#1 – Trust

Well I'm writing in english because I don't know if brazilians are in this 1st ZoRobin Day, so, I hope you enjoy this little one and don't mind about my english mistakes ^_^

Submerging below Sabaody was a tedious travel. Was a long way to gyojin island and Mugiwara's crew needed some fun. Sanji was unable to cook any food, so they were eating Kuja's food, and soon after talk about Batholomew Kuma, they started to talk about the past two years and what each one was doing and where was.

Franks told them about the labs of Dr. Vegapunk, and how he found some projects but made a cruel mystery about his body modifications. Chopper was the second one, telling about the small island and the conflict between giant birds and that strange folk and the library with a lot of medical knowledge. Nami talked about Wetheria and the elders who taught her all they knew. Brook told them about thousands shows and fans and the world of a celebrity. Sanji was so ashamed about these 2 years and just told them he had a lot of new recipes and had trained a lot. Usopp told them about an island where he grew huge variety of foods and where he had learned about seeds and had bravely every day against the relentless hunger of the island. But no one gave credence to his story. Luffy told them he had a lot of fun in an island with huge animals and where he fought them and ate a huge amount of meet every day.

Robin just smiled with calm eyes and just said that where she was she could study about Rio Poneghlyph and what was and how was formed the World Government.

All that time, Zoro was quiet, he still didn't know if he wanted to share that had been trained by his biggest rival. But Sanji asked a crucial question: "And marimo, what was that beauty negative lady was doing scolding you back on Sabaody?"

"Negative lady? You mean from Triller Bark?" Nami asked, while a vein poped on Zoro's forehead. "She was sent by Kuma to I don't know where that day… She is annoying…"Nami heard a sound besides her, Robin got up and headed to the rooms. "Don't ya, Zoro?"

"Annoying? More than that, she is a little brat"Robin stoped and Nami almost screamed a Yes!, but he continued, "but helped me a lot these two years, I can't complain, she was a good little sister."

After all that happened in gyojin island, that same night, Nami was in the girls' bedroom, waiting for Robin to come to sleep, she was committed to act matchmaker, knew that despite all the initial hostility they attract each other, you could feel the sexual tension between them.

When Robin came, Nami smiled and tried to start the topic.
"So, what you think about these past two years, ah?"

"Nami, you don't need to make rounds, what you want to know?" Robin smiled that simple way and sat down, crossing legs and looking directly to the other girl.

"Onee-san, I missed you so much!" Nami hugged Robin and smiled in a suggestive way. " Did you missed him?"


"Don't make yourself fool… Zoro…"

"I missed all of you…"

"I knew, he screw everything… That negative girl… If I can put my hand on that dammed prick…"

"What are you talking about, Nami?"
"He passes two years with a beautiful girl and you don't feel jealousy? I don't believe you!"

"It's simple… I trust him…"

"How could you? You don't know what happened there…"

"This is called love, Nami, you just trust or not. If you can't have trust in someone you love, this can't be love… I'll be on the deck…"

Robin just got a book, a coat and got out of the bedroom again, leaving Nami jawed.

"I can't believe this! For how long those bastards…" And then she laughed.

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