This wasn't the first time Kirk has played hostage. Oh no, as a Captain of a starship, people were immediately drawn to him, wanting the influence and power his position gave. All Captains of Star Fleet were trained to handle such situations. Most kidnappers only wanted money or weapons or something equally stupid and it was easy to negotiate a release within twenty-four hours.

John Harrison was not your typical kidnapper. "Do you need to use the restroom?"

Truth was, Kirk did. But his hands were bound behind his back and he seriously doubted Harrison would loosen them just so Kirk could take a piss break. "Do you need to use the restroom?" Kirk sneered at him. "Or is having to take a piss too low of a bodily function for you?"

Ooooh, it was a bad idea to taunt the man who could crush your head. Kirk couldn't help it, it was a defense mechanism.

"This will be the last time I ask you, captain," Harrison said evenly. "Do you need. To use. The restroom?"

Now he was putting full stops in his sentences. Kirk felt proud for annoying him with such a simple question. It was tempting to keep going but he really did need to go and it sounded like Harrison would deny him a potty break in the future. Better not push his luck. "Yes."

Harrison got up from his chair and walked over to where Kirk was sitting. He moved around to the back and though Kirk couldn't see, he felt the rope around his wrists fall away. "Get up," Harrison said with a hint of warning in his tone. "Don't fight me."

Kirk had no plans to fight him, not directly at least. His knuckles still hurt when he first tried to punch Harrison across the face. Kirk made a show of rubbing his wrists (not a show, they were itchy) while making direct eye contact with Harrison as he made his way to the restroom.

Thankfully Harrison didn't insist that the door be kept opened. That would've been awkward.

The lavatory was what you expected in a standard travel ship. A toilet, a sink, soap and disposable towels. There were a few little items kept in a side cabinet: feminine products, aspirin and a simple first aid kit. Nothing that can be used as a weapon.

First things first, Kirk used the toilet. After he flushed, he thought about the first aid kit again and wondered what was truely inside.

He opened it. There was a cheap tri-corder, guaze, pain killers, medical tape and-

Ah-HA! A tiny pair of scissors. Perfect. Kirk tucked them into his pocket.

Harrison pounded on the door. "You've been in there long enough," he said. "Get out or else I'm coming in."

Kirk quickly placed away the first aid kit and opened the door. Harrison escorted him back to his seat and instructed him to put his arms behind his back again.

"I didn't wash my hands," Kirk said as Harrison tied on the ropes.

Harrison only paused for a nano-second, but it was long enough for Kirk to sense it and he smiled in triumphant.


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