What Hurts The Most

Jinx's P.O.V

"Jinx.. Jinx.." My eyes fluttered open. "You had me worried! What the hell happened! Your eyes were changing colors.. And then you were like..." Rouge was staring at me. Mina cleared at me. "Is something wrong? You were turning to a kind of beast mode..." She asked with fear in her voice. I wanted to tell them what was wrong with me, but if I did... There would be consequences. "I know what's wrong with her." Shadow said staring at me. I looked at him. "You do?" I asked. "You're a demon with black blood." My heart raced. "How did you know that?" He huffed. "Before you blacked out, that happened." He put a mirror in front of me. I gasped.

My fur was black. It wasnt white anymore. I also had a tattoo on my neck. "Is that a ying-yang sign?" Mina asked. I nodded. Rouge looked hypnotized by it. She put her hand out to touch it. "Don't touch her !" Shadow yelled. Rouge snapped out of her trance. Mina jumped in her bed. "Why! Is it contagious?" Mina yelled. "No.. a black blood demon is rare. Don't touch her , demons like her react to any kind of touch." Mina looked at me. "What kind of reaction?' Rouge asked. "You don't want to know. Only someone who's stupid would touch her." I blushed. I kind of took it the wrong way but I shook the feeling away. "But how would you know if she;s a demon or not? She looks like a regular mobian." Rouge asked. Shadow sighed. "The tattoo. Everybody and anybody knows what a ying-yang tattoo looks like on a Mobian."

Scourge came in the room. His eyes were bloodshot. "What happened?" I asked touching his hand. "JINX NO-" It was too late. An electric shot went through my body and I hit the floor. I hesistated. I wasnt even sure if I wanted to get back up. "What the fuck just happened! My fucking head is killing me! Was that supposed to fucking happen!?" Shadow tried to hide his laugh. "Yes it was supposed to happen.." I glared. "Why!?" He laughed anyway. "You have to learn to control your power." Scourge said looking at the tattoo on my neck. "How do you-" He ignored me and went to the bathroom. "What's his problem?" Rouge asked. Mina rolled her eyes. "He needs to get his panties out his ass." I said. They all bust out laughing. I got off the floor and went to my bed.

My cell phone rung. It was Spade. I huffed. I decided to answer it. "Hello.." Rouge motioned for me to put it on speaker. I shook my head no. She glared and grabbed my phone. "No!" I whispered. She pressed speaker. There was a growl. "Get me off speaker! Right now!" Mina looked suprised and Rouge's eyes got wide. "Hold the hell up! This is Jinx's phone! You're not the boss of her and you sure as hell don't run her. Now I could understand if you had a couple of jewels and diamonds, but no! You're in high school just like the rest of us! You need to bring you ass up to this fucking door and apologize to her! Thats was very right. You're mother didn't raise you to be a little bitch!" Rouge said with a vein popping out her head. She literally had steam coming out her ears.

Spade laughed. "Yeah. She didn't. Neither did your mom raise you to be a whore." Then he hung up. Rouge's nostrils flared up. She grabbed a knife and walked out the dorm. "Oh hell to the fucking no!" She yelled as she walked down the hall. I opened the door. "Rouge no! You don't know what you're getting yourself into!" I yelled. "Shut Up! He's not getting away with calling me a whore! A bitch maybe, but a whore. NEVER!" My rage was getting the best of me. "Rouge! STOP RIGHT NOW!" People came out their dorms. "NO! Spade is going to his death bed tonight." I ran and grabbed Rouge. Pain was running through me. "Bitch stop fucking trying to kill him. You don't know what the hell you're doing! Those scars on his face came from me! I had to fight for my life ! He tried to rape me and kill me! You do not want to compete with him! I'm telling you! Your ass will come up missing!"

The whole hall got quiet. I let her go. I snatched the knife from her leaving a slit on my palm. Everybody stared. Scourge was staring with a devilish look in his eyes. "What the hell.." Mina said. I dropped the knife. "Oh my god.. Jinx.. I didn't know!" I glared. She was taller than me but I got in her face. "You know now bitch." I snapped and walked off. Deep down I was hurt. All those damn memories came and flooded my head. All I could see was blood. 'You're just a fucking bitch and you know it.' Spade's words played in my head like a broken tape recorder.

'Die bitch. Die.'

'Spade I thought you loved me?'

'You! Ha! All the girls I could have.. You're just a sell-out to me.'

'We're supposed to be a team.'

'Jinx baby, there's no "I" in team. Why would "We" be in team.'

A tear rolled from my eye. I felt terrorized, betrayed, and alone. I wasn't afraid anymore. I wasn't brave either. All I felt was numbness. Honestly.. I was really hurting. Nothing was ever going to change.

Absolutely nothing...

So far, this is how my life story started out. A living hell.