My First Day

Jinx's P.O.V

"Hey, it's time to wake up." My eyes popped open. All Isaw was cherry chestnut fur/ "Amanda, what are you talking about?" She glared. "School. Monday. The first day of high school." I stared at my older sister. She rolled her eyes. "Get up Jinx." I looked at my calender. It did say 'The First Day Of High School'. August 18th. I huffed. "Fine." I jumped out my warn soft bed. I went towards the bathroom. As I looked in the mirror, I screamed. "Amanda! " My eldest sister Rio ran in my room. "You look awful." Rio said, then she laughed. I glared. "Out! Now!" Amanda came in my room with her curlers. "You might want to hit the shower first. You dont want to mess up your hair before getting in the shower." Amanda said. "Ha. Good luck wiht your mop of hair." Rio said. My crystal blue eyes slitted and stared hard into Rio's green eyes.

* 5 Minutes Later *

I was wrapped in a bathrobe as Amanda curled my hair. "I wanna tell you something about high school." I sighed. "There will be boys and girls, both are problems and both are good things." I looked confused. "How so?" I asked applying eyeliner to my eyes. "Boys will play you, but they cause less problems that girls. Girls will stab your backs, but they'll be there when you need to talk." I smacked my cherry flavored lips. "That makes sense." I said. "Yeah. Go get dressed. I'll drop you off." "Yeah whatever.."

I stared in the mirror at my attire. I had on a balck haulter top and some red jeans. The jeans had rhinestones on the back. My shoes were some simple black hightops with red dragons. A red bow was placed in my hair to complete the look. I looked nice, but I felt sick on the inside. "Amanda, I'm ready!" "Alright lets go." I ran down the stairs. "Bye Rio. " I yelled. "Bye Kiddo." I walked out the door behing Amanda to her green Altima. "Are you excited?" I stared out the window. "I don't know. Kind off. Maybe it's just last minute jitters." Amanda shrugged. "Maybe.." She muttered.

*Blue Crest High School*

When I got out the car my whole face turned red. Everyone looked at me. It was weird and kind of scary. I kept my head highand walked to the main office. "Excuse me, I'm new here and I kind of need some assistance." The purple cat looked at me. Her glasses slipped off her eyes. She pulled them back up. "Hi, I'm Blaze. Welcome to Blue Crest High. I am a student here if you're wondering. But yeah , I'll give you everything you need." I nodded. "If you don't mind me asking, Why are you working in the office?" "Extra credit, more than likely its a job I chose to do. It's kind of fun. You know, missing class and stuff." She blew a strand of hair out her eye and popped her gum.

She was looking through some papers. "If we're in high school, why do we have dorms?" Blaze sneezed. "Sorry. Excuse me.. But yea, the dorms. You see, Blue Crest is a 5-star school and neighborhood as you may know. The Board thinks us students deserve the best. Also if you may know, the boys and girls are mixed up." She winked. "Hopefully you enjoy yourself. Here's your locker number, combination, dorm room, and class schedules." It was alot to take in but I was going to manage. "Thanks Blaze. Oh and By the way, I'm Jinx. " She put her thumb up as she put her nose in a book.

I walked out the office towards my locker and put in my combination. "Hey sexy.. I don't believe we've met, But I'm Scourge T. Hedgehog. Bad boy." I looked at the green hedgehog. He was taller than me with peircing blue eyes. His flaming red glasses blocked them. 'Um, Hi.. I'm Jinx. " He smirked. I tried my best to ignore his stare but he was sexy.. It was literally intoxicating. "You must be new here?" He asked me leaning on the locker next to mine." I nodded. "Do you know where dorm A-1 is?" His eyes lit up. "Looks like you're my new roomie." I blushed and looked down. "Look up. " He said grabbing my face staring into my eyes. He pulled his glasses down. "You look better with your head held high." My face was just turning a darker red.

He chuckled. "C'mom beautiful. I'll show you around." He said walking ahead of me. I walked behind him wondering what I've got myself into.

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