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Warning- this chapter has strong detailed sexual references but this is like the start of the big storyline.

"Come on Madi" Ronnie shouted. "You can't spend the whole holiday in bed"

Still 10 minutes later, she hadn't heard any life in Madi's room.

"Madi, now" Ronnie said storming up the stairs and pulling the duvet off Madi.

"But Ron, it's the still just the first week of the holidays" Madi complained.

"Exactly, the whole of this week you have been in bed until 12 at least" Ronnie explained.

"But it's like 8" Madi complained.

"It is not. I'm not that mean. It is nearly 10" Ronnie said.

Madi sighed.

"Just get up" Ronnie said and eventually Madi climbed out the bed.

"Thank you. Get dressed and come down for breakfast" Ronnie instructed.

"Okay, god it's like being in school again" Madi complained. Ronnie just rolled her eyes and walked out the room.

It didn't take Madi long to get ready and she can strutting down the stairs in shorts and a bandeau. Ronnie rolled her eyes.

"Is this going to be your everyday wear until the end of the summer" Ronnie asked and Madi nodded. She helped herself to some breakfast and then sat eating her cereal.

After eating her cereal, she disappeared to her room.

"Ron, I'm away out with friends" Madi shouted walking out the room.

"Okay, keep in touch" Ronnie shouted and Madi nodded.

"I will" Madi replied.

As soon as she was out the house, she walked to the park where she met up with her friends. They mucked about at the park for a bit before they got bored and decided to head to the shops.

"So Mads have you and Connor done it yet?" One asked.

"No, we haven't actually had sex" Madi said.

"What? Seriously, I thought you did it like ages ago" Another butted in.

"No, who said that?" Madi asked.

"I can't remember. I can't believe it, you'll have to do it soon or he will get bored and leave you" One said.

"I don't know, he said he'd wait until I was ready" Madi said.

"He's only saying that. He wants you to surprise him. Come on, I think we should get you some sexier underwear and you should go to his house and flaunt him" One said.

"I don't know" Madi said.

"Come on, Mads. He'll be begging for it" Another said.

"Okay, but we might not actually do anything" Madi said.

"Yeah, that's fine but he will get bored if you wait too long" One said.

"Okay" Madi said.

"Right we need to get you a nice bra and pants" One called Emily said and Madi nodded nervously. They wondered into Topshop and went straight to the lingerie.

Madi had a million people asking her "What about this"

They eventually settled on a pair of pink Brazilian knickers and a padded pink lace balconette bra. She was slightly nervous about this now. Everyone was expecting her to do this and she was starting to get nervous. Did she really want to do this?

After having lunch and doing more shopping it was nearly 5 o'clock. Madi decided to go and get changed before heading over to Connors.

She knocked on the door.

"Hey sweetie, you'll never guess what?" Connor asked.

"What?" Madi asked.

"My parents are away so we have the house to ourselves" Connor said and Madi smiled.

"Do you want to get a take away?" Connor asked and Madi nodded.

"I'd like that" Madi said kissing Connor.

"Someone's eager" Connor said kissing her back "Is pizza okay?"

Madi nodded and they went and ordered pizza. It didn't take long for the pizza to arrive. They sat on the sofa watching the TV while they ate.

Once they finished Madi placed herself on top of Connor.

"I think I'm ready" She whispered as she was kissing him.

"Are you sure?" He asked and she nodded.

"Let me go and refresh myself first" Madi said as she got up to go to the bathroom. On her way back she ensured all the doors were locked and the blinds were shut.

She came back in and Connor had brought a blanket down but it was boiling and Madi didn't intend to use this blanket at all. She was excited and ready to go full in.

He was on the sofa and Madi placed herself on top of him.

"Mads, let's go upstairs there is more room on my bed" Connor said and he ended up carrying Madi up the stairs. He placed her down on the bed and she let Connor start to undress her as they made out. Once she was done to her underwear, she started undressing him until he was in the same position as her.

Connor pushed Madi's pants to one side and started fingering her. He went rough and hard loving the sound of her moans.

"It's going to get better, Mads" He said and Madi giggled.

"Are you sure, you are ready?" He asked and Madi nodded. He quickly slipped a condom on. The pair of them lay on the bed. Madi spread her legs apart and they both guided his penis into her. Madi sharply hissed as it first inserted her.

"Good girl" Connor said before pushing the rest of it in. Madi felt the pain. He gently continued to kiss her before he lifted himself up slightly and started humping her gently moving his hips gently in the circular motions.

"Its okay, it's good now" Madi said and Connor took it as a hint to go fast. He started really thrusting against her. It felt good, he lifted her leg so it was near his shoulder and he felt her explode. It was so good.

They flipped over and Madi started to ride Connor. His hands roamed all over her body. It felt amazing, she loved this. She lay back down on top of him.

"I love you so much" Madi said and Connor nodded. She was so glad she did this. It felt strange though. As soon as he pulled away from her, it hit her, what she had just done. She had just lost her virginity and she felt choked. She quickly got changed and kissed Connor.

"I enjoyed that, we need to do it again" She said before running out the house. Then once she was walking along the road she allowed the tears to slip down her face. She couldn't go home yet but she knew someone else she could talk to.

She knocked on his other sister's door.

"Hey, Mads" Roxy said as she opened the door "Oh god, what's wrong?"

"Can I talk to you please?" Madi begged.

"Yeah, of course" Roxy said as she guided Madi into the house placing her arm around her little sister. They sat down on the sofa.

"What's happened?" Roxy asked.

"Can you promise not to tell Ronnie?" Madi said and Roxy nodded.

"Okay, I won't" Roxy said.

"Me and Connor had sex" Madi said before bursting into tears.

"Oh Mads, what have we told you" Roxy said pulling her sister into her arms.

"I know, but everyone else is doing it and they said if I didn't then he would leave me" Madi cried.

"Oh baby, if he loves you he would wait" Roxy said and Madi nodded.

"I know that now" Madi said.

"Did you actually have sex?" Roxy asked.

"God yes, I'm not a child I know what actual sex is. God his penis went into my vagina" Madi snapped. Roxy cringed. She didn't want to think of her sister doing this.

"Sorry" Roxy said.

"I'm sorry for snapping, I'm just I don't know. You see when it was happening it was amazing and I loved it all but as soon as he pulled away I don't know. I felt like crying, it's like it clicked that I actually did it" Madi explained.

"I know sweetie, when it comes to sex you just get caught up in the moment, not always thinking about who you are with" Roxy said. Madi nodded.

"Come here, my baby girl" Roxy said pulling Madi into her arms again.

"It hurts so much" Madi said.

"Oh I know baby" Roxy said.

They talked for a bit longer before Madi returned home. She definitely was not going to tell Ronnie what had just happened. Luckily Ronnie didn't question her when she arrived and Madi just disappeared up to her room

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