Epilogue: Born to Love You

Two Years Later:

"Mr. Queen," the maître d' smiled. "How many are in your party this evening?"

"Four," Oliver smiled back. He glanced at Quentin, Laurel and her husband, and the baby girl in Tommy's arms before adding, "and a half."

"Right this way."

Melinda Merlyn (either Laurel or Tommy had to have a thing for alliteration) was almost three months old and absolutely precious. And, fortunately, fairly well behaved or even Starling City's royalty would have had trouble taking her to Astra. While Quentin had had mixed feelings about gaining a son-in-law, he adored his granddaughter. If the title of 'grandpa' made him feel a bit old, it was a small price to pay.

Tommy had settled into his role as the CEO of the Merlyn Global Group quite nicely. Apparently he had a previously undiscovered knack for running the business. While the job was demanding, he made sure to always make time for his family and his friends.

He still considered Oliver his best friend, seeing no point in holding against the blonde the actions of their parents. (He had a few suspicions about the Hood's identity, but no interest in confirming them either way. And he had stopped pressing Oliver about what had happened on the island after his father-in-law had taken him aside and had a discussion with him about the nature of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder.)

Queen Consolidated was still being run by Walter Steele. Though he and Moira had seemed on the verge of separating a couple of years ago, Moira's confession had actually brought the two closer together. He frequently visited her in prison. Her trial was fast approaching. Rumor had it that she intended to argue duress for her involvement in "the Undertaking," as the plot to level the Glades had been dubbed, and, of all things, necessity for the assassination of Malcolm Merlyn. (Laurel suspected Moira Queen was really hoping to rely on juror nullification for the murder charge and wondered if she wouldn't be best off cutting a plea deal. But Laurel wasn't representing Moira so it wasn't her concern.)

Walter had again offered Oliver a position as an officer in the corporation, but the young man said he was content with his nightclub. After Tommy had resigned as Verdant's manager, Oliver had hired Thea's boyfriend for the job. Roy wasn't half bad at it, when he bothered to actually show up.

Ostensibly, the two couples were having dinner this evening to celebrate Lieutenant Lance's recent promotion. (Evidently alliteration was sometimes unavoidable.) Quentin's task force no longer tried to bring the vigilante down. Starling City had come to recognize the Hood as a hero and it was now S.C.P.D. policy to cooperate with the Hood. For some reason, Lance was chosen as the liaison between the department and the vigilante.

People tried not to speculate too much about the lieutenant's connection with the hero. After all, Quentin's relationship with Oliver Queen had been common knowledge ever since the incident outside of Astra. The paparazzi had had a field day over the black eye and had continued covering the lovers' antics ever since—much to Lance's annoyance.

Oliver had an ulterior motive for the night out. Between the entrees and the dessert, Queen got down on one knee.

"What the hell are you doing?" a startled Quentin demanded.

"What does it look like? I'm proposing. Quentin Lance, will you marry me?"

"For god's sake; get off the floor before someone starts taking pictures!" the cop moaned. He just knew this was going to be in the tabloids the next day.

"Is that a yes?" Oliver asked.

"Say yes!" Laurel stage whispered.

"Hey, if he does say yes," Tommy piped up, "and if he takes Oliver's name that would make him 'Quentin Queen.'" So Tommy seemed to be the one who liked alliteration.

"That's enough reason for me to say no," Quentin said, wincing. Oliver wasn't sure if the man was joking. He shot a half-hearted glare at Tommy, who shrugged sheepishly.

This is insane, Quentin thought. The two of them being together was insane. Oliver was still younger than his daughter and his alter ego, though now widely accepted, still broke the law on a regular basis. Moreover, the vigilante still raised his blood pressure every day. It was a wonder that Quentin hadn't had any further heart attacks.

But somehow they had been dating for the past two years. And, god help them, they were still in love.

After he and Dinah had divorced, Quentin had never thought he'd get remarried, but…

"Might as well," he sighed dramatically. "Yes, it's a yes, now take your seat!"

Elated, Oliver ordered a bottle of champagne for the table to celebrate.

Tommy congratulated them and tried to make a toast, but just shook his head, stunned by his father-in-law's engagement to his best friend.

"The two of you are getting married. Wow; what's next, Oliver getting elected mayor of Starling City?"


Author's Note: Chapter title from Queen's "I Was Born to Love You."

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