Sets place AFTER the Eclipse Project And before the Tartaros arc!

Edit: June 27, 2014

Lucy's P.O.V

I woke up early in the morning by the chirping of the birds.

Today's the day, huh? I sighed as I got my clothes and went to the bathroom. I stripped myself and went to the tub. I felt the warm water touch my skin. I got the strawberry scent shampoo and scrub it to my head. I grabbed my rose scent soap and scrubbed it on my body. At the time I was done I put on a white tank top and white with black polka dots skirt with combat boots. I sighed and summoned Plue.

I was balancing on the side with a fraud happiness.

"Morning Lucy-chan!" one of the boat rider says.

"Please be careful not to fall!" another shouted.

I turned around and smiled at them. "Morning! I will and thank you!"

As I reached my destination, the more depressed I get... I pushed the guild doors open.

"Ohayou Gozaimasu minna-san!*" I say, trying to keep my depression in check.

As I heard all the greetings, I beamed and tried not forgetting it for this was the last time I can ever hear it.

No, this isn't where I am ignored or everyone hates my guts. I know only Lisanna hates me, though. I couldn't blame her. Although... Something's going on with Lisanna... I got a feeling that it's bad.

My body walked toward my usual bar seat without any of my control.

"Mira, where Levy-chan?" I asked

"She is with Gajeel on a mission." Mira says, smiling.


"Are you alright, Lucy?" she asked. I nodded.

"Anything you want Lucy?"

"How about strawberry milkshake?"

"Coming right up"

Then, Mira left. That's when Erza, Natsu and Gray approached me, grinning.

"Luce, do you want to come on a mission with us?" Natsu asked, grinning while holding a mission.

"It has a high price. Enough to make your two months rent paid." Erza says.

"No thanks guys." I said. Normally, my eyes would be popping but not today.

"But we promised not to break stuffs!" Gray says.

"No thanks guys." I declined as Mira gave me my smoothie. I paid for it when I finished it.

3rd person's P. O. V

Lucy stood up from her seat and headed to the master's office, ignoring the looks of Mira, Natsu, Erza and Gray's stare piercing on her back.

The way Lucy moves makes everyone stare at her. The movement made Lucy more nervous than it is.

As she knock on Master Macarov's office, she heard a voice telling her to come in. She followed the command.

"What is it that you need child?" Macarov said, motioning her to sit down as she did follow.

"Master, it's time." Lucy said, looking down at her clenching hands, mostly her mark, which were laying on her lap.

Macarov's eyes widened. He knew this would happen one day. He prepared for it yet...Why does it still shock him? Why does it feel like the day she first told him that this would happen?

Macarov sighed with tears flowing out of his eyes, "Any last words as a Fairy Tail member?"

Lucy nodded as tears slipped out of her eyes to her Fairy Tail mark.

Her mark glowed but Lucy and Macarov ignored it.

"Master you were like the father I never had, Fairy Tail is my family. I love them so much but it's time to fulfill my duties as a Princess. I had my freedom given to me by my Mother, you, Team Natsu, Fairy Tail and somehow, even my father gave me freedom. Thank you..." she says, now looking up to her Master. Tears were freely running down to her cheeks.

"Very well then, hand me your hand" Macarov says as Lucy gave him her hand and without a minute her mark was gone.

Lucy went out of the master's office and downstairs. When suddenly—

"Fire dragon's roar!"

The roar hits Lucy. All watched as in shock as Lucy's body was forcefully thrown to the bar.

Mira's eyes widened.

"What the hell, Natsu?!" Mira shouted.

"Piss off." Natsu says, scowling.

"Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!"

"Fire Dragon's Crushing Fang!"

"Crimson Lotus: Fire Dragon's Fist!"

"Natsu! Stop this madness! Lucy's going to die!" Erza exclaims, worried at their Celestial mage.

Natsu didn't listen to Erza's shouts, he continue his torture to Lucy.

"Crimson Lotus: Exploding Flame Blade!"

Before the attack hits Lucy, Juvia, Gray and Erza made a move. Gray made a huge ice. Erza was on her Flame Empress Armor and was tackling Natsu from attacking. Juvia was behind Gray's ice for back-up.

The others were in a mental shock.

The ice melted as Juvia threw gallons of water at Natsu's attack, taking it out.

They all watched as Erza knocks Natsu unconscious.

The ice and fire made a huge smoke causing everyone to have the inability to see what happened to their beloved Celestial Mage.

As the smoke clears, their heart did too.

At the place of Juvia, Mira and Lucy reveals only Mira.

Juvia's P.O.V

Juvia is currently at the master's office after what Love Rival said, "I acknowledge your wish. Meet me at the entrance of the forest as a wizard and I shall grant it."

"Master, Juvia is coming with Lucy-san." Juvia states.

Master bit his lip and nodded. "As you wish."

Soon, Juvia's mark was gone. Juvia will miss everyone here... She puts out the box that Love Rival gave her and throws it on the floor, transporting Juvia in her room.

As soon as Juvia disappears on Macarov's sight, he turns his back from the place where she disappeared. He bit his lip and tears flowed out of his eyes.

"My children... I promise... I'll never cry for you again. Let me shed tears for you two for one last time and I won't.." with that he went out of his office...

"Oi, quiet brats!" he shouted stopping them from beating Natsu.

"Today, we lost two of our beloved comrades... And those are... Lucy Heartfilia and Juvia Lockser!" Fairy Tail's third and fifth generation master says.

"Finally!" a voice shouted, gleefully from the shadows.

The owner of the voice went out of the shadows, her short white hair glows on the sunshine. Her blue eyes were gleaming mischievously.

People gasps. People glared. People were shocked. Elfman was mad. Mira was embarrassed at her own sister. Happy was crying.

"Lisanna Strauss..."

Juvia's P.O.V

Juvia was late she can not even see Love Rival! At last, Juvia found love rival.

"Love rival! Juvia is here" Juvia said

"Chill... We'll start a new life starting... Now." she said, smiling.

"Since, both Love Rival and Juvia starts a new, I shall be myself! So, Lucy-san, where shall we go?" I asked, happy that I can finally do everything so freely.

"Your wish is to be stronger, yes?" she asked, I nodded.

"Well then... it's time." Lucy-san says, looking at her wrist as a portal appeared in front of us.

We entered it and it lead us to the world of...Dragons?!

"Welcome back Princess" The dragons said

"Why thank you, I'm glad too. This is Juvia Lockser, would you teach her two dragon slaying? I know she is easy to teach water element and she will pick what she wanted for her second element. Is that okay with you guys?"she asked them

"Anything for the, Princess"

"Juvia?" They asked me

"I pick electric dragon slaying"

3rd Person's P.O.V

After that, they started training nonstop except for sleeping and eating of course. They got stronger physically, emotionally and mentally. Juvia and Lucy have become best friends too with bonds close and no secrets. Juvia had move on with Gray and Lucy had move on with Natsu, Lucy was in love with Natsu before. They have mastered the dragon slaying that they need to master. When they realize they have trained for two years, they freaked out and there is where we continue our story.

'Ohayou Gozaimasu, minna-san' is 'Good Morning, everyone'