This is a challenge!

Loki has to be a seer and a sorcerer

It can be in Thor or avengers

This idea of Loki being a seer has been driving me crazy!

The reason Loki was in that temple is because its tradition for the new seer of jotunheim to be trained by their predecessor while still maintain relationships with their family. This story can go two ways Odin takes Loki with him of he doesn't.

If he takes Loki back to asgard Loki is still the odd misunderstood but still good, he acts weird and often spaces out while at the same time saying nonsense because he's having a vision. No one knows Loki is a seer besides Obin and Frigga; Thor found out by accident and was sworn to secrecy by his father to keep Loki safe. Because Loki is a seer he does not get his lips sowed, ruin Thor's coronation, and fall off the Bifrost etcetera instead its Amora that goes to Laufey.

Instead Loki can become part of the Avengers team with Thor or something whatever you want to do with this idea you do not have to fallow these guide lines all I as if you us this Idea send me a link so I may read your story.

If Odin does not take Loki.

Laufey does not resent his son for being a runt, He is very proud because although his first born is a runt he is also to be jotunheim new seer.

Loki was left in the temple because it's tradition for the new seers of jotunheim to be trained by their predecessor while still maintain relationships with their family. Loki in spite of his age acts childish and is often talking in riddles or complete nonsense because he is often seeing visions of the future. For example before Thor and his friend go to jotunheim.

Loki skips yes skips to his father's throne while humming a creepy tune and tells him that they're going to have asgardian visitors soon. Loki often sees everything as a game and want to play that often leads to someone getting hurt.

For being a runt Loki is strong as a regular jotun and twice as fast and flexible because of his small frame.

Because Loki is childish in this if he would somehow be sent to earth in the Avengers movies he would want to play with the mortals that would lead to chaos, so the avengers would be called and Loki would see it as new playmates. He neither a villain or a hero more like a vigilantly he does what he wants when he want.

As long a Loki is a childish seer jotun you can do whatever you want but please send me a link to the story or put Loki is a seer in the summary so I can find it.

I've recently realized that this idea might have too many stipulations and for that I apologize. This idea has been on my mind for so long I know it can be an amazing turn out. So as long as Loki remains a seer you can do whatever you want with it. Maybe everything happens like in the movies but there's a reason for everything Loki does that only he knows, there is method to his madness.

Example: Loki's mouth was sown shut but what no one know is that Loki wanted that to happen because no one knew he's seer but rumors are spreading that may reveal his closely guarded secret. Loki could have a dream/vision of a plan to hurt Thor in order for find out if Loki is a true seer, because the only way to prevent it is if Loki steps in or tells someone of his vision. Loki being Loki refuses to be cornered come up with a plan, a crazy despite plan but still a plan of his making leading to dwarfs sowing his mouth shut.

Loki could have a vision of no matter what he does frost giants still ruin Thor's coronation. Frustrating Loki so much that no matter what he does it will still happen.

At some point someone find out Loki is a seer, Odin, Frigga, Tony anyone. Being a seer could be Loki's most closely guarded secrets that Loki will do anything to keep it. I just would like to see new reasons for why Loki does what he does.

Whatever you choose I know the story will be amazing. If you want to collaborate a story together, even bounce ideas back and forth I have no problems with that.