Hey guys, it has been over a year since I have done anything Beyblade related, but I figured it is unfair to neglect the fanfictions I never finished so I came back to finish up~

I am not sure if my style has changed or not, but let's just go with it and I will attempt to not make this update only 3-4 paragraphs.

The next morning, Helios awoke to find no one in the bed next to him. A little startled, he hoped out of bed and fixed up his clothes, quickly running down stairs. "Kyouya?" The small blond called out, searching the house up and down. Eventually, he sat down on the couch letting out a small sigh. The house was completely empty and that fact depressed him.

Instead of just sitting there to mope, Helios stood up and pulled on his boots. 'A walk, a walk is all I need then Kyouya will be back.' He told himself, making his way out the door. Walking around Bey City, he looked around, seeing a bunch of kids around his age, though whenever they got one look at Helios's eyes they immediately looked away out of fear. It's not that he was mean, he just had a pair of scary looking, sky blue eyes.

During his relatively short walk, Helios spotted a familiar green-haired male, walking out of Madoka's shop. Feeling a little upset that the other left without even waking him up this morning made him want to just walk away, but his body told him otherwise. Before he knew it he was waving to Kyouya, who looked over at him and smiled wider than Helios had seen him in a while.

The green-haired teen made his way over to the other quickly, his smile never leaving. "So you are up, sleeping beauty." He teased, acting as if he couldn't see the irritation in the other's expression.

"...Of course I am." Helios mumbled, failing to think of a witty comment to say back. Without even thinking about it, he looked the other straight in the eye and spoke. "Where did you go this morning and why didn't you wake me before you left?"

"Look, I er..." Kyouya rubbed the back of his neck nervously. "You were just so deep in sleep, even if I tried I don't think I could have gotten you to wake up."

"Whatever..." Helios mumbled, finding it hard to stay mad at the other.

"Sorry about that..." He said quietly, sounding genuinely apologetic.

"Fine, I will forgive you...if you give me a kiss." The blond teased, a small smirk making its way onto his lips as the other turned a light pink color.

"H-Helios...we are in public..." Kyouya protested, obvious that he wasn't willing to let others see them.

"Oh, so now you are shy." Helios said in a venomous tone.

"I recall making a deal last night. One where we wouldn't let anyone know about us, you know, being an item." He spat back.

Helios puffed out his cheeks in anger, not wanting to cause a scene. "Fine, be that way." He said before turning around and making his way back home. He just wanted to cry, what kind of relationship was there that you couldn't tell others about? 'Is this even a real relationship?' He questioned before quickly shaking the thought out of his head. It couldn't already be that, him and Kyouya just got together. 'Kyouya is just nervous.' Helios reassured himself, not wanting to believe any other possibility.