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People talking, "Hello everyone."

People thinking, "Damn you all."

Demon talking, "I will eat you."

Demon thinking, "This tastes worse than shit."

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Konohagakure no Sato (Hidden Leaf Village), was experiencing one of its greatest catastrophes since the first Hokage, and Madara Uchiha founded it. The Kyūbi no Yōko (Nine-Tailed Fox), had appeared in the village out of nowhere and began to destroy it, causing extensive damage and casualties.

Hiruzen Sarutobi, aka the Sandaime Hokage, was organizing the troops that would take care of the Kyūbi. He had planned a direct attack, where the principal clans of the village would be the 'bait' so that he can have time to summon Enkōō Enma (Monkey King: Enma) to use one of the Jutsu that made him the Shinobi no Kami (God of Shinobi). That Jutsu was the Henge: Kongōnyoi (Transformation: Adamantine Staff), and he intended to use it to pull the Kyūbi away from the village, to reduce the collateral damage that the fox was causing.

Having everything ready, the Sandaime commanded the troops to carry the plan out.

With the Kyūbi away from the village, everyone thought that they could now make a better plan to contain the demon fox outside the village.

It seemed that everything was fine until everyone felt a tremendous amount of chakra that came from the Kyūbi, turning around and looking up, they could see that the Kyūbi was creating a giant chakra ball right in front of his snout.

Hiruzen, who was aware of this technique, felt panic, but he but could not show weakness; he had to protect his village, so he gave new orders.

"Anyone who can use the Earth Element, step forward and use the Doton: Doryūheki. We need to hold back that attack or everything will be lost." The Sandaime said while all the Earth users began to use the Jutsu, but it was too late since the Kyūbi was about to throw the Bijūdama (Tailed Beast Ball). However, just when everybody had thought that they would die, a huge toad appeared out of nowhere and fell upon the Kyūbi, and a second later, the Kyūbi had disappeared from that place.

Hiruzen, who was closer, could just think "Minato."

Minutes before

The Yondaime Hokage had been in a fierce battle against a mysterious masked man. That strange man was powerful. However, it wasn't his power what worried him, but his final words, "I'll be back, and the Kyūbi will be mine," and after that, the man disappeared into a swirling distortion.

However, Minato could not worry about that now since the Kyūbi was still in his village and he had to protect it.

He would not allow this to continue; he had to seal the Kyūbi again, and he could only think of one thing that might work.


The Yondaime Hokage had transported the Kyūbi to a place far away from the village, where the beast would cause no more damage. He disappeared in a yellow flash and reappeared in the same way. This time, a red-haired and very tired-looking woman, who carried in her arms two bundles wrapped in blankets of orange and black color, accompanied him.

These people were Kushina Uzumaki, the wife of the Yondaime Hokage; Menma Uzumaki; and Naruto Uzumaki. They were their children, and both of them were blond and had dark blue eyes.

The Yondaime was exhausted, but he still had to seal the fox. Kushina realizing what her husband had in mind became concerned. Therefore, chains made of chakra came out of her back that coiled around the Kyūbi, keeping him still.

"Minato… you can't do this if you do that; we'll condemn the lives of our children. Let me do this, I will take the Kyūbi along with me, and I will delay his rebirth." Kushina pleaded with difficulty as she tightened the chakra chains.

Minato didn't want to do this either, but he didn't know where the Kyūbi could reborn, and his rebirth would be much worse if anyone else caught him.

Therefore, he placed a barrier around the area and told Kushina about his short battle with the mysterious man.

"I understand…" Kushina said after hearing all that, but she still was undecided; she knew that their children would have a hard life with much pain and loneliness if they did this, but she was confident that they could master this power, and protect those who despised them.

Then Minato continued with the ritual, he summoned two stones and placed both of their children there. Then he explained what he would do.

"Kushina, I will use the Shiki Fujin (Sealing Jutsu: Reaper Death Seal) to seal the Kyūbi's power in Menma, and the Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style) to seal the Kyūbi's consciousness within Naruto. I trust in Sandaime-sama; he will take care of our children, and he won't let that anything bad happen to them." Minato stated as he did the seals to summon the Shinigami (Death God). He already knew that this would cost his life, but it was for the sake of the village and the Elemental Nations.

The Death God was visible for Minato, so he continued with the ritual. Then a transparent blue hand came out from Minato's stomach, which headed to the Kyūbi until grabbing him. Minato extracted as much chakra as he could from him, it was about 95% of the Kyūbi's total power, and he quickly sealed it inside Menma, but this was not over yet. So he quickly performed more hand seals and shouted "Hakke no Fūin Shiki (Eight Trigrams Sealing Style)," and he immediately sealed the rest of the Kyūbi's power and consciousness inside Naruto.

"Done." An exhausted Minato said as he looked at the Shinigami. While he was waiting for his fate, he never realized that he was archly smiling. Therefore, when he thought that the Shinigami had spared his life, he turned around to see Kushina, who was not moving. He quickly ran to her, but it was too late, so he turned around again and furiously glared at the Shinigami.

"What did you do?" Minato asked, but the Shinigami could not stop smiling. He raised his sword and pointed it to where his children were, more specifically, to where Naruto was.

Minato realized that his son began to convulse while a red cloak surrounded him. He quickly ran towards him and tried to raise him, only to find out that it was like touching the acid. Therefore, he turned around to look to the Shinigami, but this time with an eye of hatred, only to find out that he was gone.

He turned around to see Naruto again, who had stopped moving, and the cloak of red chakra had disappeared. Minato panicked and picked his son up, only to find out that he was not breathing. He tried to do something but then realized that it was too late. He cried on his chest as several ANBU along with the Sandaime arrived at the scene.

The Sandaime had seen everything, and even though he couldn't see the Shinigami, he knew that Minato had summoned him. Nonetheless, he didn't know why Minato was still alive. So he asked himself what the Shinigami did. Therefore, he approached Minato, placed a hand on his shoulder and whispered a few words.

"Minato, let's go back to the village," He said as gently as he could. He was also quite sad, this little creature didn't do anything wrong, and he had died. Minato turned around to try to say something, but he noticed that his son began to move. He thought it was just a case of catalepsy, but then he noticed something, his child's hair started to change to a red color, and his eyes turned red with vertical-slit pupils. To say that Minato was scared would be an understatement; he was terrified. He thought that the Kyūbi took possession of the body of his son. So, unconsciously, he dropped Naruto from his hands and before he touched the ground, Hiruzen caught him.

Minato's behavior surprised Hiruzen, who could ask only, "What happened?" Minato turned around as he looked at Naruto with hate, "The Kyūbi took possession of the body of my son, and he killed him. That is no longer my Naruto; he is the Kyūbi!" Hiruzen was in shock; he did not believe that something like this had happened.

Minato knew he was irrational and that he came to that conclusion very quickly, but all that had happened would not let him think clearly.

Hiruzen thought that Minato has been just tired, so he said. "Minato, I think you should rest, and we will see what happened to your son. Don't say such things. That might just be a side effect because you sealed the Kyūbi within your child."

Maybe what Hiruzen had said was true, but Minato would not think clearly. He was mad, mad with himself for not doing things properly, mad because his wife died and it seemed that the Shinigami took her soul rather than his and killed his son in the process.

He raised his hand and pointed it at Naruto while saying, "If that's true, why Menma wasn't affected?"

This statement took Hiruzen by surprise, and he didn't know how to answer. Therefore, Minato let out a bitter laugh and continued. "I already guessed it… That's not my son, not anymore. The Kyūbi killed him and took possession of his body, if you want to worry about him, fine do it. But I won't acknowledge that demon as my son, take him out of here before I do something that I might regret." He wanted to kill him immediately, but if he did it, all would be in vain.

The Kyūbi would be reborn again, and the masked man could catch him at that right moment, or even worse, the Kyūbi could go into the body of his other son to possess him as he did with Naruto.

He turned around while taking Menma with him, after that, he looked to the front and faced Hiruzen, "Gather the council, I have to tell them what happened here, and we have to see what we'll do with the demon. But remember, he's not my son." Minato menacingly said and disappeared in a yellow flash.

Hiruzen, who had the child in his arms, saw him peacefully sleeping. So he gave him a loving look and thought, "I hope that your foolishness doesn't cause regrets in the future. Especially for you, Minato."

Council Chamber (10 hours later)

Many people had been gathered in the council chamber; there were the clan leaders of the village. The Hyūga, Nara, Uchiha, Akimichi, Aburame, Inuzuka, Sarutobi and Yamanaka, with their respective main heads. Besides there were the elders, Danzō Shimura, Homura Mitokado and Koharu Utatane and several civilian members (they didn't have any power, and they were only there due to societal pressure). Many of them were murmuring the reason of why the Hokage assembled them while the others waited for the Hokage to explain the events of yesterday.

Suddenly the council doors opened, and all the conversations ceased. The Yondaime Hokage, who had a scowl, entered the council's room and sat in his seat; he looked to the front and saw that everyone had confused expressions on their faces, so he decided to speak.

"As you already knew, yesterday was the most terrible day in our village. The Kyūbi attacked us, and it caused severe damage to our village, as well as innumerable civilian casualties and Shinobi alike." He calmly said, then he proceeded to tell everything that happened yesterday to his council, but omitting a few things, like the masked man who attacked him, the fact that he sealed the power of the Kyūbi inside his son Menma. And of course, the fact that Naruto was his son, but not that he had sealed the Kyūbi inside him.

At the end of his tale, the civilian council members, together with some people of the Shinobi Council, clamored for the Demon child's head before he lost control and killed everybody in the village. But before things got out of control, someone else spoke.

"Poor fools." Said someone in the room, everybody got silent and saw Danzō standing up from his seat. Many asked themselves what he had in mind, but Minato and Hiruzen knew what he wanted to do, so he continued. "Do you not understand? We could make of this child the greatest weapon that Konoha could have ever made. With my training, he will protect this village, and he will not be able to oppose to us." He murmured, and was about to continue, but Hiruzen decided to speak before he could.

"Danzō, we understand what you mean, but he is just a baby, we cannot consider him a weapon. We should just let him have a quiet life, and when he is old enough to enter the academy, we could send him there and when he is ready, he will protect this village as a Konoha Shinobi, not as a weapon." Hiruzen ended.

Minato wanted to give Danzō the Demon child, but he knew that he would use him as his personal weapon only, and that was something that he wouldn't accept. All his efforts and Kushina's sacrifice would be in vain. Then he took the floor and said.

"Sandaime-sama is correct. We cannot consider him as a weapon, at least not yet. Therefore, since the child has no parents, I will put him in an orphanage and the people from there will take care of him. Besides that, nobody can adopt him. I don't want that anyone of you have him in your clan and want to consider him as a weapon too, this meeting is over, dismiss." Minato ended; he just wanted to stick a kunai in the Demon's head, but he could not do it. He would have to endure his hatred for the sake of the village.

With a "Hai Hokage-sama" the members began to withdraw, except for Hiruzen and Minato, the first one gave his Hokage a sad look.

"You know very well that the words spoken here will expand throughout the village, Minato, and in no time, everyone will know that he is the container of the Kyūbi. You should…"

But before he could continue, Minato hit his desk abruptly as he spoke. "He is not the container; he's the damn demon fox that took possession of the body of my son. I should have killed him, but I cannot ignore the sacrifices of my son and Kushina. If the people of the village want to do something to him, fine then, I don't care. That demon won't die so easily. He won't want to leave this place too soon, send one of your personal ANBU if you want to protect him, but it cannot be more than one." He ended with a look of hatred, but not towards Hiruzen.

Hiruzen just sighed and turned around. "Fine, but I hope you don't regret this decision in the future," He said, and then Hiruzen left the room as he called one of his ANBU to protect the child

Meanwhile, Minato was still in the room with some thoughts. "That damn demon, someday, I will discover how I can get rid of you so that you can't come back to live again. And when that day comes, I will personally kill you." Then he stood up and disappeared in a yellow flash to go home. He still had a son whom he had to care for, and he could not fail this time.

Five years later - October 10

A five-year-old boy with reddish hair and whisker marks on his cheek, who looked rather scrawny, was walking through the streets of Konoha as he asked himself. "What did I do? Why do the people hate me so much? Why do they always have to hit me on my birthday? Why no one wants to recognize me?"

This boy was Naruto, he didn't have a surname, but he still was happy to have a name. He wondered if his parents also hated him, and if they just gave him a name to disappear later.

He was tired, tired of this village; he promised that one day he would make pay to each one of the inhabitants. No one showed compassion for him, so, if he were to become stronger, he would not show any sympathy for these vile people.

So he continued walking around the village, taking care not to run into drunks that abounded this day or he would pay it dearly. He was hungry, the people from the orphanage had expelled him two years ago, and he only ate what was among the garbage from the restaurants and food stalls.

He just wanted to have an ordinary birthday, dammit! Like those, he saw the other kids having in the orphanage. However, they never celebrated one for him. They had always said. "Stupid demon, you don't deserve anything." Then they always ended up hitting him and giving him tiny portions of food.

So after leaving the orphanage, he tried to steal some food to soothe his stomach a bit. Nevertheless, when the people saw him doing that, they beat him until they were satisfied, but it was well worth it if he could calm his stomach a little bit. He would be dead by now if it weren't for a supernatural being that lived within his body, but he was not aware of him, at least not yet.

He was so deep in his thoughts that he didn't realize that he entered an area where people were celebrating the victory of their beloved Yondaime Hokage against the Kyūbi. One of those who were there noticed his presence and said.

"Look what we have here; it's none other than the demon brat. I guess he came here to finish what he couldn't five years ago." They always told him that, but he didn't understand why they said that.

The others who were with the man turned around and looked at Naruto with looks of hatred and malice.

One of them said. "Today we'll get rid of this demon and become the heroes of this village." After saying that, he pulled a knife out and another group approached them as they surrounded Naruto, who panicked.

"What are they going to do to me?" Naruto asked himself. He had to run, run away from them and hide in one of his hiding spots.

He was able to sneak away from them and started to run. However, these men would not let him get away that easily, so everybody began to chase him. It was like a mob of 20 people who were pursuing him with all their speed.

Naruto cursed himself; if he had been stronger. If he would have had more power. He thought that he should just stop running and die at last. After all, if this were all his life was going to be, maybe he should stop trying.

He began to shed tears from his eyes as he continued running. However, his legs were tiny and eventually those men would catch him. However, he couldn't surrender this quickly; he needed to keep trying, and that's why he thought the following. "I will never surrender; these bastards still have to pay. I only need to run and manage to escape from here. Dammit, I wish I were stronger!" He ran so much that he reached one of the training camps of the village, but unfortunately for him, he had stumbled, and the people were finally able to catch him.

A man approached him and took him by his neck to say. "Stupid demon, you can't escape now. When we're done with you, we'll be the heroes of this village, and maybe, we'll get paid for killing you." Naruto noticed that the breath of this man smelled like hell, it was obvious that he was drunk, but Naruto could not say anything because the man was grabbing him by his neck vigorously.

Then the man threw him to the ground and proceeded to beat him hard. The others approached too since they also wanted to do something to 'the demon brat'. They would not let this man have all the fun, so they started to kick him, throw stones at him, and the man who found him began to stab him in his legs. Naruto could do nothing; he was dying.

Nevertheless, after a moment, Naruto realized that he now was elsewhere. The place looked like a sewer, and it had several leaks, besides, he didn't feel any pain in this place except a burning sensation in his eyes, he thought he was in heaven or maybe even hell. Then he heard a grunt, so he approached the place where he heard that noise.

When he arrived, he saw an enormous cage with a piece of paper with the word 'seal,' so he got closer to the cage just to hear someone speaking.

"We finally meet brat; I can see that you're having problems." The voice said. It sounded furious, but he realized that the anger was not directed at him.

Thus, he approached towards him. "Who are you?" He asked, he wanted to know, this thing, whatever it was, was talking to him, and for once, there wasn't hate in those words.

The thing inside there spoke hoarsely. "Who am I? That doesn't matter right now, the only thing that now matters is that you have to survive, brat. If you die, then I would die too." He replied.

Naruto looked at him for a moment, but then he crossed his arms as he spoke, "Hmph, unless you tell me who you are I won't do anything. Besides, what can I do? Those men caught me, and I'm not strong enough to do something, I don't know what I can do." He finished clenching his fists.

The Kyūbi growled and looked at him. "Fine then, I am the Kyūbi no Yoko, but before you start with your questions, we need to survive. Don't worry about your wounds, I'll take care of that, you only have to take care of these bastards. I know that you'll come up with something; I'm sure of it." He ended with a smile, but Naruto couldn't have seen it since he was behind the bars and it was quite dark back there.

He was surprised that he was the Kyūbi; he thought that the Yondaime had killed him, maybe he lived inside him, and maybe that was the reason for the hate towards him. However, it was not the time for questions. He had to survive first, and after that, he could ask all the questions he wanted.

"Okay, can you do something?" He asked; he also wanted to survive; he had to make everyone in this stupid village pay, every one of them.

The Kyūbi looked at him and nodded. "Don't worry, I have everything covered." After that, Naruto disappeared from his mindscape and reawakened when most of the men had stopped hitting him, many of them had satisfied looks on their faces, but everything changed when they heard a growl coming from Naruto, so they turned around, and one of them said.

"Well, it seems the demon won't give up, I think we should kill him conclusively." At the end of his speech, he pulled a knife out and proceeded to try to stab him in his heart.

He approached him, and he noticed some disturbing things, first that his eyes were not reddish anymore; rather they were purple with a ripple-like pattern while a red cloak began to surround him, healing his wounds very fast. The man was scared, he tried to run away, but it was too late.

Naruto stood up with a big grunt. All he wanted to do was to make these people, who had caused him so much pain, disappear; he didn't know what he was doing; he was not aware of his actions. He heard a few words in his mind and repeated them only. "Shinra Tensei (Almighty Push)," Saying those words, things happened quickly; all those people were thrown and were crushed by a massive force. They could do nothing and all of them ended up dead.

After that, Naruto fainted while his eyes returned to normal, and while he rested in the center of the crater he made. Meanwhile, someone inside him smiled satisfactorily. "This will be interesting for both of us, Naruto." He ended up with a wicked smile.

In the distance, a man who was wearing a black robe and an unconventional mask had observed everything that had happened very carefully. Therefore, he thought, "I must inform Danzō-sama about this." Then he disappeared in a puff of smoke.

He left Naruto in that crater; the place was well away from the suburbs, and people would take long to find him. Hence, after he informed his master about what he saw, he would calmly pick him up from there.


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