TLS Flashfic

Prompt – I can't remember anything without you

I watch you with him and I know I'm at my limit.

We've been friends for years, though I've always wanted more. I'd been happy to just have you in my life, even if it wasn't the way I wanted.

Not now. I can't do this any longer.

I watch as he wraps his arm around your shoulder and curls a strand of your hair in his fingers.

The hair I had my hands tangled in last night.

My eyes are drawn to your lips as you laugh at something he says.

The lips that—last night—were pink and swollen from our kisses.

He bends down to kiss you and I have to look away.

It kills me to see you with someone else—especially after the night we shared.

Your touch, your kisses… I thought they meant something more. I thought things would finally be different for us. I thought he'd be gone.

Instead, I see you wearing his engagement ring.

I snap—I know I have to do this now or I never will.

Walking toward you both, I ignore the way he glowers in my direction.

"Can I have a word with you?"

You look to him and then me. "Sure."

You get up and follow me to the bar. For the first time ever, there's tension between us and I hate it. I remain strong. If I have any chance at getting over you, I need to be away from you.

"I can't do this."

You look confused. "Do what?"

I gesture between us. "This. I can't pretend anymore. I can't watch you be with him and pretend it doesn't hurt."

Tears fill your eyes. "Please. Don't…"

"I have to."

"But…I can't remember anything without you."


I don't look back as I walk away.