Summary: Kyon and Haruhi go on a date and get lost.

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Chapter to the woods pt.1

It was their first time out and everything went fine so far. "Hey Haruhi when I was a kid I hear that there was this haunted house in the woods want to see if we can find it."Kyon stated because he knew Haruhi was not into normal things so a haunted house might increase his chance of going out with her. "A haunted house is a great idea Kyon." She seemed interested now. "All right but when we get to the woods we have to stay on the path." They were about two minutes from their desation when Haruhi ran ahead.

"I think we really think we should stay on the path like normal people would." He stated the fact knowing they could very well get lost in the woods. "When have I ever been into anything normal?" Kyon remembered they brought camping gear to go camping the filed not the wood's. "Haruhi some old lady told me once that those woods arte haunted and to never camp in them at night but I nerved believed her." he thought that should keep Haruhi entertained enough. Kyon did not know that this exacted Haruhi to much for their own good. "Kyon we should camp hear to see if that old lady was right, we may even see a ghost." Haruhi ran off the path into the woods leveeing Kyon to fallow behind her.

They walked what seemed to Kyon about two miles. Once the found what looked like an abandoned camping site they began to set up camp for the night. Kyon set up the tent while Haruhi gathered fire wood. While putting up the tent Kyon noticed a ghostly white figure looking start at him. He finished setting up the tent and went to help Haruhi gather fire wood. "Hey Haruhi are you sure that you want to camp in the woods." As the returned to their camp Kyon notice that something was not quite right about these woods. "I really hope we see a ghost out hear or this entire day would have been boring." Kyon had the feeling that something was going to happen and Haruhi would have caused it if she didn't thou that would mean.

He instantly banished the thought that something could happen that did not have Haruhi at the center of it. As they made dinner Kyon noticed a glowing pair of eyes watching them. " agggh" scrambled to his feet his face showed complete horror as a howl of a wolf could be heard in the distance. "Oh what is ammeter Kyon?" Haruhi acted so calm it put Kyon in even more shock. "In the bush I saw a pair of glowing red eyes." Kyon feared what would happen to the two of them if they stayed any logger. Haruhi turned around and looked at the bush but nothing was there. "There is nothing there Kyon." As Haruhi stated that they both heard low growl. "grrrr." Haruhi turned back and looked at Kyon. "yyou heard that right." She stuttered. Kyon shook his he head yes in reply to the question. "of course I did I am not deaf."