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Arthur POV-

"Send all the villagers into the castle! Go, go!" I yelled, rushing my knights.

Long story short: Camelot was under attack. The city was burning.

A few days ago, after Leon had warned me of Morgana's plans, I had rushed up to Gaius' Chambers to tell him the news. I'd told him her target was Merlin, and to not, under any circumstances, let him out of the room when Morgana attacked. Luckily, enough, Merlin had been unconscious at the time, and currently still is. Apparently his condition was worse than we thought. This morning had been the first of the many attacks to come. A group of villagers had limped into the castle's walls and explained how Camelot had been breached by Morgana and the druids.

"Sire, look out!" One of the knights yelled as another flaming ball of fire was launched into the citadel. I jumped aside just in time. If I had strayed another second, I would be nothing but ashes by now.

The Doorway into the castle broke open and sorcerers upon sorcerers filed in. They held no weapons. Of course not: they had magic. I charged one and thrust my sword into his gut. He whipped his head to face me and I watched as his eyes flashed copper. I immediately found myself soaring backwards through the air and landing harshly on a pile of wood. I winced as I sat up, for my landing left a definite bruise on my rib cage. I watched as my enemy fell to his knees and rolled over, dead.

About to pounce on another druid, I ended up staring at the entrance. Morgana walked calmly through her army and looked around.

She's searching for Merlin, I thought.

My half-sister motioned for a group of druids to enter the castle. The sorcerers charged the doors to the castle and barged inside.

I was too caught up in what I'd just seen that I didn't notice the druid approaching me from behind.

Moments later, I felt a searing pain in at the bottom of my rib cage. Crying out, I clutched my side tightly from the pain.

"ARTHUR!" I heard someone yell. I took a deep breath and returned to my feet just in time to see Sir Leon attack the druid.

"Leon, the castle- it's been breached," I gasped. Leon nodded and ran after the druids.

I grabbed my sword of the ground, since I had dropped it to clutch my burn, and charged another oncoming druid.

A half hour later, I was exhausted and sweating from all the combat. So far, there had been no sign of Merlin and Morgana had not retreated. That eans she hasn't found Merlin. I sighed in relief at the thought and quickly made my way inside the castle.

Inside was worse than out. Dead bodies lay everywhere, weapons and bricks scattered amongst them. The air was stuffy with dust and I coughed as I made my way to Gaius' Chambers, praying that Merlin was still safe.

Merlin POV-

I could here yelling as if from a distance. Opening my eyes, I found myself surrounded in darkness.

"Hello?" I called out into the nothingness.

No answer.

'Hello!" I repeated, louder this time. "Is anybody there?"

Still nothing. I looked down at my feet to find myself glowing. Everything was dark. There was no light or anything- yet, I could still see my own body. How?

"Merlin," a voice called out. I stopped in my tracks and watched as Kilgrahhra entered from the shadows.

"What is going on?" I questioned. "Where am I?"

"You are sleeping young warlock. But you must beware."

I scrunched up my eyebrows in confusion and took a step forward. "Beware what...?"

"Camelot is under attack, Morgana has come for you. I have called you hear to make sure that you know what you must do." The Great Dragon stated.

I thought for a moment, "What is it I have to do?"

"Morgana Pendragon is a High Priestess. She cannot be killed by any mortal blade, which means all of Camelot's defences, all of Camelot's knights and weapons. They are useless. They cannot win against her- it is impossible. The Kingdom's destiny rests in your hands as it has since the very beginning, Emrys. Tell me, do you know what you must do?"

I straightened my back and stood tall before the Dragon. "Yes."

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