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"W-what? Why does it matter to you?" Kyoya said with an angry tone. "I wouldn't hang out with you if it was to save the world! You're so weak you can't even protect yourself!"

These words hit Helios with more forced then a car, he felt tears well up in his eyes. Kyoya already thought he was a helpless baby, he couldn't image what Kyoya would say if he started to cry. Before he could start to cry Helios dashed down the hall and sped out the front door. He ran all the way to the garden outside the HQ. He sat down behind the bench and hugged his legs to his chest and started crying,

Kyoya, still trying to process what happened stood there in awe at the fact the blondie had ran away so quickly. As soon as he regained his line of thought, Kyoya slowly walked outside, in search of the little Blondie.

While Helios was sitting still hugging his knees, he felt a light tap on his shoulder,but refused to look up. He already knew it was the green haired teen, Kyoya.

"Leave me alone." Said Helios still looking down at the ground with tears rolling down his face.

Kyoya didn't say anything, instead he crouched down by the blondie and lightly grabbed his chin. Before Helios could impede his gesture, Kyoya kissed the blondies lips. Helios just let him. Kyoya wrapped his arms around Helios, with a slight battle for dominace, Kyoya had won without even trying.

Helios wrapped his arms around the green haired teens neck. After a few minutes, Kyoya pulled back while they both where breathing heavily, out of breath.

"I thought you didn't like wouldn't hang out with me to save the world." Helios said blushing red, trying to avoid eye contact with the green haired teen.