Eternal Sleep

A/N: My first OzBert one-shot! Thank you for checking it out :D

Warning: Character death.

"Gil... I feel tired." Oz whispered to the raven haired, golden eyed man who hovered above him like a shadow.

"Oz, why would you do such a thing?! Why would you protect me?!" Gil screamed at the blood stained, wound inflicted young man. He fell to his knees, despairing.

Oz only smiled a sad smile and replied, "Because that is the master's duty. What kind of master would I be if I couldn't save my servant?"

His words echoed in his mind. "B-but, that's the servants duty." Gil said, clearly remembering the day he had first met the young Vessalius.

Oz could only keep a smile in place on his face to tell Gil not to worry. A short silence fell over the two and soon was cut short when Gil angrily exclaimed, "You idiot!" to the young blond.

"You idiot..." Gil once again said, but the anger left his tone and it was now only a pitiful cry.

"I'm sorry, Gil. I turned your 'always' into a lie, didn't I?" Oz said, clearly struggling to hold on, his eyes fluttering open and closed.

"That doesn't matter!" Gil exclaimed, tears streaming freely from his eyes.

'I'll kill him. I swear I'll kill Zai Vessalius!' Gil thought with such hatred, such malice that an evil grin contorted his usual gentle features.

He was so intent on his thoughts that he was startled when a hand grabbed the cuff of his sleeve.

"Gil... Please, don't kill... My father." Oz meekly said, struggling to breathe as he lost even more blood.

Gil gaped at him, surprised that Oz knew what he was thinking. But, that's always what he was like, Gil reasoned. His lips curved upwards into a smile. "Alright, Oz."

Oz's emerald eyes lit up, hinting that he was happy with the man's statement.

Oz sighed, his eyes fluttering shut. "No... Oz. Don't leave me!" He started to shake the young man with vigor. A warm hand wrapped around his own. "I... Love..." The warm hand slipped from his grasp, going limp and dropping to the grass. By now it had started to rain.

"Oz?" Gil asked. "Oz?" He repeated trying to probe an answer from his young master. "Oz?!" Gil cried in desperation.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh!" Gil screamed into the rain and to the sky and to whoever was listening. His pain echoed from the broken tone of his emotions as he cried in anguish for his lost love.

A/N: Okay, so I just made myself sad while writing this. Ughhhh the feels. Btw, was this confusing? If it was please tell me.