Chapter One - An idea

The Tree of Beginning, a lush and beautiful place. It appears to be a giant tree from a distance, but is actually a mysterious, living rock formation. Located north of Pewter City and just outside of the Kanto region, the tree is practically untouched by humanity. A haven of sorts for an immense variety of Pokemon, it extends into the few clouds visible at this time. As if the massive crystal root system weren't impressive enough, the Tree of Beginning is also carefully guarded by the legenday golems, Regirock, Regice, and Registeel. According to legend, the Tree was also home to an incredibly rare Legendary Pokemon, Mew. The powerful, psychic, cat-like Pokemon was floating a few feet off the ground near the top of the Tree.

'I am soooooo bored!' she exclaimed, (yes, Mew is a girl) 'When was the last time anything exciting happened!'

'Pikachu.' Mew's playmate, Bonsly stated. He was refering to the erm... incident caused by Mew pokenapping a trainer's Pikachu, and Team Rocket's talking Meowth as playmates, resulting in human interference, the temporary collapse of the Tree's ecosystem, and near death of Mew herself.

'Oh yeah.' Mew said. Bonsly then waddled over to the impressive pile of toys Mew had collected (read: STOLEN) over the years and jumped onto the (oddly enough) Mew-sized pogo stick.

Mew was very bored, it was much better having Bonsly as a playmate, but she liked a bit of excitement. Nowadays she ventured out a few times a year to watch Pokemon Tournaments or a Grand Festival either live (thanks to Teleport) or on a Pokemon Center TV while she disguised herself as another Pokemon. She enjoyed seeing these competitions, but they only came around every so often. Everything she could do in the Tree was fun, but not exciting like meeting Mewtwo, or the incident she started by pokenapping Pikachu. Of course, those situations had been dangerous as well and Mew wouldn't want to relive them, but they had been unexpected, exciting, and new.

Hmmm... Mew thought, Maybe instead of waiting around for something new to happen, I could try setting something up...

'Hey Bonsly,' Mew spoke to the rock-type, 'I'm going to go visit Big Brother, I might be gone for a while so don't wait up for me, bye!'

'Bye Mewmew! Come back and play soon!' Bonsly responded, a second before Mew teleported away.

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