Sorry for making you wait xD this is awkward to write...but I will make it through it!

Btw that Ginga coming in thing was a joke /shot (I had it crossed out but kills my txt files ;A; )

"Done already?" Asked Kyoya looking at the breathless blonde.

"I'm sorry it's just...I am so..." He looked down not finishing his sentence "I think it's time we stopped..."

"If you're uncomfortable, I will but next time I will get you!" Teased Kyoya, making Helios blush lightly.

"Next time...hmmm" said Helios "so that means that we a thing...?"

"If you want to be, but" Kyoya blushed light pink "don't tell anyone"

When Kyoya had said this it made Helios's heart skip a beat, he was so happy he threw his arms around Kyoya and hugged him. Shocking Kyoya he fell back on the bed with Helios on top of him. Kyoya playfully grabbed Helios's hips, and then wrapped his arms around him pulling him into a gentle kiss.

"It's nice when you're gentle with Me." purred Helios.

"Hate to tell you babe" started Kyoya as soon as he tightened his grip on Helios's slim hips. ", but I am not the gentle type." Finished Kyoya with a sadistic smile, which made Helios feel frightened.

"You can be as rough as you want, as long as you pull me back together in the end." Even though saying this Helios still thought being treated gently was more comfortable with him, he didn't think it'd be possible for Kyoya to be gentle.

Helios had gotten free of Kyoya's death grip and gotten dressed. He couldn't help but wonder how Ginga's camping trip was going, though he was glad he didn't go.

Kyoya and Helios now practically a thing, Kyoya told him he should start sleeping with him. Helios wasn't one to object to cuddling, so he agreed.

When both Helios and Kyoya were so tired they almost fell asleep standing up, they both got into bed. It was one of the most awkward nights of his life. He didn't know whether he should hold on to Kyoya, but he thought that was too clingy, or to sleep away from him, but he thought that'd be rude. In the end Kyoya ended up wrapping his arm around Helios pulling him close, ending the mental feud.