Breakfast Princess' Coffee Adventure

by Yoshizilla-Fan

Yoshizilla-Fan: I really felt like writing something involving Breakfast Princess from Adventure Time. I just didn't know what. So this is what I finally decided on.

One morning in the Breakfast Kingdom, Breakfast Princess and Toast Princess were both eating breakfast in bed, when Toast Princess pulled a strange looking cup out of nowhere.

"Hey a toast Princess, what do you have there?" Breakfast Princess asked her.

Toast Princess shrugged, not knowing what she had in her hand.

"Let me see that." Breakfast Princess took the cup and opened it, wondering what the thick, brown stuff was. "Hmm, only one way to find out what this is!"

Breakfast Princess took a sip of the cup of coffee, enjoying the taste as she suddenly gulped down the whole thing. "Boy that's good stuff!"

Toast Princess stared in shock as Breakfast Princess jumped out of bed with great ecstacy.

"Must...have...MORE!" she exclaimed as she ran out the window, using her large pancake dress to float in the air, heading off to search the land for more coffee, leaving behind Toast Princess, who simply looked around silently, before deciding to accompany Breakfast Princess on her adventure as she got up and jumped out the window.