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** Chinese scientists at the Shanghai Second Medical University in 2003 successfully fused human cells with animal eggs. The embryos were reportedly the first human-animal chimeras successfully created. They were allowed to develop for several days in a laboratory dish before the scientists destroyed the embryos to harvest their stem cells. And at Stanford University in California an experiment was being conducted to recreate human hybrids. When the government found out about the university's illegal experiments all evidence and scientific find was destroyed along with all human hybrids. But decades before the experiment was conducted in California, a team of scientists were being funded by a very curious anonymous and eccentric billionaire. Ney York City was where they decided to play God and create more than several species of human hybrids. Underneath the nose of the government. **

All I could think right now was how bad my head hurt. In fact my entire body was aching. I opened my eyes and everything I saw was blurry. I looked around the room I was in. it was some sort of a lab. To put simply it was a laboratory. There was only one light on and it was flickering. I sat up and notice I was lying on a hospital bed; I looked up and noticed all the little tubes connected to me. One was pumping blood and the other was pumping some sort of medicine, but both the bags were empty. I was also hooked up to other machines, but it looks like the machines have been off for awhile now. My mouth was very dry, like I haven't had anything to drink in a long time. I pulled out the breathing tube that had stopped functioning. I rubbed my eyes and my hands felt, funny. I looked down at my hand.

My hands are green! Five fingers, but green. I uncovered myself and notice my entire body was green. I am completely naked, except for my turtle shell. I am a giant turtle? I lifted my arms to my chest; it bulged out on the top. I'm a female, I felt the top of my head, and I had hair. But what is my name? Who am I? I started to move my legs and they felt numb, like I've been asleep for too long. I looked around and on the other side of the room was a wheel chair. I moved my numb legs to the side of the hospital bed. And pulled the tubes out of my body. The facility was very quiet; I couldn't hear a thing, besides the buzzing sound of the flickering light. I tried to stand up but my knees buckled under my weight. I fell to the cold hard floor. My hair formed around me, I picked some of it up with my hand. In the light I couldn't tell what color it was. But it was very long, almost right above my butt. I wonder if I have been here a long time. And I wonder why I can't remember anything.

I army crawled to the wheelchair and got in. it felt like it took me a half hour, I feel very weak and drained of all my energy. But I need to find out who I am and I need to find something to drink. I gave myself a few minutes to regain my strength. I looked towards the counters, there was a sink! I wheeled myself over and pleaded it would turn on. When I turn the faucet, the best thing I saw since waking up was the sweet cool stream coming down from the sink, water! I drank until I my stomach couldn't hold anymore, my head felt like it didn't hurt as much. But I wish I could say the same for my body. It still ached and screamed from the pain. I looked over the counter and saw files, I picked one up. But no names on the files, they were all numbers. Patient 01, Patient 02, Patient 03. There was more but I couldn't reach it. Then my stomach started to move. Was it the water I drank? I put my hand on my lower belly, I felt something move. I got scared, first I don't know where I am, then I can't remember who I am and now I don't know what's wrong with me.
I was about to start crying when I heard a loud noise. It was beyond the door that kept me in this room. I looked around wanting to hide because I can hear steps approaching; I didn't know what to do. So I hunched over my moving belly and started to weep silently. Then I heard the door open, in hush voices I heard one say to another, "Who is she?" "Is she alive?" "Go check Donny." And I heard steps approach me and I saw a hand move to my wrist and, Donny checked for my pulse. "She's alive guys." He then shakily moved my head up. I looked into his face, his eyes told me that he was here to help me and wasn't going to hurt me. He smiled and said, "Would you like to come with us?" he was like me, a giant green turtle, but he wore a purple mask on his face. His cheeks became red when he asked me the question. I didn't know what to do so I started crying very hard. I leaned into his shoulder and he grabbed me. He tried to stand me up but I couldn't. I whispered to him, "My legs won't work, I need help." And as soon as I said this he picked me up bridal style. As dim as it was his face became even redder. He began to walk towards three other's just like him, us. They all wore different colored masks, purple, red, blue, and orange. The one in the orange smiled at me and said, "Its ok sweetie we'll take care of you." I got scared and moved my head into the purple masked chest. I can feel his heartbeat move faster when I did this.

"It's okay lady, he's just an idiot. I don't think he met any harm to ya." The one in the red mask said quietly while smacking the one in the orange mask. We started to leave the room I woke up to not too long ago. I looked around the room one last time. The one in the purple mask looked at me and said, "Are you alright?" I looked at him and shook my head in disagreement. "I think there are more than just me here." They stopped and looked at me. "What do you mean 'more than you here'?" asked the one in the blue mask. I pointed towards the files where I was moments ago. The blue mask walked over and grabbed the files and started looking through them.

Alright guys let's find the others; they are in their cells according to the files. I whispered to the one holding me, "If I'm too heavy you can put me back in the wheelchair?" he chuckled then said, "You must weigh 90 pounds tops, to me that's more than underweight. What's your name?" I looked towards the floor and shrugged my shoulders. "I don't know who I am, or what I am. Just before you got here I woke up connected to those entire machines and thirsty beyond belief. I don't even know what year we are in." he looked towards the machines and then back at me.

"Donny!" the blue one yelled out, and quickly the one in the purple mask looked at him. "Yeah?" he answered back. "We will go find the other's stay here with her until we get back, keep your tracker on at all times. We shouldn't be too long." Donny nodded in agreement and the others ran off very quietly. "Donny?" I questioned him he nodded in agreement. "It's short for Donatello, those are my brothers. The one in the blue is Leonardo, we call him Leo. The one in the red is Raphael, also known as Raph. And the one in the orange is Michelangelo but you can call him Mikey." I smiled at him, "Ok good to know." He told me of his origin and his master Splinter and that up to know it was just them. But they found me, and there might be possibly others here.

He put me back on the bed while he told me his story, finally he cleared his throat. "Now, you say you can't walk?" I nodded my head. "They feel numb to me like I've been asleep for a very long time." He looked at the machines, and nodded his head. "Maybe you have been asleep for a long time. Last week we were here and shut this place down. It was crawling with bad guys doing terrible experiments to other people and animals. We recently found out they have been functioning for decades without being confronted about it. We came here today scavenging for anything useful that we can use for our lab and workshop, and then we found you." He smiled at me, I smiled back at him. He cleared his throat, turned red and looked around the room again. "You must be very smart Donny." He smiled and didn't disagree with the comment. "Umm, do you mind if I examined your leg's miss?" I nodded my head and watched. He grabbed the bottom of my left leg; I noticed I have five toes on each foot. But Donny only has three fingers and two toes.

He started massaging my leg, his skin felt warm on my cold leg. He moved up to my knee then he stopped and knocked on my knee. It responded by kicking out into the air. "Well that's a good sign; your lower half of your body isn't paralyzed. My theory is that you were in a coma state for while. You can talk and move correctly. I'm guessing you were out possibly a week or two. And you say you have no recollection about what happened to you at all?" I shook my head, "I don't even know my own name." after I weakly said these words I started to cry again. He put his arm on my shoulder. "I don't feel good Donny, and my stomach keeps moving around." I grabbed his hand and put it on my lower abdomen. He had a confused look on his face. He scanned the room again and moved a machine towards where I was. He turned it on and told me to lie down on my back. I did what I was told, for some reason I could trust this turtle, man.

He put a device that was connected to the machine on my lower abdomen and started to move it around. The machine started to make weird noises, like a thumping noise. His expression turned to shock! "Umm, well, umm, I know what's moving around." His hands started to shake nervously. I looked towards the screen he was looking at. Then I saw it. It was a tiny turtle in my belly. So tiny in fact I had to squint to make the shape of it. I heard myself gasp. I put one of my hands on my mouth. "Donny? Am I pregnant?" he looked at me than back at the monitor. "It looks like you are, according to the ultrasound machine you look like you can be anywhere between 13-14 weeks, about your second trimester." Then everything went black.

I can feel someone slapping my face and pouring water on my forehead. "Hey! Wake up, please wake up. Don't go back to sleep, come back to me." I opened my eyes and saw Donny shaking my shoulders. I blinked my eyes. "I still don't know my name Donny." He let out a sigh of relief. "I'm sorry for telling you that. I forgot Coma patients need to calmly come back and not receive shocking news." I sat back up and looked at him. "When I first woke up everything was a shock. So it's not your fault. I just wish I can remember my name at least." He smiled and picked me up bridal style. I threw my arms around him; it felt nice to know someone under my circumstances. He walked me back over to the wheelchair and put me back in it. I looked at him and he looked back at me. "Thank you Donny." We both smiled and he said "Your welcome, don't worry I will do everything I can to help find out who you are."

We both smiled then we heard a crash. He looked towards the door then jumped in front of me. And then he pulled out a long stick. Some sort of weapon. He got into what looked like a stance. He went towards the door and looked at me putting his finger towards his mouth motioning me to be quiet. I nodded my head and agreement. I moved my wheelchair behind the door as fast as my weak arms could go. He opened it up slightly and we could hear fighting. "Wait here!" he told me and he bolted out the door, closing it on his way out. I started to get worried. I looked down at my useless legs. 'Why won't you work?' then suddenly both my feet twitched. I stretched them out. And then I decided to stand up. I locked my wheelchair into place and started to stand up. I could feel my body shake and starting to sweat. I moved my right foot in front of the left foot. And then I let go of the wheelchair that I was holding on to. Then I walked to the other side of the door. I grabbed the door handle and opened it.

There was a long hallway leading in two different directions. I looked towards the left, than the right. I could hear arguing coming towards the left side of the hall. So I used the wall as support and started slowing walking towards the voices. I could recognize Donny's voice as one of them. Then I could hear him in pain. 'I need to help him.' I looked on the floor and there was debris and rubble laying everywhere. Then I saw his weapon lying among the rubbish. I bent over and picked it up, it was very heavy. I walked a little faster towards the fighting. They were all in a room fight two others like us. Both were males like them, but much bigger in height and size. My legs felt like they wanted to give way under my weight. But this time I won't let them.

The giant's had spikes growing out of their shells and sharp teeth and long claws. They both looked a dark brown in color and their teeth were dripping in drool. I saw one of them grab Donny by the neck and hoist him up in the air. I gasped and looked at the weapon in my hand. I hit the giant's head with it as hard I could and he looked at me. I did not faze him one bit. It looks like I pissed him off.

I gasped and froze where I was. I turn to run but my legs buckled underneath me. I fell again to the hard floor. I looked up in horror to the giant that was going to hurt me and the others. But instead of hurting me the giant picked me up over its shoulder and started walking down the hallway. Something told me to defend myself, but I felt so weak and I know I can't hurt this giant. I wanted to cry wondering if I will ever see those brothers again. Donny's kind eyes flashed in my mind. I don't want to be a helpless victim. So I started kicking the giant and swinging my arms. I turned to his face and started attacking him. I looked towards the door where the others were still battling the other giant. Then Donny came sprinting out and hit the giant, which was carrying me, over the head with a cinderblock. He fell to the ground and my legs were crushed underneath his weight. I scooted myself away from him, after Donny picked up the giant. I looked around than towards Donny. "Who were they? And why were they attacking us?" he shook his head. "I don't know, let me go ask." He helped me up than threw my arm over his shoulder to help me walk.

The first thing I notice was he turned red again. Than how much muscle this guy had. I mean he was physically fit to lift a cow! I looked down at our legs he had lots of muscle. Then I noticed my body didn't have muscles, but very thin limbs. No wonder why he didn't mind carrying me. Then my eyes traveled to our arms, I noticed the difference. He was strong. I was weak. Then his face again, his eyes were so warming and inviting. He also didn't have hair like me. Then I felt myself starting to get red. He was noticeably taller than me. He cleared his throat, "Are you okay?" I blinked my eyes and noticed I was starting at him. "Oh, I'm sorry. I really like the color of your bandanna." That was the best I could come up with. His face got red again and he walked me down the hallway. "Uh thanks?"

His brother Mikey came running down the hallway, "Dude you missed it I beat that guy with one blow to the head. POW! And then Leo kicked him in the gut. POW! Than Raph slapped him in the face." The other two came walking around the room and both shook their heads at Mikey's story. "Stop exaggerating Mikey, or should I say showing off." Raph said. Mikey glared at him before he started to say something Leo started going on about how they should be quiet ninjas and not boastful. I rolled my eyes and looked at Donny again. "He must be the older brother huh?" Donny chuckled than looked at me. "Other's call it fearless leader. But Leo what are we going to do with these big guys? We can't just leave them here. If they escape from the building they could do some serious damage to the city or the people." Leo started to think and waved Donny to come on over.

Donny was about to put me down to sit on the floor again but for some reason I was too scared. What if another giant came from around the corner? I shook my head no; I didn't want to leave Donny's sight for another minute. "Don't worry I'll be right over there and you don't have to be scared." Mikey came running over with a big grin on his face. "If you want Mikey can help watch you." I shook my head in disapproval. "Aww, what? You can't be scared of little old me are you?" I looked down the hall where the giant was trying to take me. Then a flash of memory was coming back to me. Down the hallway was an elevator and a staircase. Going down eight more flights will lead us to the others.

"Oh my, Donny I know where the other's are if they are still there?" him and Mikey were about to start arguing then they both looked at me. "Others?" Mikey questioned me. "Yes others, like me!" I told them. By then Leo and Raph ran over to catch out conversation. "What do you think Leo should we go investigate? Or should we worry about these guys before anything?" Donny asked Leo. Leo grabbed what looked like to be his cell phone. "I will call for assistance with LH and Casey. We need to have these guys moved before it gets morning. We can move them to LH HQ, he still has the cell's from before doesn't he Donny?" Donny nodded his head. "Good, then how about you three investigate about the other's who could still be here." Donny looked at me and sat me down on the floor, "You don't mind staying with Leo until we come back right?" I didn't say anything. Just pulled my legs up to my chest and put my head down. My body still ached; my stomach throbbed with pain when the giant threw me on his shoulders. I nodded my head in agreement.

I sat there and listen to the others run to the cells, to see if others were there. If this place was shut down for almost a week maybe the others escape, like these big guys. I wonder who they are, and why did this big guy try to carry me off on his shoulder. Was he an enemy or a friend? Leonardo grabbed what looked like some rope and started to tie the giants up by the ankles and then he put their big hands behind their shells and tied them up that way as well. I got up before my legs cramped up on me and walked towards Leonardo. "Can I do anything to help you?" I politely and quietly asked. He looked up at me and smiled, "No thanks I pretty much got it. So you don't know your name then?" I shook my head. "Well you're going to need a name, should I help you pick one?" I started to think about this. "I don't know. What kind of names are there? Even if I could remember I don't think I've ever had a name." After he got done tying up the giant that attacked me he looked at me and said, "Well you are the first female of our species that we have ever met. And in the human beginning the first woman's name is Eve. Do you like that name?" I started thinking about the name, it didn't have much though put into it. "Well I can think about it, not sure if I really like it." I smiled at him and he smiled back at me.

In the same way Donny smiled at me, Leo's smile was a big comfort. Physically Leo had way more muscles than Donny did. Also his eyes were not only comforting, but very serious as well. He walked around the giant, "What are you going to do with them? I feel like I know who they are, but I can't remember right now." I asked Leo, he looked at his phone than back at me, "Well we're going to take them back to our friend's place, he is a genius like Donny and he has some cell's that we can put them in so they won't hurt anyone else. Did he hurt you?" Leo asked me. I quickly told him no and that I was fine. But he didn't look convinced. "Well, my stomach hurts but it might be what's inside Me." he looked confused and walked over to me, "May I?" asking my permission to touch my stomach. I nod my head, he gently put his hand on my stomach and moved his hand around slightly and when he was about to give up, he jumped and looked at me with big worried eye. "Wow! Are you expecting?" I shrugged my shoulders and told him what Donny told me not to long ago. His mouth fell agape and was astonished. Then I realized his hand was still on top of my stomach, my cheeks started to turn red then I took a step back. He realized he made me uncomfortable then he apologized.

"I'm sorry; your story is just pretty amazing. And unbelievable, if I wasn't, I mean if we weren't here looking around I wonder what could have happened to you?" he moved a step closer to me, I didn't feel so good. My stomach started to turn, he leaned closer to me. I turned and walked towards the room that I was found in. Then the water I greedily drank not too long ago came up, it burned my throat and I leaned over the wall and finished puking the water I drank. I gasped for air; I looked over and saw Leo putting his hand on my shoulder for comfort. I felt so weak by then, I took a few more steps then all I saw was black.