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4. a beginning of danger

it was dark now. kyon looked up at the night sky and started to let his mind drift.i wonder if well make it out i wish that i at least told nagato what i was im lost in the woods alone with haruhi. wait where did she go.Kyon sat up quickly and began to look around for haruhi.oh god haruhi nows not the time to wander off epically if we have some kind of monstar on our tail.Kyon picked up a breanck and was about yo light it on fir when soudenly."kyon what are you doing."Haruhi raised an eye brow."what im i doin i was about to go looking for you."Kyon could not help but yell at haruhi.Sez dose she not know that she could have got hurt or why do i care what happens to haruhi it's not as if i like her."for your information kyon i dug a whole that we could use as a majke shift bathroom""that grooss.""i know kyon but what other option is there."with that haruhi sat back down next to kyon and beganto stare up at the nigth sky.