New story! I'm not Veronica Roth. I don't think she is swamped with homework and is putting it off by writing stories on her amazing book. So yeah. I don't own Divergent.

I don't know where I am. The last thing I remember was being at school, but now I'm in a cell? This can't be right. I need to get home to my parents. There's a knock on the door, okay I need to figure something out, like maybe who kidnapped me? Okay the boy here he's wearing all blue, that means, oh god. I'm in Erudite. That means. That means I must be meeting with Jeanine. My parents told me about her, how she tortured Divergent, but the factions came to an agreement that they wouldn't anymore, that they would come around so often and make sure she didn't. But here I am. Born to two Divergent parents. Tris and Tobias Eaton. I don't know how Divergent I am. I'm only 12, I still have 4 years until my testing day. But I guess they want to get an early start.

The guard who brought me from my cell tosses me into Jeanine's office. It's bare except for a desk, "Gemma! Good for you to join us!"

"Like I had a choice." I mumble.

"Ah, yes. Well, we just find it interesting that at 12 years old you are showing such strong Divergent traits! We wanted to see them for ourselves!"

"Who's we? There's only us and a guard here."

"Follow me." She doesn't immediately walk. She enters a code underneath her desk first and then the whole left side of her wall seperates from the center.

"What the hell?"

"Here we are! My lab! This is where you'll be spending a lot of your time Gemma, but soon you won't be called Gemma." She says with an evil smile.

"Wait, why not?" I ask.

"Because you won't remember your past life." Then all of a sudden I'm struck with a needle in the back of the neck. Some kind of serum I'm guessing. And everything goes black.