Neville held up the test tube to his eye line, inspecting it's milky white interior. He could hardly believe that he'd finally done it. All those years of research, training from Professor Sprout and travelling around the world on his holidays, had resulted in this.

Neville loved teaching, he still got a thrill when someone asked 'Professor Longbottom' for help. Herbology in particular was perfect; one of the only subjects he had liked, as well as his best one. He hadn't admitted to anyone that he had an ulterior motive; he'd been scared to hope. It would be too crushing to believe that he could achieve this if he fell short.

Sitting in his chair, he took the time to reflect. His life was going to change. This was the one thing that he'd been dreaming about all his life. Hogwarts was the best possible place to achieve his goal- regular, long holidays meant he could traverse the globe looking for solutions, many of the cleverest witches and wizards in the world lived in the castle, or had portraits that he could talk to. Hermione had helped him, just like she used to. Strangely, Luna had helped as well- it seemed some of the crazy plants and animals she talked about were not only real, but useful to his work. In the back of his mind, Neville knew that he was putting it off. It was ridiculous- this is what he had wanted. This is what he dreamed about. It just didn't seem real.

Steeling his nerves, Neville span on one foot and disapparated.

"Hello, Alice dear. How are you feeling today? How's Frank?" Healer Meredith plumped up the pillows on the Longbottom's beds. They were her favourite patients, so kind and sweet. The fact that they'd been there as long as herself meant that they'd always have a special place in her heart, even if their circumstances were tragic. And their son Neville had visited them once a week ever since he'd left Hogwarts ten years ago, the poor boy. Recently, she noticed, he'd began to look... hopeful. It was strange.

Speak of the devil... Meredith frowned as she recognised Professor Longbottom's figure at the bottom of the ward. He wasn't meant to visit today- didn't he have classes during the week? Still, she smiled at him as he walked past with a nod towards her, and began to amble down the other end to give them some privacy.

Adjusting a patient's wonky duvet just out of earshot, she didn't hear Neville's quiet voice.

"Hey, Mum. I've found something that's going to make you better."

Hello! Thank you for reading this! I'd like to take credit for this story, but the characters and world belong to JK Rowling, and I actually got the idea from a submission on harrypotterconfessions tumblr com which I tried and failed to get the original source from.