those socks are so romantic." She joked.

"I don't care. I want you comfortable. Now, where are they?" He insisted. Sarah rolled her eyes at him. She pointed toward her bag that was still sitting by the bathroom door. He started to get up and head toward her bag. He then turned and tickled her feet. Sarah could not help but giggle. Within a few minutes, he was back and he carefully pulled the blue and grey fuzzy socks on her feet. "Now I see nothing wrong with these."

"Sure." She raised up and pulled him closer to her and kissed him firmly on the lips. "Now those fries smell amazing." Gibbs smiled. He leaned across the bed and picked up the fries. After taking one off the plate he grinned at her and he moved it closer to her lips only to pull it away from her quickly. "Hey,"

He put the end of the fry in his mouth. "Come and get it."

Sarah faked disappointment and leaned toward and bit the fry from the other end. Like teenagers they began to eat the fry moving closer and closer with each bite. Meeting in the middle their lips locked into a very passionate kiss. As they pulled away both Sarah and Gibbs started laughing. "That was fun." Sarah smiled as she reached for another fry this time teasing him before putting it in her mouth. Gibbs again bit the fry again kissing at the end.

This time they kissed longer than before. Sarah pulled away. Gibbs reached for her holding her close. "You ok?"

She smiled but then she yawned. "Sorry" she whispered.

"No problem" She leaned her head on his shoulder.

"That is why I love you. You never let things I do bother you."

"Why should I? I love you. Now I am not perfect and I am sure we will have our moments but in the end, we will make up and it will be amazing"

Sarah giggled. "I am sure of it." Gibbs lifted her chin and Sarah stared into his eyes. He once again leaned in and the couple began kissing again. Gibbs ran his hand down the side of her cheek and gently put his hand on her shoulder. He started messaging her shoulder noticing how tense she was.

"Hey you are all tensed up. Are you afraid of me?" Gibbs said quietly. Sarah shook her head no. Gibbs kissed her and then turned her over on her stomach. Gibbs felt her take in a breath. "Not going to hurt you. Too much stress in not good for you. If you keep them this tight you will really have horrible headache." He began to gently rub her shoulders. Sarah was still a little worried but she knew Gibbs would never take advantage of her or force her to do something she did not want to do. The more he messaged the more relaxed she became. She started breathing slower and slower.

Gibbs could feel her relaxing beneath his touch. Her breathing began to become more regular. He had a feeling she was falling asleep. He did not care. She seemed contented. She had also had a busy day and three glasses of champagne. She was not much of a drinker and that was enough to relax her to sleep. He leaned over and kissed her softly on the check. Her eyes were closed and she was smiling. Gibbs continued rubbing her shoulders and upper back gently until he was sure she was asleep.

He then sat up and reached for the rest of the fries that were on the table. He started eating them as he stared at her as she was sleeping peacefully. "Good night my love." The next thing he was asleep as well.


Sarah rolled over slowly. She noticed the sun shining through the window. There was the smell of coffee mixed with sausage in the room. Sarah suddenly sat up a look of horror on her face. "Did I fall asleep?" she gasped quietly to herself. "Oh, Jethro I am so sorry." She cried.

Gibbs walked up to her and sat down by her on the bed. He reached and started playing with her hair which was so soft but it was obviously not groomed but still just as beautiful. "Relax sweetheart. I am not the least bit upset. You were tired and you were not used to drinking champagne."

"But it was your wedding night and we didn't …." Sarah started to say but Gibbs touched his lips with his pointer finger shushing her.

"It was your wedding night too." He replied. "Were you disappointed?"

She smiled and stared into his blue eyes. "It was the most wonderful night of my life." Tears were forming in her eyes. "I never felt so loved."

"Then why are you so upset. I told you it was your night. I wanted you to feel loved like a queen." He leaned down and gently began kissing her. Sarah pulled away from his kisses. Gibbs looked at her "You ok" Sarah nodded and kissed him again.

"I had a dream. It was so real. For just a moment when I woke up I thought it had really happened." She told him pulling him closer. "I felt so happy, loved and just well special."

"Want to tell me about it."

"We were making love. Real love. Not the selfish sex that he did. It was so special. You made me feel totally loved." Gibbs smiled and kissed her again. "Would it really be that way? Would it be beautiful and special?" Sarah questioned.

Gibbs nodded and smiled. "Sweetheart, when you are truly in love like we are it is like fireworks and Christmas morning. You will feel amazing."

"I want that. I want amazing." She whispered laying her head on his shoulder. "Make love to me Jethro. Show me amazing."

Gibbs smiled and lightly kissed her forehead. "Your wish is my command." He scooted her over and laid down next to her in the bed. "If at any time, we do something you don't feel totally comfortable with speak up. That is what love is."

She looked into Gibbs eyes. She smiled. "I promise."


Sarah had never been so comfortable in her life. She was laying with her head on Gibbs chest. Their love making had been exquisite. Gibbs had been so loving and compassionate. Everything he had done was for her pleasure and enjoyment. He been nothing but concerned for her pleasure. She felt safe to even venture to try a few things for his pleasure at well. Not once was she ever scared or anxious. "So, this is what it is supposed to be like." She thought to herself. Then she took a deep breath and sighed.

"You ok?" Gibbs asked.

"Just perfect" she cooed. "That was amazing."

"No worries or concerns." Gibbs pulled her closer to him gently running her fingers through her soft very mussed hair.

"Not a thing except …. "

"What? Tell me" Gibbs said anxiously. "What was it?"

Sarah looked up at him and kissed him quickly on the cheek. Then she raised up from the bed grabbing her long pajama top. She quickly pulled it over her head and then stood up. "Relax darling, I was just hoping I could get someone to go pee for me." She replied with a straight sober face.

Gibbs looked at her confused. "Well I would do anything for you. But I don't think that is physically possible my love." He reached out and grabbed her arm pulling her gently back into the bed. He pinned her down holding her shoulders against the bed kissing her. "So, you have to go pee do you. You aren't running to the bathroom to cry your eyes out. To try to wash me off you."

Sarah looked into his telling blue eyes. She saw concern. "No darling, I was joking. I am not running away from you. I just needed to go to the restroom and I thought I would tease you a little. "

Gibbs still had a stern face but the sparkle in his eyes gave him away. "I know" He began kissing her. Between kisses he started laughing. Then he started tickling her. "So, do you really need to pee?"

Sarah started giggling. "Stop Jethro," she cried. "I wasn't joking about needing to pee. You want to make me pee right here if you keep it up."

Gibbs tickled her once more. "Guess you better hurry." Sarah got up in a hurry and looked back at him. Her face was glowing and her eye were sparkling like diamonds. He had never seen her so happy in all the years he had known her. "You look so beautiful. Your eyes are sparkling like 14 carat diamonds." She smiled a blew him a kiss as she walked toward the bathroom.

"What you could do was get me a plate of food. I am starving."

"I can do that. You did just work up an appetite,"

Sarah walked into the bathroom and closed the door but did not lock it. She looked into the mirror. She noticed her face. She did look different. Jethro had been right. She had never felt this way before. She was loved for who she was and not for her body. She quickly went to the toilet, washed her hands, and ran a brush through her hair. She then checked herself in the mirror. She never liked looking at herself in the mirror but today she was quite pleased with herself. She added a little lipstick and left the bathroom.

Gibbs was laying on the bed with a plate full of breakfast and there was a can of diet coke sitting on the bedside table. His eyes were sparkling just like hers. "You look even more beautiful than before."

"You don't look so bad yourself." Sarah replied. She sat next to him on the bed as they took turns feeding each other breakfast. Their breakfast was soon discarded and once again they were enjoying each other.


The next 24 hours consisted of the typical honeymoon pursuits. They were totally engrossed in each other. It was a start of a wonderful marriage for the both.

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