Feeling her head throb from her second time fainting that day. She felt like she was moving, and the smell that filled her nose almost made her vomit again, but fortunately she had nothing in her stomach to throw up. She opened up her eyes and saw Leo carrying her down a sewer. She looked around and saw a few others she has never seen before.

One was a tall mutated alligator. As terrifying as he looked she looked into his eyes and saw a very kind person inside. He was carrying one of the turtle giants. They came across a huge laboratory with couches. Leo gently put her down on a couch, "Where are we? And where are the others?" I quickly and quietly asked, still afraid of the human guy who was struggling trying to carry the other giant. "They shouldn't be too much longer, Eve." I quickly gave him a confused look. "Eve?" Leo smiled and put his hand on my head, "Well it's better than calling you 'girl' or 'that one' now isn't it?" I shrugged my shoulders, "Well I guess so." I said while moving his hand off my head. He smiled at me and grabbed my hand, "Don't worry we will help you find out who you are and who did this to you." I smiled to myself and thought him and Donny are trying hard to keep my attention on them.

As soon as I said Donny in my head he and his brothers came in with two more turtles! And they looked like me. I looked at Donny as he carried a female over to where I was sitting. She looked more damage and in worse condition than me. Her eyes were barley opened and the other female came running behind Donny and sat beside the both of us. She looked much younger than the both of us. The one with the eyes barley open had a darker green skin to her, I was the medium green among us three and the youngest had light green skin. The older one had very short light brown hair; the youngest had medium length light brown hair. They looked like sisters.

The younger one gasped when she saw me, "Oh wow I didn't know there were more girls. My name is Sara and this is my older sister Diana. She doesn't talk, just to me. What's your name? Where you from? Are you these guys sister?" I put my hand on her mouth because she threw all these questions at me with in a few seconds. "I'm sorry I can't tell you much, because I don't know who I am. These guys found me in that building not too long ago, along with you two." I put my hand down and she put her head down almost sad. "I'm sorry, your one of them. I didn't know I'm so sorry." I shook my, what did she mean one of them?

I was about to ask her what she meant, but Diana started to stir a little bit. I looked down on to her arms; she had deep cuts on her arms. Older scars and some were a little fresher. Her cuts had been stitched up. I ran my finger very carefully on one of her old scars. Sara looked at me, "My older sister Diana, she has been through a lot of tough things in our short lives. The humans did terrible experiments on her. She never wanted to live." Tears started forming on Sara's face. She looked at me, "I'm sorry; I always cry thinking about what she does." I put my hand on her shoulder, "We are all safe now, these guys seem like they want to help us." Sara face lit up with happiness.

Then we heard a vicious roar coming from the other side of the room. One of the giants has woken up and was trying to escape. As he roared the other one awoke as well, I looked over in shock as the four turtles, alligator and the human began to fight with them both. Sara and I looked at each other. She grabbed her older sister and hugged her, like she was trying to protect her if the giants came over. I closed my eyes and put my hands over my head, trying desperately to reduce the loud roars of the giants. A few moments later it was quiet. I was afraid to look up. But I did, with my hands over my head still. I looked at Sara and she was in shock holding her sister still.

I looked towards the battle, and saw the giants on the ground covered in blood. I looked at the warriors; they too were covered in blood. The weapons they carried dripped with the giant's blood. I started to cry. Crying to see such a sight, and crying for the defeated giants. Even though they tried to hurt us all. I just wanted to be somewhere else. They four turtle men started to clean off their weapons and their selves. Donatello walked towards us; I felt a lump in my throat start to form. I knew none of them would hurt us, but just seeing the giants lying on the floor dead was a shock to me. "Hey, I'm sorry you two had to see that. We tried to contain them the best we could but. They were too strong and they were trying to kill us all. I'm really sorry." He grabbed my hand and held it for a second. Then he let go. The lump in my throat went away and in its place was a very loud growl from my stomach.

Sara looked at me then at Donny, "I want to go home now." Donny looked at her, "I'm sorry Sara but the city is going to destroy that building in a few days. The reason we went there in the first place was to scavenge anything we could use for our home. And we found the five..Three of you." I put my head down, resting my forehead on my knees.

While the three of us, umm turtle girls sat there. Waiting. I didn't know what to do with ourselves. I looked towards the entrance that we entered; as I did I saw another female. But this one was a lizard woman. She was tall, slender, long wavy brown hair and she had on human clothes. Her skin was two different colors, green and a yellow. She wore a tight black shirt, showing her yellow stomach. Her tail swung around behind her. She wore tight black pants as well as a pink belt. She looked at us in shock; I guess I was looking at her in the same way. She walked towards the guys and talked with them for a long time. Most likely asking them about us, since she kept looking between us.

She finally walked towards us, "Hi ladies. My name is Mona Lisa, but you gals can just call me Mona okay?" Sara waved at Mona, "Hi Mona, I'm Sara and this is my big sister Diana. She was knocked out by one of the giants when the guys came to rescue us. And this is…" She stopped and they both looked at me, I didn't know what to say. "Eve." I said quietly. "Eve, Sara and Diana. It's very nice to meet you three. Did you ladies want to come with me? The guys are going to be awhile still?"

Sara quickly got up and asked Mona for help with Diana. They both swung her arms around their necks and begun to walk down the sewer again. I got up slowly, not wanting to risk myself fainting again. I leaned against the wall to help me with support. As we were walking out, I took one last look at the guys. Donny saw me and smiled at me. I smiled back at him; I don't want to leave the only people I know. But I feel like I can trust Sara and Mona.

We walked into their lair; it had two levels in it. The tops had stairs going to it and the bottom had computers, TVs, a kitchen, couches, and an orange cat lying in the corner sleeping.

As I was taking it all in, a large and kind rat appeared in the room. He introduced himself as Splinter. He told us all to take a seat on the couch that was in the middle of the lair. "Please let's take her into the medic room, so when my son Donatello comes back he can help her." Sara quickly grabbed her older sister and shook her head no. Splinter nodded, "You are very noble, protecting your sister like you are. But her injuries could be very severe; don't you wish her to be safe?" Sara started to let big tears down her face, "When will she come back to me?" Sara asked looking into Splinter's eyes. Splinter smiled and said if she wished she could go with her sister into the medic room to make sure she was safe. Sara agreed and Mona and Splinter took her into the medic room with Sara trailing behind her. As they took her into the medic room I sat there looking around the lair again. It didn't have any windows, like the exam room I woke up in.

Mona came out first, then Splinter. He told us he was going to go check on the guys to see if they needed his help at all. As he left I looked at Mona again, she was very beautiful. She looked at me and caught me staring at her. "So Eve, what's your story?" I leaned against the couch and shrugged my shoulders. I didn't know what to tell her, because I really don't know what to tell her.

"Aww come on, you don't have to be shy with me. I heard they found you three at the old lab where the humans were doing awful things to you gals." Her eyes grew wide while telling me the story. "Mona, I don't have any memory of myself or that place we were at. I only have the memory that pertains to me a few hours ago." She moved her head to the side, "Hmm, I wonder why that is. Come on let's get you guys something to eat. I bet your starving." As she said that my stomach ached with hunger pains. I held my stomach for a few seconds and nodded at her. We both smiled because we heard my stomach growl.

She led me to the kitchen and gave me a package of crackers and poured me a cup of tea. "Here, I bet you haven't eaten since that place was shut down. It's not a good idea to eat a big meal right away. So take your time eating these then when your stomach settles we can let you guys have a bigger meal." I smiled and thanked her for the hospitality. I saw her smiling while she made some more tea. "Mona, may I ask why you are smiling?" she looked at me still smiling and she sat in the chair next to me.

"Well, I'm just happy to see other females. It's hard living with just guys for company. Don't get me wrong they are the best brothers, father and husband I could ask for it's just nice to finally have some female companionship." I sipped on my tea and looked at her, "Husband? Brothers?" I asked her. Her cheeks turned pink from a little embarrassment. She nodded, "I met the guys about four years ago, not to long after that me and Raphael started to date, then last year we were married." When she said Raphael's name I almost breathed in a sign of relief. "Oh don't worry I will tell you the longer version of how we met later on, right now let's focus on getting the three of you on your feet and talking."

She then stood up and walked close to me, I watched her. "May I?" I looked at her and didn't know what she was asking. She then slowly started to put her hand on my lower stomach. She then looked at me, "I'm sorry, Donny told me you were in your second trimester. Oh it must be amazing to become a mother." I gave her a look of confusion. I never thought of it like that, one minute I'm waking up in a strange place the next I find out I'm pregnant.

She removed her hand and sighed out of frustration. "Raph and I want to have children someday, but because we are different species it's impossible to have our own." I looked down on my slightly swollen stomach. And laid my hand where she had hers. On the inside I could feel little flutters. But in my heart I feel like this child isn't mine. Like myself being here, it's someone else home not mine.

Mona got up and took some food to the others in the medic room. I sat in the kitchen, still nibbling on my crackers. Mona came back and handed me a large white t-shirt and black leggings. "The guys don't normally wear clothes, but since we are ladies I thought it would be nice if we could dress the part. I will find you something more suitable to wear later, but here put these on before they get back." I grabbed the clothes she gave me. I put the shirt on with ease and the leggings were a little difficult but I finally gotten them on. I walked to the medic room where the others were. Lying on the bed was Diana, Mona and Sara put her in a blue shirt and short jean trucks that look like they were cut with a knife. It was very short, but it covered her up appropriately. Sara put on a yellow tank top with the same short cut jean trunks, but hers were light blue and Diana's were dark blue.

Mona walked over to me, "Eve, can I brush your hair? It looks like it needs some TLC." I smiled and allowed her to brush my hair. It took almost ten minutes until Mona announce she was finally through with my hair. She grabbed a mirror and showed me. I grabbed the mirror and looked at myself for the first time. My hair was long, straight and black. My eyes were dark brown; my skin was the same color as Mona's green. My snout or beak was much smaller than the guys. My top lip looks the same as the bottom. They had a little lighter hue to them than the rest of my skin. I had holes on the side of my face where my ears are. My neck was long and slender. I looked different than Diana and Sara. I had eyebrows above my eyes. I moved them, and smiled. Then I frowned. I opened my mouth and saw my teeth. They are in perfect condition, and pearly white. My tongue had a white tinge to it, still. Indicating how dehydrated I was still. I grabbed a handful of my hair and twirl it in one of my fingers.

Mona smiled at me putting the mirror down that I held in front of me. "You remind me of me when I first turned into a mutant." I looked at her and said, "You mean you weren't born like this." Mona shook her head. "No I wasn't, it's a story I will tell you on another day ok?" I nodded my head. I watch as Mona brushed Sara's short light brown hair.

Sara was shorter than me, her light green skin made her look very young. Her eyes were a light brown as her eyes. She asked me for the mirror, I handed it to her. She also examined herself. Her neck wasn't as long and slender as mine; she was actually a little bigger than me. By no more than ten to twenty pounds I expect. But she was very beautiful like Mona.

Mona's face was scalped like ours, a small beak. Her hair was very long and wavy; her lips were full and healthy. And she looks like she works out. Like the guys but her muscles weren't so intense. I put my hands on my hips, to see if they were as curvy as Mona's. They were, I looked down at my legs and arms, and I was very thin. Mona's body seemed just right. She had muscles and was fit. I on the other hand needed to gain weight.

The flutter happened again in my lower stomach. I can feel the baby. I looked at Mona and the way she brushed Sara's hair. Mona told me to take a seat next to the three of them. I sat next to them. Sara watched me and smiled. "Eve is your name huh?" I smiled, "Well I really don't know what my name is, and Leonardo decided to call me Eve. It's better than nothing right?" the girls nodded. Mona smiled at me. "So my brother in law named you huh. Well it is a beautiful name, and in Christianity Eve is the first mother of the humans. So I guess it suits you since you are." She then pointed at my stomach.

Sara's eyes grew twice as large as she realized what Mona was pointing at. "Eve! Are you pregnant? While we were in that horrible place?" I nodded my head. Sara was about to say something when her sister, Diana started to move and groan.

"Sara?" Diana whispered. Sara who was holding her hand said, "I'm right here sissy, so are our new friends. Mona Lisa and Eve." Diana held her head and sat up slowly. She held her stomach, and then she noticed her clothes. She looked at Sara, "Don't worry sissy, Mona gave them to us. It's a gift from her. Diana mouthed something; her lips went to fast to read. Sara nodded her head in agreement. "My sis say's thanked you and wants to eat." Mona turned around and handed her some crackers and tea. Diana grabbed them and started to eat very fast, like it was going to be her last meal. "I'm sorry about our manners, when they would feed us in there she would usually keep me fed. Only eating a few mouthfuls." I looked at Diana and she was skinnier than me. You could see her bones, her cheek bones stuck out significantly and under her eyes were so badly sunk in. it almost pained me to see her in her condition. Not to mention all her scars on her arms. Mona grabbed another bad of crackers and handed them to Diana who grabbed them and ate what was there.

Mona went to one of the cabinets in the medic room. She handed Diana a few pills, "Here Diana, one is a vitamin pill and the other is for the pain." Diana shook her head no. "Sissy, she is trying to help you. She gave you food and clothes. Please, we can trust her." Diana put the crackers down on the bed and took the pills. Mona gave me a pill too. "We were saving these for me, but since that's not going to happen, I want you to have these. And plus the both of you need them more than that shelf that was holding them for so long." She gave me a bottle, prenatal pills. Take once a day with full glass of water. I told her thank you. And looked back at Sara who was staring at my stomach.

"Eve, you don't remember anything do you. About you anyway, right?" I nodded my head and listen as Sara kept on talking. "And you are going to have a baby." She looked at Diana who quickly mouthed her long conversation. Sara put her down, and then nodded her head, "Well congratulations." She quickly crossed her arms in embarrassment.

Diana looked at me, glared at me and mouthed a few words, "Umm my sissy wants to know if you remember her?" I shook my head, "I'm sorry Diana I don't remember anyone or anything." Diana smiled and put her hand on my shoulder mouthed a few words towards Sara and Sara looked at me and smiled, "She said, 'don't worry we will help you.'" I smiled at all three of them.

I quickly changed the subject, "Our shells all look different, mine looks very slender and more against my body. But I noticed I am totally defenseless, unlike the two of you." Mona got up and put her hand on my back, "I do see a difference, that's pretty cool. Why is that? Do any of you know?" Sara looked at Diana with permission. Diana nodded in approval towards her. "Well it's because of our donors, unlike other species of humans or animals they have parents but we three have donors. I and my sister are more terrapin than human; it's like 70/30. But for our friend Eve is more human than terrapin. 60/40 hence the reason she looks more like a human than us or the guys. I am curious of how they came to be." Mona cleared her throat, "Let me tell you their origin." I walked around the medic room while she told her story of the guys. Donatello already told me a few hours ago when I woke up in that lab alone.

When Mona was finished with the short version of the guys story Sara peeped up and asked Mona, "What about you? I would like to know your origin too!" Mona sighed, "Well the three of you are going to find out eventually. I'll give you three the short version.

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