Lester and Hal were sitting at the bar, brooding silently and manfully over their mojitas when Lester spoke up:

"You know, Ranger's in a lot better mood these days."


"He hasn't given anybody the death glare. He hasn't pummelled anybody to a pulp. He hasn't shot anyone." Lester ticked off the list on his right hand.


"And Bombshell has also been around a lot lately."

Hal gave him a look. "Where you going with this, Les?"

"I'm saying there may be a direct correlation there. Cause and effect," he elaborated upon Hal's blank look. "Boss is so happy 'cuz his lady's making him happy."

Hal nodded slowly. "Yeah, okay, I follow you."

Lester swigged his mojitas. The customer beside him gave him a strange look, but abruptly shied away upon receiving Lester's glare. Just because they were a pair of muscled, heterosexual males didn't mean they couldn't drink a mojita at a bar at 7 in the evening.

"So, I asked myself, 'Lester, how much happier would the boss be if he hooked up with Bombshell full time?'"

"Real happy?" wagered Hal.

Lester slammed down his mojita. "Damn right he would! And you know what else?"

Hal gave an appropriately enquiring look.

"If he and Bombshell hooked up," Lester continued, "that means Ranger would be off the market. That means that there'll be less ladies swarming around him, which means there'll be more ladies swarming around us."

"Huh. I guess it'll be a good thing if they hooked up, then," Hal said. "So, what do you want to watch for movie night?"

Lester wasn't listening. Lester was busy gazing off into the distance, a thoughtful expression on his face.

"Hal," he finally said, "this is a golden opportunity. One that we can't just leave to fate."

Hal was puzzled. "The movie? We aren't leaving it to fate, we're choosing it right now. Personally, I'm leaning towards-"

"No!" Lester leaned forward, his eyes lighting up with the spark of an idea. "I'm talking about the boss and Bombshell. Hal, we can't just leave it to fate that they'll get together. We need to precipitate their hooking-up. We cannot let this opportunity to get more hot chicks slip away just because Ranger and Bombshell are a bit deluded about their feelings for one another."

Hal looked sceptical. "How?"

Lester smiled and slapped Hal reassuringly on the back. "Don't worry, ol' buddy. I've got a plan."


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