This is just something I came up with if you all like it and I get enough reviews ill continue this story

The characters in this story are not mine they are the property of jk Rowling wish they were mind though but oh well.

She was always there for me even in the end she was there in spirit after all I did to her and her son. Lily was my life and when she ended our friendship I lost my soul reason to live. I tried gaining her friendship back but nothing worked. What was my purpose in life why was I born into this life where everyone I cared even a little bit about or is supposed to be there for me leave me our hurt me. I can't tell you how many times I have thought about just ending it all. Thiers nothing here for me except empty promises and a broken heart. Why do I feel nothing anymore, I'm just and empty husk of a man passing through life. I have no worth except to be the puppets of two forces, Dumbledore may say he cares about me but I have my doubts, where he was when James potter and Sirius black decided to torcher me continually with pranks he was siding with them. Even when black tried to kill me by using Remus werewolf form to try and kill me nothing happened I was the one who got in trouble not them. When can I have my dream life back and not this nightmare I'm actually living? Well I guess it doesn't matter anymore I'm dying I know that and I'm not scared I'm relieved to be able to join the one piece of happiness I had in this world.