Kirk slept. He hated the waiting game but if he was going to outwit Harrison, he was going to need all his energy to do it. Conserve your energy, his mentors told him. Wait for the opprotune moment to arrive then strike.

He woke up a few hours later (or maybe ten minutes later, he couldn't tell, he didn't have a watch) with a crick in his neck. Harrison was still flying the ship. He looked like he'd barely moved.

"Where are we?" Kirk asked, moving his head from side to side to stretch it.

Surprisingly, Harrison answered him. "We're just outside Klingon airspace."

"What?" Kirk nearly yelped. "After the stunt you pulled, you want to come back here?"

"The ship is concealed, they won't notice it."

"Security has probably doubled since you last been here. You honestly think a semi-concealed ship is going to get past their radars?"

Harrison's hands tightened around the controls. Upon seeing this, Kirk knew he should pull back before accidentally spurring Harrison into a violent rage. "The Klingons are morons," Harrison growled. "And I have concealed my ship very well."

It was difficult, not knowing how intelligent Harrison was. It made Kirk second-guess himself and he hated second-guessing himself. Was it possible to escape Harrison's clutches or was Kirk giving himself false hope?

Kirk couldn't see very well where he sat and had to wait for Harrison to turn the ship in order for the planet to come into view. It wasn't the same planet Harrison had taken refuge on before. This planet was blue and green and reminded Kirk so much of Earth it made him homesick. "It looks like Earth," he said.

"You should be thankful it's not," Harrison said. "All of the indigenous tribes are dead."

He said it without remorse or pride. He was simply stating a fact and it was that indifference that sent a shiver down Kirk's back.

The ship decended quietly.


By the time they landed, Kirk was inwardly begging to stand up. He didn't have time to place the scissors inside his pocket in an comfortable way and as a result, the scissors dug into his thigh. He could feel the point slowly cutting through his trousers, digging into his flesh. He was bleeding, he knew, and hoped it wasn't noticeable.

Once the ship settled, Harrison got up from his chair and went over to Kirk. He undid the ropes and stepped back.

Kirk stood and relief flooded him as the scissors moved away from his leg. He resisted the urge to reach down and rub his thigh. It may look like he was working out his muscles, but he didn't want to bring Harrison's attention to anywhere near the scissors.

In Harrison's hand he held a phaser set to stun. Kirk was surprised. He thought Harrison brought him here to execute him. "Why haven't you killed me yet?"

"I will," said Harrison. He jerked the phaser in a direction and Kirk followed without question. "Eventually."

That implied some kind of torture. Kirk may be a captain of a starship but he didn't have secrets worth dying for. Harrison may know as much as he Kirk did, probably even more.

They stepped off the ship onto the planet. The whole area was surrounded by trees and the air was thick with humidity. Kirk was reminded of the Jungle Book and he half-expected to see an oragutan swing by. Harrison nudged Kirk to keep walking.

They didn't walk far, just far enough for the ship to disappear from view, obscured by the trees.

"There," said Harrison, pointing towards what looked like the mouth of a cave on a hill. "Walk there."

Kirk did. It was a little difficult to walk up the stony hill with a sharp instrument in his pocket. The veiw was better from here, but not enough to give them a vantage point. Kirk turned to Harrison and asked again, "What do you want from me?"

Harrison leveled the phaser to Kirk's head. It was still on stun. "I've told your crew I have you. They will come here to rescue you."

"My crew is not going to risk war with the Klingons to rescue me," Kirk said. "My first officer is a Vulcan, his logic will not allow him."

"They may not come in a StarFleet ship, but they will come, that I have no doubt. Sleep now, Captain Kirk."

Harrison shot off the phaser, striking Kirk right in the forehead. As he fell, the last thing he thought of was, 'Don't fall on the scissors, don't fall on the scissors.'

He fell on the scissors.