Hello, fiction readers!

New Story time! In this one, you'll see a completely different side of Lili von Shtupp, and why she is…how she is! Happy reading!


"Lili, vat have you done? This is not how I vanted you to end up! Who do you think you are?"

"I am sorry, Papa, I am sorry!"

"You zlut! I expected more vrom you!"

"Leave me alone, Papa! Leave me alone! Vhere do you think I learned?! In Gottes Namen, lassen Sie mich in Ruhe!"

I didn't have a good childhood. Mostly, I had to fend for myself. But I had a father, and…well, what can you say about living with only a father?

Mama died when I was four. Some kind of fever. She told me to tell her grandson about her.

She won't have one.

I forgot who I am, but I remember now.

I am Lili von Studebaker.

When I was 9, my father and I moved from Dusseldorf to Rock Ridge. Hedly wasn't there to screw things up yet. My father opened up a little strudel shop in the town square. It was really my shop. I worked my tiny little ass off, while my father spent his days at the saloon across the dirt road. He came home to the shop, our home, every night…drunk. He collected my profits, went to bed, and sobered up in time for tomorrow's round of drinking.

When I was 13, a man did something to me in the shop. He came in, stole our money, and beat me up. He realized that my father was never there, so he kept coming back. I kept telling by father about him, but he never listened. He just whipped me.

When I was sixteen, the man brought a gun, yelled at me, and told me to undress.

Well…if I hadn't listened to him, I wouldn't be here, would I?

I was traumatized. But, I had this new drive. I got into dating, and I started my own burlesque act. Papa had to move back to Germany, and I told him I would be fine on my own. Idiot. Money got tighter, and eventually, I had to…you know…sell myself. Papa found out, (he visited me for a couple of days) and now I had to deal with him.

"Yust exactly how many men vere there?"

"Not many, yust…not many!"

"You do not deserve your family name! Wenn ich sehe dich nie wieder, werde es zu bald!"

He stormed out of my house.

"Papa...Papa! Kommen zurück, Papa!"

I sat on my floor, cried, and remembered…