Chapter 1: Worry

The war was getting way out of line. Even Germany known that this war had gone too far. Everyday more and more of his men were dying and he didn't want any more to die, especially not Italy. He thought to himself as he stood on the battlefield "What if Italy was to get hurt…what if he dyed!" This thought almost brought a tear to the Germans eyes. "Nien, I shouldn't think like that it will just make me depressed." This had made Germany worried though so he went to go see where Italy was. Germany went to go see if he was in his usual hiding spot, behind a tree. He came to the tree but he wasn't there, where could he be. Italy was not the one to be fighting on the battlefield, and if he were he would stick close to Germany. "Where could he be?" he though, worried for the Italians safety. Germany turned to go back to the battlefield but then he heard the sound of a gunshot and the faint sound of screaming. "What… is that?" Germany turned back around as fast as he could and ran to see if that was Italy. As Germany ran the screams grew to where could tell that the screams were coming from Italy. "What happen," thought Germany, "how badly could he be hurt?" Germany screamed, "ITALY, WHERE ARE YOU!"

"GERMANY," Italy screamed back, "HELP ME!" Germany ran as fast as he could hoping that Italy wasn't injured at all, that Italy had just became very frightened of something. Germany turned the corner of a tree to see a horrible scene. Italy was sitting on the floor of the forest, covered in blood. He covered his face, crying in to his hands.

"Italy!" Germany said in a shaky voice. "What happened?" Germany came to his side seeing blood mostly cover his upper torso. It seemed that whatever had happened it was new, like blood was still pouring out of the entry wound.

"Germany," Italy said in a faint whisper, "I…I." Thud, Italy fell to the ground before he could get another word out. The blood loss was substantial; when Italy had fallen Germany could see that a pool of blood was forming on the forest floor. Germany panicked when Italy fainted, hoping that he didn't die from the loss of blood.

"ITALY!" screamed Germany. The German picked up the Italian as fast as he could so as to get him to the infirmary tent "Please be ok," he thought, "please Italy, and don't die." The German could fell his heartbeat but it was faint and slow. Germany started to cry "Italy don't you die on me," he said to the unconscious boy. "Ich liebe dich."

Authors Note:

Did do alright, it's my first fanfiction. So yeah I left you on a cliffhanger, please don't hate me because of it I need some suspense. Don't worry there will be another chapter but I'm kind of busy during the week so you might have to wait for it during the weekend. See ya guys as soon as I can!

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