"And unfortunately, in her quest for coffee, Breakfast Princess went all hyper and was never able to sleep again. The End." Breakfast Princess wrote, having finished writing a piece of fanfiction about herself. "What do you think, LSP?" she asked Lumpy Space Princess, she and several other princesses being gathered at Princess Bubblegum's castle.

"Ugh, that totally sucked. Why the hell would you write something like that? You know there's coffee fountains in your kingdom, right?" LSP remarked.

Breakfast Princess looked back at her work of fiction. "Well yes, obviously. But in this story, the coffee fountains are busted."

"Yeah, I don't see that anywhere." LSP stated as she flipped through the pages.

"Oh, well I guess I was just so excited about it that I forgot to add that in!" BP shrugged.

"Yeah. Excited and hyper! Lay off the coffee!" LSP remarked.

"You're a real bitch in a box, you know that?" BP rebutted. "And another thing, I was being creative when I called the stuff "coffee", ok? It's just a word that Finn taught me.

"Yeah, whatever. Who cares what you think. At least it's over."

The End